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  1. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    With the combined effort of his battle-brothers they managed to scavange what little time the Steel Legion squad had in their service to the Emperor.The melee fighting was particulary furious, as sergeants of both Third and Fifth squad engaged the relentless greenskins. Sergeant Adrian seemed particulary efficient in his motions - almost dancing among the alien with his blade in hand. However what really caught his eye was sergeant of the Fifth squad, who was in comparison to Adrian, bulkier and his fighting style similiar to his look.

    Brutal. Direct. Savage.
    To Andariel`s more analytical mind, the waste of any resource, particulary a finite one in the service of the Emperor, had the subtle notion of either foolishness or laxity. However with his hefty weapon, tearing limbs, unyielding in posture as the gore sprayed with each swing of his hammer, sergeant of the Fifth squad made his point, despite being the polar opposite of Adrian. The simple honesty of it inspired awe within Andariel, and for a moment he felt jealous of his brothers with chainswords.

    As the brief respite ended, dashing from one ruined battlement to another seeking cover, he observed as some of the brothers poured fire into the inner courtyard, in a effort to cull the orks and stabilize the situation within the Bastion. However Adariel noticed one of the orks attempting to gaint entrance to the gatehouse, and the bulky shoulder armaments it carried made obvious its role.

    Heavy support. Loota. If it gains higher ground...

    Like a leotard with its target sighted among the herd of prey, Andariel ran for an optimal position on the battlements, looking for a good angle on the greenskin. Once the position was taken, he let loose fire upon the insidious Ork, lest his brothers and allies alike, pay for his lack of worth to the Chapter.
  2. Trying to not marvel at the destruction going on around him Garius moved on from the slightly larger than normal Ork switching to his chainsword and pistol. His shotgun maglocked to his back automatically as he brought forward the more brutal weapon in one hand and bolt pistol on the other. Strike powerfully and accurately, they must make a way to the walkway along the walls. He thought to himself as he followed Caelius and got to work killing the Orks. Firing his pistol before going in hard with the chain sword revving and making a most satisfying sound before digging into the green flesh of orks.
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  3. Victus Jammysod Well-Known Member

    More than satisfied with the effectiveness of his chosen weapon, Barnabus fell back from the landing pad to make his way to the rest of his brothers. He had briefly considered lending his aid with the situation involving the gunship but he figured Fifth squad probably had it under control as he broke into a run to catch up with the others. Barnabus lowered his flamer and drew his pistol in his other hand before firing down into the Orks below some more as he started making his own way along the walls.
  4. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    Kyrris was pleased to see the wall before him getting cleared of greenskin plague, but remained silent, for his duty was far from finished. He noticed a guard sergeant approaching them only after a few moments, and took a second to look over the battlefield.
    "Hold the wall and give us covering fire, while we advance on to the gatehouse."
    Kyrris saw the Loota that was trying to get into the gatehouse, and realised the danger they were in. He concentrated fire on that Loota, and even if he would not kill him, he could a least stop him from setting up.
  5. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    "Yes Milord!" The Sergeant said to the commanding Neophyte, the squadron soon taking positions - both prone and crouched - along the edge of the landing pad and opening fire upon the Greenskins. With the covering fire from both they and Fifth Squad, Gertar found it quite easy (all things considered; there were still sluggas firing at him, and he found one that smacked right into his chestpiece to give him a bruising for being in the open) to travel up to the wall; a few more shots rang out from the orks as the Loota shouted out at them. While indiscernible from here, the waving and pointing with his hand at least made it clear he was ordering their fire, slamming the Neophyte into the floor with the hits at his back and one that clipped his shoulderpad.
    Nonetheless, his heavy bolter was dragged up soon enough and the deafening fire from the weapon soared through the air at them, causing most of the shoota's to hunker down and try to scramble behind the Gatehouse. Of course, it was not only suppressive fire as their overeagerness to shoot and kill had caused one to get hit, the massive boltround slamming into its torso and exploding, causing gore to paint the side of the gatehouse and two of its fellow boyz.

