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In Her Name (RP IC Thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Wata, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    With the first fall of the rocks, Isra's blade was unsheathed, and her attention on their leader. "I will come with you", she murmured, not sure if Noburo or Victor would hear her. It did not matter, anyway - the heavy raider was in motion now, just waiting for the kensei to charge.
  2. Ferdinand gripped his axe and looked at the beast skittering around and cringed from disgust. "Well it doesn't like light, that much is obvious." He muttered to himself as he began stepping forward towards it. He didn't feel the fear the bandits did as his neveres had been turned to steel but growing up within his order. "I don't know how my axe will do against its carapace but I can't think of anything else more appropriate at the moment." He said aloud as he continued moving towards it at a walking pace. "So, FOR ALDENVATER AND NORDENLICH!" He yelled as he began running with his axe raised with full intent to charge the beast head on.
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  3. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    Shaila holstered her blade and placed her shield on her back. She then drew the claymore, as she figured she'd need the extra force to break into the beast's chitin. Seeing Ferdinand charge in, she positioned herself to the side while keeping her distance as she looked for an opening to strike.
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  4. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Gunther sighed at Ferdinand charging, but lifted his axe and charged in with him to cover his flanks.
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  5. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Inside the mines, heroes faced a monstrosity. Knights, barbarians, ferrets and bandits all together unleashed their steel and claw. When the light from the torches and icons came closer, the beast staggered backwards in primal fear. Ferdinand was the first to reach the beast, whom had to duck from a blade like spider leg to not be torn asunder. From down low, Ferdinand swung his axe across the beasts face, staining its vision in blood as it gushed from the wound.
    In rage the doomspider swung its bladed legs in front of it to tear his aggressor apart. Ferdinand was struck across the chest, his armor protecting little against the force. Shaila and Gunther made the monster's flurry stop by attacking its flanks from both sides. Gunther's axe inflicting blunt force trauma on its beetle like shell, while Shaila's claymore pierced between plates into flesh. The beast staggered from pain and took lots of steps to the side toward the underground stream, almost forcing Gunther for a swim. Ulrich's heavy swing of his claymore severely crippled one of the spiders legs, forcing the beast to reel in pain the other way. Gunther was knee deep and almost lost his footing, the current apparently was strong.
    With a horrifying, saliva spewing cry the doomspider stabbed with its tail toward Ulrich who managed to block the tail once, but not twice as it pierced his arms armor piece. One of the bandits saw the opportunity and bashed his sword down on the tail. He didn't manage to cut it off but at least the doomspider withdrew its tail from the pain.

    Then, the most unlikely hero, by traditional standards, Benjamin got his shining moment. He snuck his way on the doomspider, scuttling over the beastly beetle plate and spider fur. The monstrosity was about to barrel over Ulrich and Ferdinand, but Benjamin bit and clawed right where it hurt, the base of its what one would call a neck.

    Enraged from by this little furry creature and the very unpleasant feeling of being bit on one of the more sensitive areas, it instinctively stabbed with its tail to the source of the pain to kill the one causing it. Benjamin was a hard target to hit and he was quick on his feet, and the only thing the doomspider managed to stab with its deadly poisonous stinger tail was itself. Straight in its own neck just below its own head.

    Such a strong silence suddenly filled the mine that all one could was the silent painful chittering of the doomspider and the stream flowing. It staggered and reeled, desperately trying to keep footing up. Then it with a squelching sound it pulled out the stinger, squealed and even lost its footing for a moment. The heroes wasted no time in raining blows on the spider best they could, inflicting many savage wounds.

    Then when they were about to land the final killing blow (if it wasn't really dead already from its self inflicted poisoning), a loud clap could be heard throughout the mine. It echoed and banged in the space they were in and made the water ripple. Everyone was forced to grab their ears as it grew louder like a neverending tinnitus. At the height of the tinnitus, words followed.
    It came so loud it hurt and almost made ears bleed. One of the mines walls lit up in orange light with a pattern of arcane ritual markings. It exploded violently, rocks shooting out so hard that it killed one of the bandits on the spot as it turned his head into mush. The explosion revealed sunlight and a path. Almost mechanically, the doomspider got up, shrugged off all blows and skittered and scuttled its way toward the light, disappearing into the pathway.

    The aftermath showed, two bandits alive, Cyntheria caring for the peasant lady (whom was crying and in tremendous pain), Ulrich was on his knees clutching his arm deathly ill from the venom, Ferdinand's chest sported an impressive gashing scar and he was bleeding heavily. Regarding the explosion, Shaila remembered reading about something similar, how priests of old had "blessed" the walls of castles that had later exploded in a similar fashion.

    @Shadhunter @Vlayden @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Valonox

    <Forest Camp>
    At the camp, the attack was going splendid, if you do not ask Asta that is. She was being beaten and ganged on, she was stabbed a few times as well. Ferifan's chaotic spell rolled over most of her assailants. One bandits head suddenly got twisted 180 degrees with a very loud nauseating crack to top it off, another was rendered to nothing but a torso as invisible chaotic arcane blades sliced across him. Third one's chest caved in, crushing his heart and lungs as a mighty pressure suddenly pushed his chest in. The others backed away in shock from the display, giving Asta precious room to breathe and gather herself.
    Not all of the Arcane Blast's effects were beneficial to the crusaders, as one bandit suddenly gained impressive muscle mass, height and energy to last a marathon running. The arcane energies swirled around the man, to Ferifan's experience, she expected to see more changes in but a few minutes in the bandit she inadvertently buffed.

