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  1. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Before landing:

    Observing the vid-feeds that were coming from the void-battle, Andariel was surprised as how fast the battle escalated. The tactica doctrines were spot on when it came to the foul-greenskins: A scourge upon the galaxy - and they showed every sign of a viral infection. From their momentum and sheer numbers, Andariel had no doubt about the planetary-evacuation plan. There was no stopping them void alone.

    As the valiant Captain Liam gave his life and the life of men and equipment he was entrusted with, a sharp moment of silence fell upon the giddy Neophytes within Aegis of Hope.
    A valuable lessons were everywhere, if one was wise enough to see them. Andariel`s brow furrowed in deep thinking, as he learned one of sacrifice.

    After landing:

    Sergeant Adrian looked to Third Squad and nodded. "All of you; get to the gatehouse and close that blasted thing, keep any more of the Xenos Scum from entering." He ordered, looking to the fellow Sergeant from Fifth Squad and bumping his shoulder.

    "FOR THE LION!" They shouted and Andariel echoed in unison, as they made advance upon the gate.
    "It would be less risky, and we can clear this way with the flamer."
    "I agree brother Sammuel!" he said while nodding to Barnabus with his flame-thrower and brothers that picked CQC loadout.

    "Foward, we will cover you!" Andariel yelled over the din of battle, as both squads advanced. Following their advance, taking cover behind what rubble he could, he took pot-shots with his bolter whenever he could, at the advancing Orks, taking note of the Nob, seeking to get as close as possible.
  2. Victus Jammysod Well-Known Member

    Barnabus didn't say anything as his brother snapped at Kyrris, he didn't really want any part in an actual argument. Once it seemed over and done with he gave Sammuel a smile as the Aegis of Hope took off and they set off into the void.

    On their way down to the Bastion Barnabus tried to not pay attention to the death happening all around them during the journey. Thinking on such things only saddened him slightly as his mind dwelt on whether or not any of it could have been avoided. Those thoughts briefly turned to concerns regarding their own wellbeing as something hit the Thunderhawk. Perhaps if someone had done something different... no, it was better not to linger on those thoughts when the real fight was right around the proverbial. Banishing the thoughts from his mind once and for all he flipped the safety of his flamer off, took a deep breath... and waited for it to begin.

    When the Aegis of Hope finally landed and he and his battle brothers disembarked onto the massive landing pad Barnabus was amazed at the sight of the xenos horde. He had heard plenty of the Orks and just how numerous they were but this was *insane*. There were just so many of them! Barnabus was so preoccupied taking in the sight of the sheer size of the horde swarming through the gates that he almost didn't notice Adrian's orders as his warcry pulled the neophyte back into reality to hear Sammuel's suggestion as to what path they should take to the gatehouse.
    "Um... yes, that does seem to be the most expedient solution to our predicament. But first..." He turned away from the others and took a few steps towards the rampart on the edge of the pad, raising his flamer, "Just a little test burst from the flamer to be sure all is well before taking point." Barnabus had barely finished his sentence before pulling the trigger and holding it just long enough to send a roaring gout of flame out at the Orks surrounding the pad. Once he was satisfied with the weapon's performance he'd go to push up with his fellows.
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  3. Garius kept his head down as the thunderhawk made it's way to the ground silently praying as the aircraft shook. "The Emperor Protects." He said to himself as the Traitor's Fall exploded. He remained silent for the rest of the ride until they finally landed on solid ground. Once out into the mess of war he was almost overwhelmed but his training kicked in and he found himself surprisingly calm. The Seargent had pointed out they need to close the gate house and going down into the horde of orks like their Sergeants sounded and looked amazing. Though they were veteran brothers and in full power armor so for them to join them was, unwise at best. He looked to his brothers who were already advancing. "Brothers I suggest we use the walkways along the walls!" He yelled over the sound of battle. "Trying to wade through the field will be far too dangerous!" He kept up with Barnabas with shotgun in hand.
  4. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Caelius bore a somber mood as they descended down to the planet below the sacrifice of the traitors fall still echoing in his ears. Humans, unaltered and yet unflatering in their dedication to the God Emperor dedicated everything that had once been them, all that was them , and anything yet to come all given in the name of the emperor. It was truly a profound moment stoking a fire in his being, Lives were the Emperors Currency and he will do all he could with every faculty he possessed to protect those loyal and faithful so that the Martyrdom of the Traitor's fall would have no need to be repeated. Martyrs are the most holy of His servants but to allow ones to live for the Emperor was his purpose for he had been made an Angel

    They were flying a dream he'd had his whole childhood , one of the few fragments that remained of it in his mind , was once again lived. A descent of Angels The Emperors fury raining upon this world and it was truly glorious for the Righteous had come to reclaim what was his. As the hatch to the Aegis of hope opened and they were let loose he joined in the Battle cry of his Brothers "FOR THE LION !" His primarch , a true son of the Emperor had allowed him this day and he shall bring honour to that name .

