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    Kyrris nodded towards his brother Andariel, that had killed the Loota with a single well-placed shot.
    "Good aim, brother!" He then rushed to the rest of his squad to support the last assault on the gatehouse, meanwhile giving off potshots at the mass of orks below them.
  2. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

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    Gertar's suppressive fire was more than enough to let the group move uncontested - though it would not be for long. Despite the efforts of the Guardsmen and Fifth Squad above on the landing pad, the Slugga Boyz were starting to make ground towards him; unless he fell back soon, he'd be overwhelmed. Even now he felt the bruising of the slugga-- well, slugs slamming against his armour, the Carapace plating cracking and splintering apart. It wouldn't be long if he stayed here before those shots were replaced with choppas!

    With both Andariel and Kyrris putting suppressive fire on the Shoota Boyz - along with Sammuel's own aimed shots - left them unable to do much. One fell one after the other until the last remaining boy jumped out of cover and sprayed wildly in a panic.
    Kyrris and Sammuel found themselves riddled with shots, cracking their carapace plating on their legs and stomach - along with Caelius and Garius taking a few - before the immense firepower from the three boltguns had laid him to rest.

    Barnabus' mental thoughts were quite correct, at the thought of the 'ard boy being fought alone - or even by two, with his current armament, was suicide. With such a massive shield and with a size that made him just shy of Nobhood (perhaps an immature bit of amusement passed through his mind at thinking this word), and a Choppa not quite as big as a Guardsman, their current lack of experience wouldn't make it any bit easy.
    Fortunately, he had a simple, yet devastatingly useful idea, throwing a krak grenade at the 'Ard boy who batted it aside with the massive slab of metal.
    "HAH! Yew Space Marinez ain' gon' take Grakteef wif a simpul bomb loike dat!" He shouted out from his helmet, clearly pleased with himself as he bashed the shield with his weapon, giving a booming echo over the group. Little to his knowledge, the krak grenade itself hadn't been smacked away - though he certainly felt the impact - but latched onto the shield itself.
    Two... One... And Barnabus' countdown was given a satisfying 'crack' - as the weapon was aptly named after - as the shaped charge tore the metal plating in two and cut a fair chunk out of the 'Ard boy's chestplating, removing his defenses and getting a bit of blood out of him.

    A cry of pain came through from the ork as he clutched his side and dropped the shield (or what was uselessly left of it), screaming out at him. Some curses in the Ork tongue - or the group could presume to be curses, for they weren't random screams. Even for Xenos scum, they could tell he was vaguely talking. All the same, he raised his choppa now, a bit of anger coming through him.
    The warcry and charge from the 'ard boy was far more devastating than the group would have thought, the fury set in his shout stirring the rest of the orks up, a deafening constant 'waaagh' emanating from below as they swarmed even faster up the stairs. Even now, they could see the other staircases along the walls across from them were being climbed and ran along; if they weren't quick, they most certainly were going to be overwhelmed from both sides.

    "WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!" Shouted the Nob as he raised his giant war-axe, swinging it down and with surprising speed and even more terrifying strength to bifurcate the Sergeant in question. A loud 'crack' echoed over the battlefield from the ceramite being shattered through, the chestpiece shorn in two and the left thigh plating being cut apart, soon accompanied by the sound of the Space Marine's remains falling to the ground.
    One of the Fifth Squad members glanced over and raised his bolter, opening fire at the large Greenskin, and from there soon the entirety of the Neophytes were opening fire, peppering the 'eavy armour with bolt rounds.

    Needless to say, they were most certainly injuring and irritating the beast who shouted up at them; a second later, a few objects clattered from underneath and landed onto the Landing Pad.

    Three sticks with metal, round casings on the top of them.

    "GRENADE!" Shouted the Heavy Bolter equipped Neophyte as he shielded himself with the bulky weapon - the large explosion cracking apart the edge of the landing pad and sending two of Neophytes (or what remained of them) into the grounds below, the blonde Neophyte and one associate - one who's boltgun was damaged, and his legplates thoroughly shredded - being the only survivors of the onslaught.

    The Guardsmen were quite panicked at this scene, two of which coming to drag the survivors - both human and Astartes - away from the edge. "Get another bloody medic! We got injured!" One cried out as he primed a grenade and tossed it down in kind to the Greenskins, a satisfying 'boom' being accompanied by screams of orky pain.