    At the gates, Noburo and Isra were the first to cull the enemies outside the gates down who were completely taken by surprise to find heavily armed and armoured warriors lying in ambush. More pushed through the gates remnants, Red and Ori managing to pick a few off with their arrows.
    The Elusine knight Victor followed the samurai and Acralacan raider inside the camp, taking advantage of the bottleneck they had created. With a frontline of three valiant warriors and two archers to cover them from behind, the crusaders managed to lock the gateway into a brutal wall of death as the bandits couldn't take full advantage of their numbers.

    As did the crusaders in the mines hear and see, so could the crusaders at the camp battle hear an explosion from the cave at the back of the camp along with the same words.
    The bandits inside the camp panicked and really pushed at the bottleneck now that the crusaders had at the gateway. A huge monstrosity, the Doomspider came into the light, obviously wounded and staggering. The tattooed mercenary focused his efforts on rallying the men and bringing the beast and the crusaders down.

    Ferifan immediately recognized that these words were magical, used in a kind ritual that mages of old had used in sieges. The doomspider also seemed to be under a spell as it moved mechanically and picked a single target from a crowd of enemies, the tattooed mercenary one.
    "We had a deal! This is not what was agreed!" He shouted at the spider and picked up a pike to keep the monstrosity at bay.

    @Vulpas @Maleth @Colapse @Casavay

    Enemis at camp
    14 bandits (1 of which is buff and swole), 1 badly wounded, partially blinded, self poisoned doomspider
  6. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Red pulled back his arrows as he saw the giant poisoned doom spider and the tattooed man he took in his mind two high priority targets that would either need taking out or weakened so the others could take them out after the bandits were taking out. "We need to reduce the number of bandits there are and try to wound those targets and there boss lets start raining death arrows on these curs." Red said Grabbing several arrows and taking aim over the bandits and near the spider and tattooed man. Beginning to let arrows fly these shots were less aimed at targets and more aimed a general area of enemy to injure or wound them, riddle them down to be finished off.
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  7. Cyntheria picked up the woman and carried her to the others and set her down with shaila as she rushed over to suck the poison from Ulrich. She did her best to get it out and to wrap it after but when she was finished she stood up glaring at the bandits left and gripped her two blades tightly. She pointed a blade at one and spoke in a disturbing and angry tone.
    "Looks like the spiders dead. Which one gets to live and which one do I rip there heart out while it's beating? Hmm who was the first coward to say let everyone still alive die? I think you will be a good person to keep but as for your friend, (she lets out a small chuckle and gives a smile) I am going to have some real fun with him. Wanna play?"
    She starts walking towards the men with a smirk and her blades gripped tightly as she gets ready for either of them to move. Her eyes showing bloodlust and rage for them both. An her advances show she is ready to kill and defend. She looks back at Ulrich as if to say sorry and if he would approve of her methods before looking back at them both.
    "If only you both had useful information I would not have to do this. But if neither talk I will have to make the other ready to talk. (She gives a sadistic smile) I wonder if my teeth sinking into his arteries in the mans neck would make him talk. Yet it would not give me a chance to have a little fun with you both either. Hmm better talk or I might not be able to control myself. Just the thought of a chase before a kill makes me so much more excited."
    She gave them a giggle before smirking and awaiting a order from the others to do anything before she killed them.
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  8. Ferdinand laid on the ground and coughed as he was unable to get up with the decent sized gash in his chest that happened to be bleeding quite a bit. He groaned in pain and tried to sit up but found the pain too great so he just laid there. "Could someone explain why the walls just exploded?" He asked in a pained voice as he once again tried to get up. "Would someone help me? My chest has a considerable hole in it." He asked more to Urghak than anyone else as the man was more likely to actually listen to him.
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  9. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Elisa was rather embarrassed that her magic had managed to accidentally buff one of bandits, but hearing the words of magic being spoken and seeing the Doomspider come into view like it was under a spell... Well, she was certain that there was another mage around.

    And that mage might as well have given Ferifan another way to turn around the battle in a more... Underhand manner as she turned her mind to assess the spell affecting the Spider and probe how it worked. She then focused on subverting the spell so that the spider obeyed her commands rather than whoever had cast the original spell.
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  10. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    His nodachi bloodied, Noburo assumed the mental form of blissful calm, where every move was directed into cutting through your enemy in the cleanest way possible in order to finish the fight as quickly as possible. Standing at the gates he started taking steps forward alongside Isra, keeping the line and swinging his sword in wide horizontal swipes that would hopefully prevent the enemy from reaching him and thus give time for both Red and Ori to shoot them from afar.

    OOC keeping the ground & attacking normal bandits.
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