    As Brother Garius ( @TuskatheDaemonKilla ) spoke his plan and others voiced theirs Caelius walked over to his battle brother who likewise bore a chain blade " I agree , as much as it would be my pleasure to let these Xenos suffer their own existence any longer we possess an Objective and it must be completed ,the walkways are our best option" Caelius spoke as he drew his shotgun and joined a few guardsmen in quickly dispatching some greenskins while his brothers chose a course of action
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  5. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    Sammuels extreme answer made Kyrris furious. For what reason was this brother of his so hostile towards his kin? His intestines burned with bewildered indignation.
    Kyrris was about to give this indignation air, when the transport began his descend. he contained himself, focussing instead on the enemy outside the ship. Fueled by his remaining anger, hate now filled his spirit, hate for the enemies of mankind, and gave focus to his being, his existance. He could hear the lithurgies of hate, burning in his mind after hours of hypno-therapy. Unknowingly, his lips moved, forming the sanctified verses. The masses of xenos, the noble sacrifice of the emperors servants, all that forged him, burned up his body in a promise of justice.
    After the landing, Kyrris recieved his orders, and then sprung forward, only on the side wondering why their sergeant had left them alone to fulfill them. "FOR THE LION!" He took cover behind what was left of the landing pads balustrade. His bolter roared, as Kyrris unleashed him into the filthy xenos masses blocking the ramp, annihilating greenskins whenever one of his explosive rounds hit. Which was every single one of them. Not mainly because of his devastating martial might, but simply because there was little to no room to miss them.
    Not losing his focus, he noticed that his brothers were joining him.
    "MAKE PLACE FOR THE FLAMER!" As he went back into cover to reload his bolter, he turned to Barnabus.
    "Come Brother Barnabus, show them the flame of the emperors wroth! Bring them perdition!" Kyrris fired his bolter once again, attempting to free some space in the greenskin horde for his brother to set up.
    This was his time. He was an angel of death, brought down upon the emperors enemies, he was a Herald of Perdition, and through his hands he would bring doom upon mankinds foes.
  6. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Mithras, meanwhile, merely inclined his head after their battlecry, watching his squad move and falling into place at Kyrris' side, bolter ready to smite. He fired singular shots into the green crowd, looking over at Barnabus. "I too will cover you. Have no doubt in our protection!" His shout rang over the din.

    Intentionally, the knight-beyond-knights mentioned not his opinions.
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  7. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    @Taec @DeranVendar @Jammysod @Casavay @BlackNecron @bossaroo @High_Adept_Zeth @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Vulpas

    Sammuel and Andariel's shots into the horde roared through the noisy atmosphere, the enhanced vision of the Astartes causing them to be able to see the holy boltrounds fly into their targets. The need to shoot was always high in this situation as the greenskins did their best to swarm up the ramparts, with the efforts of the Steel Legion being the sole thing keeping them back.
    With the mighty bolts impacting into the boyz - each time getting a satisfying bulge within the orks as they detonated inside sometimes, other times causing the area to be blown off entirely instead into a sea of blood and gore - the boyz that were launching themselves at the charging steel legion were swiftly taken down. This gained a small cheer from the squadrons nearby, many making their way forward to continue laying crimson fire down with their lasguns, the cracks from each trigger pull and each lasblast impacting with their target sounding almost like a vibration with its sheer rapidity.

    Andariel's sight of the Nob had gotten him a brief moment to enjoy an awe-inspiring sight; nearby were the two Sergeants cleaving their way through the greenskins - Adrian could only be described as 'dancing' with how fluid his motions were, the power sword being swung and sliced through the mob without too much of a care in the world. He seemed to do his best to keep merely one swing per boy and wishing to avoid any unneccessary waste of energy.
    On the other hand, Third Squad's sergeant cared less for aesthetics, merely smashing the power axe into his foes, entire limbs and torso's being chopped off without much effort, what few times the boyz tried to parry his attacks being met with the power axe merely cutting through their choppas like a hot knife through butter.
    Boltrounds could be heard down below as well, the two sergeants not too far above using their boltguns in close quarters. Their objective was the Nob, not these lesser filth.

    Of course, they did step back once Barnabus had brought his flamer to bear, the weapon immediately vomiting out its payload of promethium with the light at the end of it setting it aflame - many greenskins screaming in pain as they pulled away, their muscled bodies wreathed in fire as many of their kin scrambled to get away, fearful of getting themselves burnt by trying to aid them.

    Garius and Caelius worked well in unison with their shotguns, large blasts being shot out at what greenskins would come at their direction, chunks being torn off brutally to leave stains upon the walls and floor. With their combined firepower it was easy taking down any of the muscled Xenos scum - even as one with a particularly large choppa came up from the stairs, not quite a nob, in an attempt to cleave Barnabus in half, they had shot its torso and arm, leaving gaping holes in it before Garius had finished it off, its head being blown off and showering the rest of the greenskins in its brain matter (or what counted for it).

