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In Titan's Shadow (Realistic Sci Fi rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. As his office slowly filled up with those he had requested the the Administrator sighed in relief as he wouldn’t have to send for guards to take them here. It was well within his powers but he realized that there was already a decent amount of tension between him and the regular colonists. Raising the tensions even more by being heavy handed could result in something that would tarnish his relationship with the company. And while there wouldn’t be immediate action from them given the three year transite time between earth and Titan they could easily send up a message terminating him and his position as soon as they lost confidence in him. He greeted everyone who entered with a nod and a repeat of their name in acknowledgement of that it was them who had greeted him.

    As everyone arrived in good time and order he cleared his throat. “I would like to thank all of you for coming here in a responsible time frame.” His voice was that of an obvious company man, someone who through bureaucratic merit and just the right amount of brown nosing managed to climb this far but was destined to climb no higher. “The reason why you specifically have been called here is that in the recent shipment the colony has finally acquired a high powered ice drill that will allow us to dig through the current layer of condensed ice. The drill itself is being loaded onto a heavy transport to be delivered to the mining outpost and I want you four to go with it.” He paused for a moment as if he wanted there to be dramatic effect.

    “The mining outpost is currently vacant as the former staff is rotating back to the colony and you are going to replace them. The place is mostly automated so you aren’t going to be performing the labor of mining yourselves. You are going there because the facility requires human supervision and book keeping, you four are qualified enough and as such you will be sent there. You have six hours to prepare belongings and whatnot, are there any questions?” The Administrator places his folded hands onto his desk as he looked around the room to see if there are indeed questions.
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  2. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    'Yes, what is the shift rotation , how long are we going to be there? and what type of data do you want?' asked weishen a bit annoyed at being sent to a mining site.
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  3. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Couldn't you just send some menials to take care of it?" Scott scratched his chin, taking a step forward. "I've been actually waiting to fly again, it has been a while."
    He grunted his disapproval, he really wanted to see Earth again or at least have a break from security work.
    "No offense, but this kind of stinks, you sure it is just us you need there?"
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  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Human supervision? So will we have people under us that we will be looking after or...?" Oran asked looking to the Administrator the only question she had on her mind before she would go prepare a away bag and things she would take with her to accompany her in her time at the outpost as well as well as make sure that her pet is taken care of while she was at this outpost.
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  5. Sara looks at the admistrator... she sighes, rubbing her nosebridge.
    "So... you are telling me. You want to take me away from my biological studies... to supervise a drill?"
    It was clear she thought this was waaaaay beneath her.
    "You want me to waste my valuable time, with making sure something more fitting for a labourer gets supervised?"
    Saras cold eyes glare at the Admistrator, a pair of eyes that would make even the most stoic man creep down into his chair.
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  6. Seeing that none of the collected people seemed to be pleased about the news the Administrator sighed. “The shift will be a week and the data you will be recording will be on the new layers of ice the drill will be boring through. Characteristics of the ice like mineral content, density, color, and whatever else you deem necessary. A computer can only analyze so much really and someone needs to be there in case of malfunction. I know none of you are engineers by trade but I have confidence in your overall competence. As for you Officer Hallam you happen to be in some luck as you will be the designated pilot for delivering samples back to the colony proper. I’m sure you know the low gravity and atmosphere made it difficult for drones to navigate so it only makes sense for a human pilot to be brought along. And no Doctor Coppa it is not wasting time when your employer has told you to do something. Your little projects can wait a week can they not?” His words were confident until he looked over and saw the glare the woman was giving him. The company man moving back in his chair a little in a subtle sign of her intimidating eyes doing their job. “If that is all please go prepare your belongings for the trip over. As stated you have six hours to prepare, please do pack sensibly.” He said more meekly.
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  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Under stood administrator." Oran said after that she would go to prepare. Setting up times for a sitter to take care of her little beastie, as well as getting a over stay bag ready for herself, taking some luxuries and hiding a few boozes of her own within a large flask, her thing to help take the edge of this simple job, as well as a few books loaded onto a tablet for herself. packing then simple cloths as well as a few blankets she would be ready within three hours before relaxing a bit then now ready for her trip. she took some time out for herself before she would leave.
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  8. Sara rolled her eyes. Mumbling in an annoyed fashion. As she moves out of the office. Frowning as she heads to her quarters and begins to pack her essentials... which is alot of technolgical stuff and books. Everything fitting neatly and perfectly into a bag that can be brought with her with ease. She then checks the time and decides to spend atleast 3 hours in her lab. She has time for it and she really needs to get some requested things done before the uneccecary trip occurs
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  9. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Weishen signed and grumbled incomprehensibly under his breath as he gave the administrator a curt nod before moving out of the office. As he left he made a mental notes of the supplies he would need and the equipment he would bring as well as various other stuff he wanted to bring. As much as could be fit inside a big camping bag and a big suit case would be what he would bring.

    Once he got to his home he cooked the dumplings and ate them alongside some rice before dividing them into a big and small portion. He put clothes, his Swiss knife, shaving cream , the dumplings and various other items into the big suitcase before he proceeded to fit the camping bag with necessary equipment like his PDA, mini microscopes, electrode probes and various other miniaturized equipment he could fit. When he was done he informed his lab assistants and colleagues about his assignment, checked on his email, replied to those he could and set an automated reply before heading out.
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  10. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Hallam said nothing, just a nod of understanding.
    "I'll go get ready."
    He muttered and excused himself out.

    Scott packed light, just the essentials, his security gear and spare clothes. He could be found in the hangar waiting for liftoff, fiddling with his PDA to pass time.
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