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In Her Name (RP IC Thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Wata, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "I hear you. Noburo." Red said responding as he kept his bow up and began taking aim taking a arrow out and getting his sights on his target, aiming for the body and of the sentry and getting ready for the sounds of commotion, At least now they would be wiping them out and destroying a threat permanently instead of letting it get away.

    The knight kept still his eyes trained on the sentry and still not to alert him with any more movements then needed for himself.
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  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    <Forest Camp>
    The boulder proved more stubborn than initially thought. Asta and Ferifan had to really push themselves to get it to heave.
    Victor and Ori followed the gaze of Noburo. Realizing quickly what was about to happen. Victor muttered a prayer to himself and grabbed his spear better to prepare for a charge. Ori prepared his bow and took aim, to make sure the sentry went down.

    Few smaller rocks from under the boulder got free thanks the girls pushing it, dropping straight on someones head. A painful yelp was heard from below. It was now or never or the surprise was lost. Asta put all she had into pushing the boulder, as surely did Ferifan. Thanks to them both and to the mages ritual supercharging her body; the big natural battering ram began its destructive roll down the hill.
    Asta lost her footing when the boulder eventually relented, it came so suddenly she tripped. The slippery rock provided uneasy footing but she managed to hold on to the ledge.
    As for the boulder, it drew all the attention in the camp.
    "LOOK OU-!" The sentry managed to yell before an arrow shot by Red pierced his mouth, Ori's shot hit the sentry in the chest. He didn't have much time to suffer when the boulder came in like a wrecking ball.

    The palisade wall was demolished, along with the sentry in his death throes. As if on cue, it stopped raining, the forest instead filled with frantic yelling.
    Asta was hanging on to her dear life and tried to pull herself up. Someone threw a rock at her, forcing her to lose her grip. She fell directly on someone below her. Men swarmed on her, apparently still unawares of the others in front of the gate. She punched, scratched and kicked at everyone who put their hands on her. It took a lot of them to hold her still.
    "Get the other one up there! Don't let her get away!"
    A fierce tattooed warrior shouted from below, pointing a sword at Ferifan on the ledge. Apparently this was the one with authority, big man in armor with a buzzcut. Everything about him screamed mercenary. "Open the cages! Chase her down!" He barked at the shocked bandits around the camp. Armed men ran towards the gate, to chase Elisa down. Little did they know of the crusaders hiding in the forest.

    Tattooed Bandit Mercenary
    20 Bandits, 5 outside the gate running to get Elisa, unawares of the crusaders.

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  3. Ferdinand hefted his axe and assumed a similar stance to Ulrich. "I can say we aren't going to let you leave this mine." He said to the bandits as the strange woman was cutting herself again. Aldenvater please make her stop doing that it was just weird at this point. "I'm obligated by my codes to offer you scum a chance of repentance, lay down your weapons and swear to the Aldenvater. If you refuse I will not show mercy." His voice was layered in violent intent despite the offer of mercy.
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  4. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    Shaila shook her head at Cyntheria as she turned to make her way across the bridge. "Not everyone is a fighter. Regardless, we have little time to waste." With that she made for the direction the strangers had indicated. Perhaps it was naive to be so trusting, but they definitely couldn't stay here, that much was for sure.
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  5. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Nobouro unsheeted his nodachi, now was the time to act. "Red, Ori, shoot them as you please. Victor, come with me. We have bandits to kill."

    With that, he moved through the forest towards the encampment and the five men exiting it. Kensei would wait for the arrows to fly first before heading there himself, the clear blade of his long sword would taste blood tonight. Once in the fray, he would swing it in wide strikes, going after swift dispatching of enemies or even crippling them so they could be killed afterwards, the main idea being to take out as many of the bandits as possible as swiftly as possible in order to nullify their numerical advantage.
  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "You four, take point." Ulrich commanded the fearful bandits in a tone that didn't leave room for protest.
    "W-where are we going?"
    "To kill the beast and release your captives." Ulrich spoke through gritted teeth. They whispered something amongst themselves, starting to get increasingly restless they fiddled their weapons. Slowly and cautiously they moved in front of the group.
    "We're all going to die.." One of them muttered shaking his head.

    All of them started their descend down the narrow zig zag path that started from next to the bridge, since it had been cut it was the only way forward. Every now and then one would glance behind them back at the crusaders, undoubtedly plotting some form of escape. It took decent amount of concentration to stay on the path, not leaving much room for unsure footing.
    Urghak produced the Elusine icon and whispered "Elusine" into it somewhat reluctant to invoke Her name. The barbarians face was contorted into a scowl and he scoffed as the pendant lit up, providing some more light for the group.

    At the bottom, they found the corpse of the bandit that got shoved over the bridge, his face was eaten off and thoroughly dead with twisted and broken limbs in unnatural positions. The four "travelers" paused a little and stared at their former colleague's remains in fear.
    "Keep moving." Ulrich ordered and poked one in the back with the tip of his blade. There was a lot of the doomspider's broods' corpses down here and a few other humans who got overwhelmed. There was but one direction to go to: right. Left was a clear dead end.
    "There. Go." Ulrich pointed the direction with a greatsword. Again with meek protests and even small amount of prayers they moved along. After the large chasm area, their surroundings shrunk down into another tunnel as the walked on, following the persistent trail of corpses.

