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In Titan's Shadow (Realistic Sci Fi rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Vulpas @Wincent

    Weishen blinked his eyes and read the scan results once again. A frozen coloney of Bactria? This would have been good find if the thing wasn't in such an irregular shape he tought as he mused over the significance of the result. This was a great discovery but also potenicaly dangerous as they had no idea of knowing what these Bactria would do to humans if they became active.

    With this in mind he added these to the notes he prepared. Giant warning and hazard signs where put around the Frozen coloney before going to see if he cod find some sort of semi decent hazard suit in the mining station. However he reminded the others in the room before he left

    " No idea how dangerous these Bactria could beif they became active again much less what affect they will have on us, for the moment i suggest a quarantine procedure , get some hazmat gear on before coming here, I am putting this room under quarantine. Don't let any one else in please , oh and contains your excitement and impulse"
  2. Sara agreed with Weishen. Sure she was incredibly joyfull that they actually had found something, but she wasn't stupid. She almost bounces after him, whisteling as she begins to set up the quarantine procedures, almost throwing Vulpas out of the room as she is so giddy over finally getting something to do other than pushing a single button for the god damn drill. Then she hurries to get herself some Hazmat suits. Clearly excited.
  3. @Maleth @Wata @BuriasDempsey @Vulpas @Tamu @Wincent
    As the scientists brought their area into quarantine Hallam would be alerted given as far as the security system was aware he was the head of security at this facility. Of course he wasn’t alerted of the context of why there was a quarantine, only that there was one. The quarantine procedure was made in the case of the drill digging up something like poisonous gas or radioactive material. General safety standards to have when one is mining, especially enforced on a place like this. God knows what has built up in the ice over millions of years.

    Through to the next day the scientists with all due caution and expertise would be able to take bacteria samples by carefully chipping away at the sphere. Shavinings and shards put into dozens of small sealed containers. Some samples were for their own private research and others to be stored for safekeeping alongside the larger sphere inside a temperature controlled room where ice from various layers of Titan were kept. Assuming Security was informed of exactly what the scientists had with them they would understand that infection from an alien bacteria could do just about anything to them so they would be required to wear a hazmat suit when near the samples.

    Protocol dictated that they contact the administrator about their findings and the man ask for them to try and thaw out a sample to see what happens. Whether this was a good idea or not was not entirely known but they didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. If they didn’t do what he asked the Administrator could find people who will. As such the thawing experiment had been setup within the facility’s only laboratory, all the scientists had to do was begin the experiment. The security officers would be observing from a safe position in the main security station. Several camera monitors giving them a good view of the room.
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  4. Alexander was in the main station, keeping an eye on the security cameras while nursing on a cup of hot coffee. The mudball they found didn't mean much to him, though the fact that the Administrator told them to go ahead on an experiment is what got him on edge. @Wata @Maleth "How do you two feel about...this?" He asked, pointing to the screen that had the mudball in view. "Because its giving me the creeps." He said before taking another sip.
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  5. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Hallam was trying on a hazmat suit headpiece that had been left over in the station. He had already informed the staff of quarantine and other protocols necessary in this scenario. He turned with the headpiece on his head to look at the cameras.
    "Oh that ball of shit?" He pulled the helmet off and put it on a bench with the rest of the suit. "Looks like a ball of shit." He poured himself a cup as well.
  6. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    "Well.... Let's hope it doesn't go wrong, as I don't want to come down with a case of the Alien Flu. Or a slight case of death, I've heard that's hard to cure." Lilea said with a slight chuckle, drinking merely water as she looked at the cameras. She had at least bought a hazmat suit with her just in case something went wrong with the quarantine procedures, even if she hadn't put it on yet.
  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Oran was in her Hazmat suit doing what she had found to be one of the most stupid orders she had given in her entire life. To unfreeze and possibly damage Something that could be proved or keys to solving the question about life on another world. And yet there was no way to say no to the administrator at this that had frustrated her and upset her so dearly, at least they had been able to get samples for the other labs to go over chips, and shaves of the brown orb to be looked over and studied, while another smaller chunk was to be microwaved. her emotions for once could be truly read by anyone from, either her frustrated voice to the scowl she wore as she begins her work slowly turning up the temperature to slowly melt the ice but at the same time to not be careful not to damage any of the cells inside. Pinned near a microscope and one of the heaters. they were using in the lab.
  8. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Vulpas

    Weishen worked stoically after receiving the stupid order from the administrator. From the look on Orans face, it seemed that he wasn’t the only one who thought it to be so. Despite his reservations, weishen followed his orders and to be extra safe he followed procedures to the letter leaving no chance for things to fuckup on his end.

    While Oran worked with a microscope weishen opted for a chemical test in a sealed vacuum station. He carefully prepared the station, got the various chemicals ready and made a list for recording purposes. After everything was set he got his own ice sample like Oran and separated them into multiple sections. Unlike Oran, however, Weishen would apply the chemicals on half of the frozen samples to record the reactions. Once this was done he would unfreeze the frozen sections and apply the same test.

    “Tell me when you are done with the heater” said weishen to Oran
  9. Sara was in two parts about this.
    She was happy to study this bacteria closer... but she was also heavily against potentially ruining such a carefull or rare thing. One wrong move and the entire thing could be lost.
    She mumbles in a frustrated way, as she is currently running a heat scan on one of the larger shards they had chipped off. This wasn't neccecarily a test to see what the bacteria was when it was unfrozen, but rather to see what happened WHILE it was unfrozen.

    The heat scan slowly heating up the iceshards while constantly taking thousands of super high definition images of the bacteria, to study every tiny little change in their cellular structure
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  10. @Maleth @Wincent @Wata @Tamu @Vulpas @BuriasDempsey
    The Scientists’ reluctant work would see the bacteria slowly be heated as the ice melted away, forming a small puddle within the heating chamber which definitely wasn’t just a retrofitted microwave. As the scientists did their respective experiments on various shavings and shards of the sphere things would go relatively well. The Bacteria seemed to indeed be bacteria and not strangely shaped sediment as when heated some individuals shriveled from the lack of moisture while others seemed to be brought back from the dead as they began moving around in their liquid environment as the ice had melted. However any rejoicing in their discovery of alien life would be put on hold as something unfortunate happened.

    While none of them could see it the water from the melted ice had managed to make its way into the circuitry of the microwave. Though most would have thought it extremely unlikely luck was not on the side of the scientists this day as the water caused a fairly catastrophic short circuit. The resulting electrical explosion caused the hearing of all the scientists in the room to turn to ringing. The contamination alarm sounded as the sample within the microwave and a few near it are now exposed to the air and the heat from the explosion could have easily made the bacteria airborne. The scientists may initially not have to worry about contracting anything but upon further inspection Weishen would find that in the explosion either a piece of shrapnel or getting snagged on something had teared a hole in his suit. He would not feel anything immediately but the likelihood of him becoming infected with the possible airborne bacteria existed now.

    Meanwhile the security were able to see all of this, the natural thing to do might be to want to go in and put out the fire but the protocol in this situation would be to lock down the lab to prevent the airborne bacteria from escaping into the general air supply. Though luckily officers Hallam and Adriaenne had already begun putting on hazmat suits in case of a contiainment breach but officer Romonov may want to look into getting his own suit or at bare minimum putting on one of the suits used to walk outside of the facility in Titan’s environment.
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