    Garius and Caelius were the ones to jump into battle with the 'Ard boy first now - the first slice being down at his armoured gauntlet and shearing off some of the metal whilst Caelius came in to try and impale the ork, with little success aside from getting his weapon stuck into the armoured plating.
    'Grakteef' certainly wasn't going to give him any chance to rev the weapon onto his insides and kicked Caelius back, now raising his weapon to try and slice down into Garius; his heavy armour was what had saved Garius from certain death, giving him the time needed to reach up and push the strike to the side, before headbutting him and then giving a solid punch right into his upper jaw.
    While it may not have truly damaged him, it certainly got a bit of blood spatter and broke a few teef, getting a yelp of surprise out of the Greenskin as he stumbled back clutching his mouth
    "OH-- Zog me, ya broke me teef!" He shouted, giving a small laugh and raising his weapon. "Dis iz a foight; ya wanna come at me two at a toime?! GRAKTEEF IZ GUN TAKE YA ALL ON! WE'Z---"

    Before he had any time to finish his statement, a loud 'honk' was heard from below. Looking at the Gatehouse, Third Squad saw a somewhat amusing, albeit shocking sight as a large orkish contraption - a Trukk, simply put - zoomed through the gates and ran over dozens upon dozens of the Greenskins, sending many flying into the air and others being crunched under its wheels.
    The occupants all gave a laugh as they hopped out into the newly cleared terrace; sufficed to say they weren't too different in gear than other slugga boyz aside from all wielding axes and other large, bladed weapons - but the Nob was what was frightening.
    Thick, armoured plating covering his body with a large metal 'gob' adorning his lower jaw, the sharpened metal acting as a fair bit of protection. Over his shoulder he carried what looked to be another axe, this having some form of alien, fanged skull on the back as some sort of trophy, its ridged crest being used as a makeshift 'bashing' bit, whilst the blade itself was some sharpened wedge of metal. In his other hand was a notably large shoota with three different barrels; the two underside ones being connected with large drums of ammunition, whilst the top was more of a 'tube' of sorts, with a jug of some sort of concoction behind it.
    A Combi-shoota, if you will.

    Andariel would if he looked out the northern slit from the tower, see further into the distance at the roads to the city - at least a dozen more trukks were not too far behind!

    If needed, Garius or Caelius could have one of the two charge past him and rush into the Gatehouse and get it closed; or they could both deal with the Ork at once and guarantee his death in the skirmish, and then get to the gatehouse.
  3. "Brother go close that gate! I'll hold off the greenskin!" Garius yelled to Caelius as he prepared to do as he just said. This creature in front of him would present quite the challenge. Not because of its skill and more that the ork was heavily armored, too dumb to feel pain, and generally doing everything in its power to remain alive and be annoying while doing it. Garius revved his chain sword and moved to strike at the beats again. Hopefully he would present a big enough threat for Caelius to get through and shut that gate. He could hear the crude engines of more Ork vehicles approaching.
  4. Victus Jammysod Well-Known Member

    Seeing the results of his thrown Krak grenade turn out to be even better than he had hoped, Barnabus once again put aside the flamer in favour of other weaponry. Barnabus rushed to the nearest set of stairs the Orks were coming up with his pistol in one hand and a frag grenade in the other and after taking a moment to make sure his throw would catch as many xenos in the blast as possible he just tossed it down on them before turning away and running back. There was still an 'Ard boy to deal with and Barnabus had little time to take in the other events occurring further afield until this other immediate threat was dealt with.

    With Garius seemingly planning to take on the downright suicidal task of taking the larger Ork alone while Caelius closed the gate Barnabus raised his pistol and took aim at the alien, firing whatever was left in the mag after his potshots from earlier. With slower, more deliberate shots taken perhaps he could prove of great assistance even with just his sidearm...
  5. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Sammuel fell down from the almost unexpected barrage of shots from the last shooting ork, his armour cracking from the projectiles. He crawled right up to the cover he had been using, taking a moment to recover. With that, he peaked again, surveying the situation. He contemplated also making a dash for the gate house, but saw Garius planning to take an action that would, unaided, not end well. He turned his bolter onto the larger ork, reloading, and shooting single shots at the ork before his brother engaged, hoping to make the fight easier.
  6. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Reckognizing the greater threat that was rolling down the road in a form of mechanized convoy, Andariel, switched his attentions from the courtyard to the road that led away from the Bastion into the city.

    Dozen or so ramshackle vehicles similiar to one that rolled into the courtyard, sped towards them. With great strides made upon ferracrete steps, Andariel came to the Hydra flak battery, that was pearched atop the AA tower. Checking its elevation, he judged it enough for it to be able to be brought to bear upon the greenskin reinforcment. Removing the corpses of its dead crew unceremonously and with urgency of motion, with a bolt-gun in one and a placating hand in other, he worked the guns controls.

    If he was sucessful in his efforts, Andariel will let loose punishing salvoes into the leading Trukk, attempting to stall for time, while his bretheren worked to close the gate.
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    The thundering shockwaves from the Hydra Autocannons echoed across the tower and above the Fort as the Anti Air emplacements were brought down to use against the Trukks, massive plumes of dust being kicked up from the High Explosive shells detonating in the dirt and pavements, sending up debris. One of the trukks full of boyz skidded and was suddenly flipped into the air, sending most of its occupants flying and crushing what remained within as it landed with a crunch.
    The trukk directly behind this one was too close in the race to get to the Fort first and soon crashed right into the lead trukk's remnants, catapulting half a dozen boyz forward and crunching the rest into the spiked shards that was the crash - and this was not to include the rapid firing Autocannon fire that came down on them, soon going up in flames and explosions.
    Unfortunately, this didn't seem to stop them for more than a few seconds as the other trukks merely skidded off the road itself and onto the dirt plains, now zigzagging wildly as they caught onto the rampant fire coming from the tower.

