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    "Indeed, a much more sensible way to have the final laugh." Sammuel smiled at his brother. "I'm glad you have thought this through." He said pointing to the flamer. "Hopefully you can save those of us who are looking for glory today!" He laughed. "But do not get too close yourself." Sammuel said putting his hand on Barnabus, shoulder. "Keep the seargents advice in mind. I do not wish to lose a brother, nor the... thinker of our squad."
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    "Hah, you worry too much about me, brother! I promise you I plan on doing nothing of the sort and besides, what could possibly go so wrong with you watching my back?" Even though Barnabus could probably think of plenty ways it could go that wrong but right now was definitely not the time to say it. Right now he was enjoying this talk with Sammuel. All things considered it was going well despite starting awkwardly.
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    "Haha, well.." Sammuel said. "I shall definitely try!" He looked around at his other brothers, wondering how they were feeling about this first mission. He looked at the bolter he had with him, and the weapons that all of his brothers carried, wondering how much each would truly take to down one of these xenos beasts. "If we both..survive this, we must talk more to each other."
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    @Taec @Jammysod
    Kyrris may have retorted in the way his smug brother wanted, but he was still very aware of his situation. Because of this, he was not amused when two from his own squad started bickering in lowered voices. But the rest of their convesation seemed appropiate, so Kyrris decided to overlook their derailment.

    "I can imagine that, from this point on, we will always walk on the brink of death. But in the end, we were all on the brink of death since we were chosen to bear the Emperors will." He was, of course, referring to the painful months of implantation. "Even then, what we must hope for, no believe in, is not life, but victory. Let us not pray for survival, brother. I only wish for strength. Strength and faith will guide us to victory. Although a focused mind would not hurt." Kyrris left it out in the open who he was talking about. Such words always found their way to the right place.
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    Sammuel turned his head sharply to look at Kyrris. "I am aware of what is required for this battle. As well as our state from this moment onwards, but it would be better to serve the emperor alive. I know my duty, and do not fear death, but I wish to have the chance to serve my purpose too." He looked away from Kyrris. "Either way, it is better to die fighting in a proper manner, than for a petty challenge."
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    @BlackNecron @Taec

    "I prefer to believe in what I can tangibly see and prove with reason rather than than the vague idea of 'victory'. It's hard to tell if victory was achieved when you're among the deceased. I'd simply prefer that we don't do anything rash. Nothing worse than a wasted life." Barnabus said, sighing quietly, and he was so happy to just be talking with his one true brother...
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  7. "And I would prefer you cease such gloomy talk, come brothers this is our first mission. It should be a joyous occasion filled with boisterous talk of excitement not our deaths!" Garius said looking to his brothers who were talking among themselves. He spoke in a louder voice than them but didn't dare to actually bring it to more than a hushed tone but it was an enthusiastic hushed tone! Granted he did have the thought of his death today in his head but it was suppressed with his excitement.
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    Kyrris froze when he witnessed the dismissive attitude of his two brothers. He was about to pop a vein, but managed to hold himself together through force of willpower. It is just a misunderstanding, surely they don't mean to treat me like a fool..
    Under some strain, he answered with one eyebrow raised:
    "Of course! What gave you the impression that there are such fools in the room? You seem to have a very low expectations of us. We all went through the same teachings and trials. Can't you place abit more trust in your brothers? After all, we are now the same in many things. We need to depend on each other." Kyrris turned towards Barnabus, his eyebrow still raised as if questioning something.
    "I can't really see how victory is so abstract. Isn't it very simple? We hold our fortress, kill as many xenos as possible, and lose as few lives as possible. And isn't a wasted opportunity to save this victory worse than a wasted life?" Kyrris paused for a moment, his eyes widening as if realizing something.
    He murmured: "Was I.... too outgoing earlier....? No.....i was just exaggerating. Still, I should exert more control. Probably."

    "Well, I think a balance must be held. Just enough to strenghten faith, and eliminate uncertainty. But doesn't service also require discipline? Focus?"
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    @Jammysod @Vulpas @High_Adept_Zeth @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Taec @bossaroo @BlackNecron @Casavay

    Not too long after the boast from Garius, the Thunderhawk's loading ramp would give a sudden whine and start to close up - soon shutting the 'Aegis of Hope' from any outside light. Once more the Neophytes were given another example of their own Gene-seed's capabilities as they saw through the darkness with ease, their reddened Carapace armour still as visible as before.
    The sounds of the older Tacticals racking the bolts on their Boltguns was quite audible, as was the sound of the massive bolt being pulled on the Heavy Bolter to load in a round.
    "Load up!" Sergeant Adrian called out to the group, his own Combi-plasma getting its safety switched off and held in both hands.