    Mithras was soon shot by the Loota boy rather accurately, a barrage of shots tearing through the Carapace armour and incapacitating one arm. The chestpiece cracked and splintered with the myriad of slugs that hit, eventually penetrating and shattering his hardened ribcage as well. Before anyone could react, the Astartes had fallen.
    "M-- MEDIC!" One of the Guardsmen called out, a trio of them rushing over and dragging the Neophyte back (with great difficulty), with the aid of the volley of las-shots coming from the other Steel Legionnaires in making the Loota duck his head down again. He may have cheered, but like any sensible being was too attached to his head to let that keep him in sight for too long.
    A nearby medic went to work in trying to deal with his injuries; the Larraman cells did their duty well in keeping any bloodloss from occuring, saving the human a great deal of worry... But that didn't make the holes in his chest any less worrisome.

    As Caelius, Sammuel and Garius charged forth towards the Gatehouse, they found that the orks' advantage of numbers was thoroughly lost, with only a dozen of the slugga boyz and one 'ard boy - the ork not quite a Nob, but certainly as big as a space marine with thick plates rivetted into its body, and a shield that was probably just a part of a Rhino's opening ramp - in front of them.
    Garius' use of his pistol had caused one Greenskin to flinch from a glancing blow, before another hit caused its left bicep to explode and render the arm limp. A scream of pain escaped the xenos at the sight and soon was followed by a blinded charge. The ork brought its Choppa up into the air and down on him, only for the Neophyte - even with merely a handful of years worth of experience under his belt - to sidestep him with ease and tear into the ork with his Chainsword.
    Visceral gore spattered all over his carapace and arms before he tore the weapon out and decapitated the beast in one brutal swing, kicking his body to the side and emptying his magazine at two more boyz, killing one through sheer firepower before crippling another.

    Caelius' own charge was of course certainly more zealous than his counterpart, the chainsword swung up and tearing into one ork before yanking him over, blocking the swing of one of his kin and the bolt pistol being used to fire into the other, dealing with him with a double-tap; charging ahead of course had gotten the poor young man shot, his carapace chestpiece cracking slightly as he felt numerous slugs slam into him, nearly knocking him to one knee.

    Sammuel's covering fire as he moved up with the two Assault Aspirants was most invaluable, shooting down the remainder of the boyz with calm, three-round bursts before his brethren were overwhelmed. Along with Caelius, the neophyte found himself hit by a round from the shoota gunz, though this one merely ricocheting off of the side of his shoulderpad into the air and causing him to instinctively crouch. Naturally, one round wasn't the only one coming his way, but a few dozen a second from the trio that were blindfiring!

    Barnabus' shots landed true, though unfortunately without too much aiming it did little - even if he was rewarded with the sight of one skull exploding into shards and grey matter (if such xenos could be considered to have any), the other shots from the magazine landing indiscriminately. Arms, legs, stomach, they hit something! Merely only one kill shot, is all.

    Andariel's search for a better vantage point was an easy one - rushing into the tower-battlements along the north-western wall and going up the nearby steps two floors higher. He'd see that it was made as an AA tower, the hydra flak-gun's crew unfortunately quite dead. Five guardsmen, mostly torn to shreds with one in the gunner seat, his left arm gone and his guts hanging out of his body. Worse yet, the bodies were still warm and bleeding, indicating it hadn't been long before their arrival.
    No matter - the Loota was of higher importance. Looking out through one of the slits along the wall to the outside, the Neophyte found he was high enough to get a good sight of the shoota boyz and the Loota-- or at least better than before.

    Kyrris found aiming at the Loota wasn't all that easy. The suppressive fire from the Lasguns and Gertar's heavy bolter managed to keep them from firing, though he managed to get a clear shot at the Loota's, Deffgun. A single, well-aimed shot caused the top part of the weapon to blow open and send him sprawling back, his weapon half destroyed.
    "Oi, ya git! Ya destroyed moi---" The Loota's shouts of outrage were silenced with a single well-placed boltround from Andariel from on high, landing right in the ork's upper torso just below the neck, causing the neck area to explode right off as well as part of the ribcage.
    All that was left was that grumpy 'Ard boy, and the few shoota's left who flew into a small panic - now blindfiring at everyone. Granted, the chances of this hurting anyone was slim to none; but orks were known for defying realism. Should be cautious!

