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In numbers, what are the effects of each Warlock power? Embolden, Enhance, Protect, Force?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Auzor, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Mileena Mileena Subordinate

    I would dispute those numbers. It wasn't just a few weeks ago that they told us that the "enhance" buffs damage mitigation was not actually working. They "said" they fix it.
  2. Eldar melee is the strongest melee. I have, numerous times, taken top of the scoreboard and Crusader for maining Scorpion throughout a match. I don't do this anymore because I now realize that sometimes you have to switch to a different class for certain situations, and though I find myself no longer proud of my commendations after the match, sometimes you just have to keep one Serpent alive to win the game

    My point is, with quicker animations and special abilities( never could learn how to Banshee properly) along with good unique weapons, Eldar melee can be incredibly strong. But, as with all melee, it just comes down to skill and planning to win a fight.
  3. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    We do not have 'the strongest melee'. The small healthpool hurts more in melee than anywhere else, our only asset is mobility and that will always be subpar compared to any class with a jetpack.
    Eldar melee is doing so well because:
    -Eldar flank more and move around the enemy
    -We have a couple of very good, dedicated melee players that keep the overall statistic high (kinda inevitable with how melee-oriented the faction is)
    -Noobs die very hard against invisibility and howls, feeding melee players.
    -There are various one-shot builds out there

    We also dont have quicker animations. Except for the dodge which does appear to have a shorter Iframe than others.
    Attack animations however have recently been normalized.

    As you said, Eldar melee is not unplayable and good enough to sever some heads, if you are just looking for fun.
    But ultimatively there is always something you could play, which makes a bigger impact on the game.
  4. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    Thats exactly what I thought.Also a powerful part of Eldar melee is the enemy can't hear you coming lowering reaction times to shoot you in the face.
  5. The nature of melee is kill-or-be-killed, to me that means that the lower health pool doesn't mean quite as much. Rarely if ever do I find myself in an extended duel, so the health barely matters. And in massive fights, you're just as likely to get pegged by a grenade in a group you cant roll out of or ganged up on by a bunch of enemy melee.

    I am aware that the attack animations are not different in speed, but I have, multiple times, swung a fast attack as a Dbash was winding up, clanged off, and then rolled away. That's the power of faster animations.

    (PS. for anyone who doesn't know, never roll backwards in a fight, always sideways or forward.)
  6. Lleu Bleiz Active Member

    I can't agree more. Our health is low enough to make the Advanced armor irrelevant in melee, like anything that cost too much LP for the matter.
    Even using and elite (outside of the scorpion one) is useless in melee. You can still get 2 shot from a fury+adrenaline vial user for exemple.
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  7. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    I will put it this way: A knife-user needs less hits to kill me than vice-versa (unless with WD up)
    -We can no afford to make any mistake, ever. (Which is actually fine if only they couldnt keep making mistakes)
    -Quick-attack spam is a really viable counter-tactic against Eldar melee, as it can easily kill us and we cant really afford to make a Debash, as it will leave us too exposed
    -Fighting multiple enemies is an artform. It is possible, but we are far from, lets say a Raptor, who can just jump in, hit everyone with the necrotic chansword and survive.
    -Spam Smart Bolt Pistol to win

    All of those are shadowed however by the main problem, which is pressure. Whether the enemy has a pistol or a rifle, they can always destroy us with ranged if we give them but a second breathing time.
    Hence, in order to not get shot, we have to attack them relentlessly. We stop attacking, we risk getting an unload to the face.
    Unfortunately, that makes us very predictable too. As we can not afford to wait, our only hope to win is attack the enemy in very quick succession and either from behind or the flank, and hope, that they will panic and not react calmly.
    Because, technically, all they have to do is read our animations and respond with QA or DB.
    Eldar melee wins on only a psychological level, any enemy who is seasoned enought o know, that we dont pose a real threat, will beat us, no matter, how much better we might be.

    Also, everyone gets to dodge out Debashes. I met an Ork, whose entire tactic was to spam QA into DB, roll around me and hit me in the back.

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