    Another few minutes went by until a muffled - yet still quite loud hissing was heard from outside as the hangar's massive doors opened into the darkness of Space. The two video feeds on either side showed the front of the Thunderhawk and the inside of the massive ship - the well over a hundred Valkyries and Vendettas slowly raising off of the floor in order, then taking their turns as they lurched forward and into the darkness.
    Soon the 'Aegis of Hope' followed through as well, the massive engines giving a hearty growl from either side of the transport, and being sent forward.

    Once they had gotten into Space, a grand sight was soon apparent - well over a dozen of these massive Warships, many cruisers and battlecruisers all swerving around one another, their massive macrocannons and lance batteries firing into the gargantuan abominations that were the Ork ships. Large, ungainly pieces of scrap and metal clobbered together into a makeshift design, none looking at all like the other.

    Even from here, they could see that they were utterly bristling with guns, with the largest - one that could only be described as a 'Battleship', even if it was twice as large as that of the Imperials' - having a giant, angry skull-like shape to its front. It seemed to practically emanate pure... 'Joy' of some sort - a manic bloodlust that many could think didn't exist, or couldn't.
    The many hundreds - no, thousands - of transport ships that were going to the surface were being escorted by numerous dozens of fighters. And with good reason. Coming from the massive ork 'ships' were even more specs; these weren't torpedos, no. They were far too numerous, and certainly too mobile with how they swarmed around one another into the transports' direction.

    No, these were fighters. Many thousands upon thousands, looking akin to a disturbed beehive in their speed and narrowmindedness.
    "This ride might get bumpy." The pilot spoke through the Vox, his voice clearly unhappy with this turn of events. Even now, one saw one of the beloved Cruisers - ancient technological marvels that was millennia old - getting overwhelmed by numerous smaller escort craft (if they could be called that), its void-shields glistening and shattering bit by bit as it had over-extended. Though the goal itself seemed all to clear as it was going directly for one of the Battle-cruisers of the Greenskins, its own guns firing away merrily into the more distant foes, too ignorant of its inevitable demise.

    A sudden cut through the Vox came on as what appeared to be the Captain spoke - the background noise being screams, explosions and fires, many orders barked back and forth with an all too clear evacuation alarm - his voice wavering, yet still loud and proud.
    "This-- This is Captain Liam Anders of the Dominator-Class Cruiser, the 'Traitor's Fall'. RAMMING SPEED! IN THE NAME OF THE EMPEROR, AND FOR THE IMPER--"
    His Vox cut out as the massive cruiser rammed directly into the side of the Ork ship, the prow of the Dominator crunching through its hull; not a moment later, the mighty Nova Cannon blasted a single shot through its entirety and out the other side, even blasting into a second Ork ship.
    Though such was the damage sustained that the Dominator could not sustain itself; merely seconds after his warcry and the ram, one could see the engine area starting to brighten, and soon enough, a self-detonation had occured.
    A massive, bright light engulfed the two cruisers and the dozen escort ships that had peppered the 'Traitor's Fall', annihilating all of their crew.

    A moment of silence came over the 'Aegis of Hope' and its crew before they descended into the cloudline, their view of the battle in the Void above the planet - many dozens of ships outnumbering the Imperials at least three to one, not including their escorts - making this battle one far more important than they had expected.
    The Vid-feeds however, soon turned to the battle below, and they saw that the orks indeed had only just landed. Many meteor-like roks having landed in the city all over as well as the outskirts, their wreckage still smoking from the impact.
    On many different points in the city - past the magnificent skyscrapers towering over all, their majesty and artistic craftsmanship able to leave any normal man in awe - the occupants could see the many bastions. Fortresses that used the environment to their advantage to gain higher ground, many ramparts and walls. From here they did not look at all large, though the closer the Thunderhawks came, the bigger they got, indicating that such things were not simply mere 'bastions', but full on Citadels in their own right.
    The Thunderhawk lurched upwards briefly suddenly and Third Squad felt something hit the underside of their Transport, the 'Aegis of Hope' suddenly veering to the left and at a dangerous dive. Not long after, the sky was starting to light up with more flak fire, the many roks having been converted into Anti-Air batteries. Or was that their intent all along? Nonetheless, the countless aircraft were now taking evasive action, one nearby Vendetta suddenly bursting into flames as it took a direct hit to one of its engines.
    The occupants didn't panic much, the door on the side having been wrenched open by the blast to reveal half were clearly injured, yet still working to get their grav-chutes in order; those unable to get one grabbing ahold of a Legionnaire who did. And two by two, the squadron jumped out, eventually leaving all but the pilot who seemed adamant to at least try to land. Perhaps crash-land it, even.