    As they kept going, they found puddles of water beneath their boots along with the sound of flowing water from ahead.
    "This isn't right, this isn't right..." Their pointmen grew more and more agitated as they went on. Eventually their surroundings widened once more. It was a big area with the water stream flowing through it. A simple pier had been constructed with a similarly simple boat moored to it. A small bridge had been built to cross the water stream. Another tunnel at the back was visible but no light was shining from there.
    Several blood ridden and broken cages were spread across the ground, their bars and doors bent. Severed limbs and heads were strewn across the place, discarded meals no doubt.
    Almost immediately when they entered the area, they saw a steel cage smashing on the ground as it fell from up high. The woman inside screamed in pain as she was slammed inside her cage, she desperately tried to crawl out of her cage but she was in too much pain with broken bones.
    On the ceiling, there was the enormous beast. The Doomspider regarded the party with its many eyes, saliva dripping from its unnatural toothy maw.
    The light from Ulrich's icon, Shaila's blessed pendant, Urghak's icon and the torches carried by the bandits put the doomspider at unease. It skittered along the ceiling to and fro, apparently unsure if it should attack or hide.

    "Oh no, no no no no!" The bandits immediately began to flee back from whence they came. Urghak bashed one of their heads in with his club, bandit dropping down dead from the blow. Ulrich clotheslined a second one and hauled him up.
    "No! You will die or redeem yourselves here!" Ulrich ordered and practically threw the bandit forward.
    The two others were still running for it, they did have to get through the crusaders though.

    The doomspider still shuffled on the ceiling, clattering and skittering about looking nervous. It wasn't attacking but dropped down with a thump at the opposite side of the stream of the crusaders. It still kept its distance from its would be prey, teeth clattering and flexing its tail menacingly.
    "Help me! Please, save me!" The woman shouted at the crusaders, she hadn't managed to pry the door loose. She started crying, consumed by fear and pain.
    One would have to cross the bridge to reach the woman, to the same side as the doomspider.

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  7. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    With the tattooed warrior calling for her to be grabbed, Elisa merely taunted back "I think you're going to need more men if you really want me!" With that said, she then turned her words into actions by channelling forth magic and forming it into her usual Arcane Blast for combat. She directed the spell upon the warriors attacking Asta, wishing to make sure that the woman was safe from harm before moving onto slaying the rest of the bandits.
  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Red watched the scene unfold after he killed the sentry he made sure he got the sentry silencing with a arrow in the throat, As he watched one of there own fall in and the bandits going to grab her red gritted his teeth and grabbed another arrow looking towards the men going for Elisa Taking aiming he began firing to aid and keep the bandits off her. "Shes going to need cover, Lets pick em off and clear the way for Elisa." Red said to Ori nodding at Nobouro acknowledging him.
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  9. Cyntheria glared at the men and ran over to grab one by the face and drag him with her running across to the spider. Pushing him ahead as a distraction to the doomspider while talking to him.
    "You want innocent lives to die when you filthy scum are the reason they got stuck. How about we see how long you can distract it and survive. You die I will be mounting your head for them to see what happens when you let innocent people die from your stupid mistakes. I am getting them out and your death will spare me the time of gutting you alive before them. Now you are to distract it and if you let me get her out I might let you all live. But if you fail me I will gut you here and now. Better pray it gets you and not me you low life bastard!"
    Finishing her scentence she threw the man toward it while trying to find a way to the woman. Her rage for the men dulled by the desperation to keep anyone alive she could. She grabbed her double blades tightly as she prepared for it to attack her as she rushed to the woman. Her blades ready to block it's tail at any moment. She ran as fast as she could to the woman trying to pick her up and making sure to not damage her or make her broke bones pierce her insides at all. She was determined to keep her alive wether it meant she died in the process or not.
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  10. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    "Last one there gets their ankles gnawed off!" The ferret cried out, not at all wasting time; even for something so damned small, he wasn't hesitating.
    The Mighty Benjamin took a magnificent leap off of Ulrich's helmet and onto the bridge, his tiny feet scratching at the wooden planks underneath him. He had no idea how he was going to actually deal with this in any way; but he was still at least willing to try and get there!
    Once (if he could get there at all) he crossed, the ferret aimed to look at his surroundings; he could tell the large beast was undoubtedly anxious, something in his own instincts noted it with ease. But aside from that, he noted how the cages were dropped. He had a fair certainty that it dragged them up to feast from on high. But why? He had no idea.
    All he knew, was that he was going to try and climb on one of its back legs in an attempt to get on top of the beast's backside! For an exoskeleton, Benjamin was sure he could get there without being noticed; and its attention was more focused on the armoured and armed crusaders with the light. Such a tiny thing was ignored before, surely he wouldn't be noticed now either?
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