    Garius' taunting of the 'ard boy was certainly an easy enough trick now, the unshielded greenskin flailing its Choppa briefly and charging forward with the weapon raised in the air. Even for a neophyte such as him it was an easy enough move to see coming and he managed to sidestep it with ease, the Ork now looking rather open from the back - though here Garius saw how his 'eavy armour was still all intact, unlike the cracked front of the chestplate.

    Barnabus threw the frag grenade without any real effort into the horde of Greenskins. One, two, - Boom. A fairly sized chunk of the mob went flying with screams of pain, the Neophyte even finding himself the satisfactory sight of a Slugga arm slapping against the wall beside him.
    His aim with the bolt pistol was met with partial success - while in the heat of battle and with the rampant gunfire that was going on (even a near-miss from a slugga that scraped off his shoulderpad), only some of his bolts had hit home, one landing right into the 'ard boy's chest and sending him stumbling a bit, whilst another flicked harmlessly off his own shoulderplate and a third punching further into the chestpiece and sending shrapnel from the remnants spraying all over the ground and gaining a bit of bloodspatters - almost penetrated the armour, that one.

    Unfortunately, Sammuel was not quite as successful with this as his battle-brother Barnabus, the 'ard boy now charging aimlessly in their general direction with his armoured -- well, arm raised in front of his face, a loud 'waaaagh!' coming from his lips. Bolter shells dinged off his 'eavy armour and while what direct hits that slammed into him slowed his momentum, there was no stopping the lunatic's charge - soon slamming into him and tackling the man to the ground, now raising his choppa to finish the job.


    Dozens of lasguns opened fire on the 'ard boy the moment that the Space Marine was knocked down and there was no risk of friendly fire, the 'ard boy's sudden attempt at killing him being interrupted as he once more tried to block the shots from hitting his face. Sparks and cracks emanated all over his limbs from the las-shots, blackening his armour bit by bit with the repeated hits and starting to smoke.

    Gertar's attempt to come back upstairs was relatively easy now at the very least, and as he made his way past Barnabus, he found himself uncomfortably close with the 'ard boy; while he could open fire with the Heavy Bolter, it was a matter of risking friendly fire or stopping the Greenskin horde from coming upstairs.

    Gertar: 18 HP - Barnabus: 20 HP - Garius - 20 HP - Sammuel: 18 HP - Caelius: 20 HP - Andariel: 20 HP -
    Kyrris: 20 HP Adrian: 25 HP

    Orkish Horde: Infinite. -- Nob-1: 30 -- Nob-2: 35 -- 'Ard Boy Grakteef: 12 -- Trukks: 8 -- Slugga Boyz: 30

    Orkish Horde will give 3 random slugga shots at the group- Gertar's spray with the heavy bolter will subtract two slugga shots, and anyone else's "spray" will subtract it by one.
    Grakteef: Stunned, attacks will get a +2 bonus to hit.
    Slugga Boyz will arrive in melee in 2 turns. Every two 'sprays' will delay this by one turn.
    Andariel: Using the autocannons, cannot aim, but they do not take a penalty to 'spray' attacks.
    One person may use two actions to run to the Gatehouse and close the gate.
    Unless the gate is closed, the Trukks will arrive in two turns, one for every turn afterwards.

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  8. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Sammuel thanked the emperor quckily, as the imperial guard has chosen their moment to aid. Not wanting to waste the opportunity that had just been given by the guardsmen, he raised his bolter from his position on the ground, "Barnabus, Get to the gate, NOW!" He shouted, before pulling the trigger, spraying right at the ork.

    OOC: 2 Sprays and keeping 1 defence.
  9. Garius raised his chainsword and looked carefully around the Ork's armored back. He was looking for a weak point in the armor for him to strike. He was lucky so far and he wasn't about to make a misstep while fighting this creature. The art of melee was always his favorite thing to practice during training and he hoped that meant he had a talent for it. Otherwise he would need a new hobby and possibly a new limb after this battle.

    (1 aim and 1 defence)
  10. Victus Jammysod Well-Known Member

    Barnabus felt conflicted now. On the one hand his brother Sammuel might be killed by this 'Grakteef' if he doesn't intervene further but on the other hand if he doesn't immediately close the gate everyone might die regardless. After a brief moment of thought Barnabus decided to take the unspoken third option. Do both.

    Breaking into a sprint Barnabus made a mad dash for the gate controls, trying to discern whether the lever or the control panel was actually supposed to control it. Once he got there he spent another moment looking over them before looking back at Sammuel and Grakteef. Barnabus raised his pistol in the xeno's direction and fired a single shot before looking back at the panel. Something here had to close the gate.

    (One action attack at Grakteef, two to close the gate.)

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