    Faith is purest when it is UNQUESTIONING

    'Bastion Omega' was upon the southern edge of the City overlooking what could only be described as the 'Merchant Quarters', or 'Downtown'. A lower part of the City that was covered with many neon signs, all with different names of what appeared to be shops or stores. The Eastern walls were littered with PDF forces, the Thunderhawk's bumpy ride soon coming to a close by the time they got near; there were too many buildings in the way for the Flak guns to do much.
    The 'Aegis of Hope' - and perhaps a dozen other Valkyries - landed themselves on the landing pads of the Bastion; and already the problems were clear.
    The gate on the northern wall that lead into the rest of the city was still open, and the room above that held the controls was abandoned. Not for any reason of course, but due to the fact of a group of shoota boyz that had taken hold of it.
    Many orks were already swarming through the gate, though Fifth Squad didn't waste time in coming to the edge of the landing pad - as did many other Guardsmen, wielding their lasguns and grenade launchers - giving suppressive fire at the gate.
    Dozens upon dozens of the greenskins fell, though their screams were more ecstatic than pained.
    "'ERE WE ARE, BOYZ! DA 'UMIES 'AVE GOTTEN US A FOIGHT!" One greenskin called out, the massive ork towering over the Astartes in thick plated armour. A nob, wielding a giant axe in one hand and a three-barreled shoota over his left arm. His weapon roared to life as he gunned down a handful of the PDF forces.
    Sergeant Adrian looked to Third Squad and nodded. "All of you; get to the gatehouse and close that blasted thing, keep any more of the Xenos Scum from entering." He ordered, looking to the fellow Sergeant from Fifth Squad and bumping his shoulder.
    "FOR THE LION!" They shouted in unison before leaping off the side of the Landing Pad into the fight below, their power weapons already held in hand and cutting through their foes towards the mighty Nob.

    The Pad in question of course, was threatening to be overwhelmed by Greenskins were it not for the Steel Legion, their lasguns giving off a constant 'cracking' noise as they went full-auto into the beasts. Sheer numbers didn't help when there was only a single ramp to come up at.
    One Steel Legion sergeant jumped forward at an oncoming Slugga boy, his chainsword brought up to slice the Greenskin's arm open from the wrist to his shoulder and giving a shot right into its mouth, the backside of its skull 'bulging' briefly from the shot. "FOR THE EMPEROR, MEN! EQUIP BAYONETS, AND CHARGE!" He shouted, rushing forward with a dozen other men latching the weapons onto their lasguns and doing as instructed, shouts of insane bravery coming out of their gasmasks.
    Now, it was time for Third Squad to take their first steps into true combat, both in the name of the Imperium, and for the Lion.
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    Before landing:

    Sammuel agressively turned towards Kyrris again. "Your accusations of my opinions are already tiresome." He spat loudly, his eyes showing all of the anger this caused him. "I have not spoken badly of you, and you doubt my trust and my knowledge of where we are. I implore you, if you think that after this battle, I fought without trusting my brothers, or that I did this myself without depending on others, come and tell me so!" With that, he turned his back to his brother and prayed to the emperor for the strength for the battle that was soon coming.

    Post landing:

    As Sammuel looked into the orks between the squad and the gatehouse, and then the horde below, he began to think which way would be the fastest way to the gatehouse. He decided that it would be faster, and safer, to go straight forward instead of jumping straight into the horde below. The more brothers that made it, the better. He briefly thought about those who had picked shotguns again, and wondered if they would be wanting to jump straight in. "I suggest that we head that way." Signalling through the orks in front. "It would be less risky, and we can clear this way with the flamer." He looked around quickly, seeing what other members of the squad thought, but then raised his bolter ready to attack anything if the need arose quicker than it took for the group to work out the best way to go about completing the orders, and closing the gate.

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