    Meanwhile, the two Captains fought valiantly once they had gotten to the Nob - Adrian parrying its attacks and chipping away at its defenses whilst Fifth Squad's sergeant brought its power axe up and smashed into its shoulderplate. Of course, even then he found that the two had to switch roles, with Adrian now turning and focusing his attention on the oncoming boyz - surrounded and outnumbered two dozen to one, it was his job to fight off the Greenskins whilst his Brother dealt with the Nob, his power axe being used as a bludgeon to meet the Ork's strength with strength - bashing his axe or punches aside and cutting chunks out of the 'eavy armour it wore, with minimal damage on his own behalf.

    Overall, the situation was going well. The horde was still coming through the gates when it could but the upper floor was clear save for about four Shoota boyz and one 'ard boy on the side of the Northern wall, and with very little suppressive fire on the Guardsmen they were able to lay it onto the Orks themselves instead.
    Many were now bruised from the shots and their carapaces cracked, but no true damage was sustained yet, even if that may change with the wildly firing shoota boyz.
    The twin sergeants were outnumbered, but faring somewhat well; their lives of course depended on Third Squad acting with haste. Adrian could not keep the boyz away forever!

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  6. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    An older marine might of taken stock of the situation and searched for new opportunities or ways to affect the greater battle; Gertar considered it for a moment as his position would allow him to strafe the flanks of any Orks coming in through the gate and hopefully stem the tide. Seizing the initiative in such a fashion was not in the Scout's interest though, there was still an objective to complete, even if it was a visibly lopsided fight. Taking to a knee the warrior has already forgotten the pain of both bruising and impacts, ready to continue his Emperor given duty and see the objective through. Bracing his heavy bolter over his right leg and using a carapace plate for a smooth pivot he continues to strafe the shoota boys with short, measured bursts of his weapon. Ideally any return fire would be absorbed by the cover of the wall itself, currently sitting at level with his hip. It was better than nothing at least.

    If the objective were secured and gates began to grind on closed before Gertar could make any notable headway into aiding the attempt, Scout would train his weapon on the greenskin filth lingering in the courtyard, particularly those trying to worm in or out of closing entrance at the last second. Whether any kills were claimed by either action, Gertar would intend to see the foe off with litanies of hatred and slaying traveling after each bolt.
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  7. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    The weight of his bolter recoiling reassured him of its own inherent deadliness. Truth to the matter, as Loota`s upper part of the torso exploded, Andariel`s single shell sent the alien back into the hell it spawned from.

    Whispering a prayer to his bolt-gun he primed it again for fire and let it loose against the orks on the northren walls, raining death above them. He could not let them size tactical advantage of the higher ground.
    Spirits of the machine, accept my pleas and walk amidst the gun, and fire it true.

    He smirked at his recollection of the prayer he heard from one of the Techpriests. Between shoots he took cover on the wall next to the orfice, for a moment observing the Hydra emplacement, before peaking through orfice and firing again.
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  8. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Sammuel grunted as the shot hit his shoulder, recoiling from the impact. He quickly looked around for anything that could provide cover, and, noticing a pile of rubble, dived for it to avoid the shots. Although inaccurate, the volley of fire coming from the orks would eventually hit. He then peaked from cover, and continued to shoot bursts of the bolter into the remaining shoota boys.

    "Brothers, take out the shield ork, I will cover you!" He shouted to Caelius and Garius in between firing the bolter. He hoped that they would be able to dispatch it quickly, if he could stop the shoota boys from actually hitting a target. Then, they would be able to close the gate, fullfing their mission.
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  9. Hearing Sammuel's plea Garius nodded and began to make his way towards the shield orks. So far his training and reflexes have saved him from injury but he knew he wasn't invincible. He was only more durable and that would only do him good if he kept to his skills and didn't become too reckless. He was not ready to die that much was certain. Despite these thought he kept up with his energy as he went into the shield ork with bolter and chainsword.
  10. Victus Jammysod Well-Known Member

    Though the act of striking down his first foe with a surprisingly well aimed pistol shot was incredibly satisfying to Barnabus he had no time to celebrate as he caught up with his compatriots. He could see that Sammuel was attempting to lay down a suppressing fire on some Shoota Boyz but much more concerning to him was Garius attempting to engage the 'Ard Boy in close combat. Such a creature seemed like it would likely be too much for just one of them. It didn't take long for him to think of a way he could assist as he ran closer to the 'Ard Boy, drawing a krak grenade and tossing it straight at the alien's shield.

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