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In Titan's Shadow (Realistic Sci Fi rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Sara was almost obsessed with the orb by this point. This god damn outpost made her so bored and so restless she had almost concidered taking the ship and go back to the colony on her own, be damned what the security would have said. But this orb, atleast it was something. She had scanned it, taken off small splinters and run it trough the limited scientific equipment she had. Currently was she polishing it with a rug, of course wearing cloves while doing it, trying to see if she could more easily get a view into it.

    "It needs more study, that is for certain. maybe we have some small drills to try and get a better sample of it? We don't have the equipment to scan its inside anyway. Either we send it back to the colony and use the tech there... OR we try and take inside samples with what we have here."

    Sara quickly moves over to check on what the samples she had managaged to scrape off came up with, the analyzer just dinging with a confirmation that it was done with the samples.
  2. @Tamu @Vulpas @Wincent
    Further investigations by the scientists would find a rather startling discovery, the ball's brown coloring appeared to be the result of it containing a large colony of frozen bacteria. Microscopic life that had become frozen within Titan’s former oceans thousands if not millions of years ago. Though in all likelihood the bacteria was long dead this was certainly the discovery of the century as absolutely no sign of alien life have been found until this very moment. For years scientists have always suspected signs of life to be found on Earth's sister planet Mars but instead here they were on Titan, a lowly moon around the second largest planet in the solar system. Life finds a way indeed.

    @Maleth @BuriasDempsey
    Outside the mine a lone buggy approached having finally met the end of its long journey from the colony. The Administrator has decided that he had not given enough security to the current crew at the mine and dispatched two more officers. A young native of Titan named Lilea Adriaenne and an older veteran of the Red War, Alexander Romonov. They were riding in an open buggy wearing the appropriate suits to prevent Titan’s extremely hostile environment from killing them. They would drive up to a large sealed door leading into an appropriately sized airlock for them to enter the mine. There was a small intercom panel next to the door and one or both of them could walk up and connect a cable to allow them to speak with whoever was on the inside. Normally a wireless system would be used for such communications but a storm was brewing above them so wireless communications going into the building would be scrambled.

    Their arrival would trigger a small alarm that would alert Hallam via his comms device. A nearby screen would turn on to show a camera’s view of the newcomers and their buggy waiting outside. He wasn’t contacted by the colony about reinforcements but that could just be due to laziness. Bored fresh recruits were usually put on dispatch so if the wrong one was in charge today there might be a chance they've fallen asleep on duty. Possible excuses to punch a teenager aside he was immediately connected with the intercom to allow communication with whoever had connected to the panel outside.
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  3. The bulky suit clad driver was one of the first off the buggy, grumbling inside his helmet about the length of the trip and wishing they were given a damn shuttle instead. But Alexander endured worse travels on worse machines, underfire most of the time too. Pulling out the cable from his suit's console, he plugged it in as the other security officer no doubt got off the buggy now as well and flipped the intercom switch, being glad that someone still thought of keeping more analogue ways incase something like this storm happened. "Security officers Alexander Romonov and Lilea Adriaenne here, requesting permission to enter the Mine facility." he spoke, his voice thick with his slavic accent. If it was another recruit on the other end that couldn't understand what he was saying, he promised to himself he would drive back and drag that damn superintendent back here to speak for him.
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  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Hallam leaned into the microphone and clicked it on.
    "I see you. There was no mention of additional staff being sent our way." His bored voice came through the intercom. He sighed and rubbed his eye.
    "I'll just buzz you through, whatever."

    He got out of his security station to greet the new officers.
    "Let's see if you're legit, got ID?" His hand rested on his sidearm's grip.
  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Oran was mystified by what she saw through the microscope, Bacteria, Possibly long dead but bacteria themselves a sign of life something that was an incredible fine, It had mystified her as she saw it stunned at what the implications mean. That titan itself could have once held life. "We must make sure this gets back to the colony safely, For further examination possibly get the administrator on the horn for preparing the labs for this type of discovery," Oran said as she looked at this for one a true smile on her face she was caught up in the moment of discovery taking away any negativity or former thoughts out of her mind.
  6. Alexander was peeling off the heavy suit when the Officer that's been here asked for their IDs. And from the looks and sound of the other guy, he didn't seem to be taking this seriously. 'Of course' Romonov thought to himself with an indignant grunt as he pulled off his ID and held it up for easy examination. "Did the Superintendent sent you out here too?" He asked him, trying to start off them knowing each other on better grounds than nothing since they're going have to be working with each other in this small facility.
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  7. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Soon enough, Lilea also came off the buggy and headed into the building, not exactly wishing to test her luck with a storm on Titan. With the person she had been assigned to already speaking, she was just about to plug her own cable in before Hallam arrived to let them in. So she showed her ID and then grumbled to those in ear-shot ( @BuriasDempsey , @Wata ) "Well, hopefully there's something here that's worth justifying me crawling out of bed for this kind of journey..."
  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Hallam took a close look at their papers.
    "Aye, looks like you two check out." His hand relaxed to his side from his sidearm. "I'm one of the few pilots on station so they roped me into this borefest. Not a lot of staff here and they're all eggheads. Sucks for company." He shook his head. "How someone can find so much joy in calibrating a drill is beyond me."

    He waved for the two to follow to show them their dorms. "So who did you piss off to end up here? Name's Hallam by the way."
  9. "Romonov, and who knows. I keep my hands clean of politics, its healthier that way." Alexander introduced him as he put away the ID and readjusted his gear before following Hallam. "Scientists for a would think they would have sent mechanics or engineers instead Da?" he questioned, noting where the dorm was for later. Despite going through a long trip, the last thing he wants to do right now was just sit around on his ass. This whole situation irked him in ways that made him felt paranoid, but the pay was still good and he chalked up the feeling to old habits for now.
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  10. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "I suppose they got some data and lab tests to fiddle around with too, I don't bother my head with it." He showed them their rooms and leaned against the door frame into the dormitory area, arms crossed over his chest.
    "Pick a spot that's vacant. The armoury and the few security checkpoints and stations here are easy to find."

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