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In Titan's Shadow (Realistic Sci Fi rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Feb 28, 2018.

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    After a few hours of preparing and doing whatever else suited them the four people chosen to be the current crew for the mining station would all arrive at the terminal where a transport craft had landed. It was different from a conventional plane, the low gravity and atmosphere of Titan meant that vertical takeoff and landing was my more efficient than using a run way so the flier was designed with that in mind. Rotating engine pods on the side of the fuselage were the source of its thrust with several smaller thrusters along its body to assist in stabilization. Halam was of course familiar with such a craft given his training and would find no issue flying it. By this time it seemed the previous crew on the mining shift had already gathered their things and left so there was no one they could ask about how the shift should go.

    With nothing else but to board and head out the went into the craft and secured their luggage while Halam would acquaint himself with the controls. After a few moments their craft was cleared for takeoff Halam would be able to bring them into the air and start heading towards the mining camp. The flight would take a few hours as despite Titan being much smaller than earth its thick atmosphere would make navigation a bit difficult even for an experienced pilot. If he wasn’t too careful he could end up letting the plane fly too high. Titan’s atmosphere, thanks to its lower gravity, was ten times higher than earth’s and they could accidentally be catapulted into a shallow orbit if the pilot was careless.

    Fear of possible slow death in the cold void of space aside they would arrive at the mining camp eventually. Though calling it a camp was a disservice to its true construction. Near one of the many methane lakes that dotted Titan’s surface, the mining camp was a solid concrete structure sticking out of the ground. It resembled something akin to a bunker from the Red Wars on Mars than a mine used to conduct research. Setting down on an air pad that automatically retracted a protective dome the passengers would now be able to move around and stretch as the dome automatically shut above them and sealed to allow the air inside the small hangar to be hospitable in both temperature and oxygen content.
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    Stretching her legs Oran would get up. "Quite a long trip, as they say." She said to herself before looking over to the other scientists and security guard that would be stationed with them. "So who wants to begin with the momitoring of these readouts and get everything going?, So, since we all will be hear for a while anyone have anything to talk about?" Oran said as she began ready to enter the mining camp

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    Weishen shook as head before motioning to the equipment and heading their himself. The flight had done little to improve his mood and so he didn't want to socialize as the security guard seem to be so inclined to. Once he reached the station he got the initial diagnostics set up and running. It took a while to set up and would take longer before it was ready to scan but it would give him an excuse to keep to himself.
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  4. Sara don't say anything and just walks out of the hangar with her things, heading for what would be their quarters. She is quite infuriated to say the least, not finding this trip to be either neccecary or pleasant in any way. She had important research to do and it was way more important than a few miners having to work overtime. She hissed to herself as she reaches the quarters, wondering what kind of set up they would have for "personal space".
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  5. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Hallam stayed in the ship's cockpit after landing listening to the engines wind down and the coolant hissing, to think about what he really had been sacked up with. Getting to sit on the pilot's seat again reminded him of how homesick he was instead of having the full joy of flying in space. He checked the ship's settings and made sure it didn't fall off its landing gear or anything before leaving to find out what his bed was like.
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    Oran. Being the last one to leave the transport would bring her things to a quarters and station getting her own gear up to monitor Ice quality signs of any organism in the ice and the occasional checks for any thing in the ice that may have landed from asteroids or any other space debris. Finding herself blown off from the others she kept to working and silence after only being met with silence.
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    As the new reluctant crew of the mining station settled into their new rooms they all would find a similar theme of utilitarian and less than spacious. The place was built more like a bunker than what was supposedly just an innocent mining venture by the colony. Strange but not downright suspicious, Titan’s environment was fairly hostile so perhaps it was made in the time when the company felt it was better to be safe than sorry. The rest of the structure with its various rooms held a similar theme of more focused on utility and serving a purpose than being aesthetically pleasing or especially comfortable. But given this they also preformed their assigned tasks very well as the base required very little maintenance leaving the new crew with little to do besides focusing on what the automated mine brought up.

    As the Administrator has mentioned a new drill has been installed that allowed the excavation of deeper layers of the ice. A fairly mundane fact that wouldn’t excite most if any of the new crew but still someone out there would likely find it interesting. A few days would pass by with little consequence as the place mostly took care of itself fairly literally. The crew simply was there to observe and intervene in the small chance something went wrong. By the third day of their stay the drill began bringing up strange brown chunks of ice. Initial scans would identify that its color was due to a different mineral content but that didn’t make it any less suspicious. Though what would come down the belt later would be far stranger. A perfect sphere of the brown ice about two meters in diameter, it would be impossible for the drill to have cut it out in such a perfect shape. A quick scan determined that it was hollow, perhaps it was some sort of ancient air bubble that their drill managed to cut out?

    Those present for this would be the scientists while the only security officer, Hallam, was preparing the transport for the flight back to the colony so he could deliver their new batch of ice for more extensive testing. Or maybe the eggheads were just using the stuff to cool their drinks he didn’t really know. He was trained to pilot not understand what the scientists were doing, or at least that is what his Superiors had told him.
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  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Oran stood over the strange artifact which had came in several hours ago, It had interested her and what she thought possibly the others greatly, examining the scans she was surprised to see it was hollow, "A curious thing." she said out loud as she looked at the scans The machine cataloging the images of the of the sphere being hollow as it did that she was handling a small camera and taking photos of the outside of the sphere to catalog and document, never would she thought in the last three mind numbing days would she imagine seeing something like this. A Perfect sphere made from what appeared to be no man made interference. a fascinating anomaly, even if it was out of her jurisdiction of science she would begin trying to examine the sphere with a magnifier in the machine trying to get a closer look at the Brown sphere of ice and to possibly see what makes it brown, Whether it be possibly be some types of germs or something in the ice itself that made it brown.
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  9. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Hallam had little to comment on this assignment. The crew behaved well enough so his muscle was not needed for now. Most of the time he spent maintaining and calibrating the ship, daydreaming about a flight home and a proper stiff drink.
    Recent finding was a bit weird. Brown sphere. Whatever, not his headache, just take it day at a time and this'll be over soon enough.
  10. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    Much to weishens dismay for the entirety of his stay here it had been the same monotonous repeat of the same events day after boring day. While a part of him was glad nothing bad had occurred, it didn’t stop the larger that that was crying like a spoiled child that was told to face the wall. This was not to last as they uncovered an interesting anomaly from the scans. A perfect sphere of the brown ice that seemed to be hollow inside and looked artificially made due to the smooth curvatures.

    Seeing this find made multiple hypothesizes jump up in his mind ranging from oxidized and rusted metal to those often-bizarre finds that could not be explained by current science. Regardless of the hypothesis Weishen was sure of one thing, they should not handle this like the other ice.

    “I purpose not sending this to the colony just yet, It would be better to run further scans on it and inform the administrator and whoever is handling the ice so that they don’t mess things up and damage such an interesting find”

    As he said this weishen recalibrated the machine and prepared to run further scans.

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