    Kyrris' shout to make way had aided in keeping any friendly fire (Hah) from occuring on the Steel Legion, the Sergeant raising his chainsword proudly at the sight of the death of the Enemy. He raised his hand and jogged over to the boltfiring Astartes, his gasmask hiding any emotion but his bodylanguage showing a great deal of pride.
    "Milords, we are yours to Command! Where do you need us?" He shouted out past the deafening fire from the bolters.

    Mithras' shots had flown true, hitting numerous greenskins and gaining satisfying detonations under their thick hide -- though whatever silent celebration he had was cut short as he was the first to take a hit. His gut folded inwards as he was shot, his Carapace armour saving him from anymore than bruising - though two or three more shots clipped against his pauldron and vambrace - now the rest of the group getting light taps as they took notice of the shoota boyz near the gatehouse. Worse yet, there was a Loota boy that was scrambling over to try and get himself in the gatehouse! The gunfire itself was loud and certainly had a suppressive effect (however small) on the Guardsmen.

    Before any response could be given to the Sergeant by any in the group, a small 'bang' was herad as a large, metal plate landed on the staircase and crushed at least a dozen boyz before sliding down the stairs to the ground level. Above them, Fifth Squad caught sight of a Stormraven flying low, with half of its compartment missing and an engine.
    The flaming vehicle crash-landed right into the side of the wall and crushed perhaps two or three dozen more boyz. From the wreckage, Third and Fifth Squad could see that most of the men within the Gunship were dead, all save for one.

    Neophyte Gertar got himself out of the Stormraven with some difficulty, his heavy bolter in hand, banged up and covered in soot and blood (most not even his). Only a brief moment of disorientation had washed over him when he got to his feet, but the scenario itself was easy enough to make out. There was safety up on the second floor up the stairs in front of him, and many greenskins around with a great deal of gunfire happening above him.
    One of the other sergeants amongst the Steel Legion shouted out orders to the Guardsmen, before a clear order of "Get inside and man those anti air guns!" was heard, two squads rushing into the doorways in front of the group.

    Fifth Squad continued to lay down an onslaught of fire down into the enemies below, one of them calling out to Third Squad.
    "We'll get him to safety - continue to the gatehouse!" They shouted at the group, one pulling out a frag grenade and tossing it into the mob below and earning another yelp of pain from the boyz. The firepower of the Heavy Bolter they had chosen was nothing short of spectacular, the larger bolt rounds shredding through the horde with absolute ease.
  8. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Gertar's bloodied hand emerged from the burning carcass of the Stormraven. Palm slapped down and smeared fresh blood along the outline of what had once been the cockpit's windshield. A shard of broken glass snapped as he felt out whether the handhold could take his weight or not; hand batting away the falling hail before smacking up on the rim that the glass had been jutting out from. With a heave the Neophyte's head pecked above the threshold before sinking half-way back. Grunting the young Astartes grit his teeth and planted a boot against the pilot's seat, now sitting at an awkward seventy-something degrees. Another pull and he managed to get his body up high enough to rest his waist against the outer hull. Not wasting a single second to even catch his breath he used his other hand to haul the heavy bolter that had been assigned to him up and over the hull. The beefy weapon thunked down and provided an anchor for Gertar to haul himself out the rest of the way.

    Slicking a hand back over face and head to displace some of the sweat threatening to spill into his eyes, Gertar rises and hops down to the ground. There was little time to think of his dead brothers right now, they had fallen in service to the Emperor and that was the greatest fate anyone could ask for. Whispering litanies to honor the fallen as he hefted his gun forward and let its weight carry him into a run he made for the stairs, climbing them in a sort of half-crab walk so that the barrel was facing out toward the enemy beyond or on the walls. Upon finishing his ascension the scout braced himself just a few paces away from the steps so he wouldn't block any traffic and attempted to draw a bead on the Ork Shoota Boyz threatening a squad of his own Chapter kin. A prayer for the death and failure of the Xenos rattling out with every fist sized bolt that plowed through the air and toward the green menace.
  9. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Caelius was quite aatisfied wuth his coordinated work with battle brother Garius in dsipatching most of the orks that made it through the rain of bolter fire , walls of flame and withering volleys of las fire. Felling the ork that had managed to make it up to them and almost attacked battle brother barnabus . @TuskatheDaemonKilla "Great work battle brother !" He says before putting away his shotgun and and drawing out his chain sword and bolt pistol "come brother we must clear the path to the gate house for our battle brothers !!!"

    Caelius let out another cry of "FOR THE LION !" Before charging along the walls to avoid the thick throng of orks below his chainsword screaming rage and furry as he ran along the wall ready to cut down any enemies to the inperium that may have made their onto the walls and if none had firing his pistol into the throng below
  10. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Sammuel moved slower along the wall than Brother Caelius. He fired his bolter into the orks infront, especially trying to hit any that could be a threat to his brother who had engaged in combat with the xenos. "PUSH UP BROTHERS" he shouted to any who had not yet moved onto the wall. So far their cleansing of the aliens had been going well, but they were yet to reach their objective, which was far more crucial.

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