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In Her Name (RP IC Thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Wata, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "I..uhm..what?" They all looked at each other a bit confused. "Did that ferret I-I we..I mean no, no we haven't seen anyone else. We - uhm - took a job to scope out the mines if it still had anything worth." @Vlayden

    All four of them seemed wary and took a few steps back, not really managing to get very far because the bridge was out. Ulrich lowered his sword a little bit, still in hold of his suspicion and held violence. They appeared to be wearing same kind of armor as the bandits from the first village they encountered. The one that was utterly ransacked, burned and butchered.

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  2. Ferdinand was trying to scrap off the gunk from the bottom of his shoe after they had finally beaten back uttering a silent prayer of thanks that they had survived. He shuddered in disgust at the creatures even as they lay dead with their limbs occasionally twitching. "Dreadful creatures." He muttered as he turned around to see what was going on with the rest of the group. His axe was hefted over his shoulder with the blade facing the ground. "Urghak companion, try not to act like a wild dog." He said to his club wielding friend in a joking manner in response to the feral man's growling. With that said he looked at the four survivors of the other group "Now you are either a very poor liar or are quite understandably intimidated by us. Then again only the guilty would have something to fear from people of virtue and duty such as us."
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  3. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "From what I could see, there are quite a lot of them inside," Noburo replied after few moments spent deep in thought, "And there's only seven of us here. They also hold the defensive position, so they have that advantage as well. But were also cheering when the food came, speaking of their current lousy situation. That kind of people will fight to the last if they don't see any other option and it is up to us to give it to them."

    @Maleth The Kensei then turned towards Elisa, giving he a polite nod. "Miss, may I ask what are the limits of your magic? Can you conjure items, if so of what kind? I was thinking on creating some sort of "food" for them and drive them out of the fort so we could deal with them easier. If that's not possible, can you do something about those gates?"
  4. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    As her own ideas were mentally shoved aside due to Noburo's request, Elisa replied ( @Colapse ) :"I could conjure food, but then we'd be here for at least an hour while I go and look through my notes and performed the ritual, given that conjuring food in the quantity we'd need as a normal spell would likely result in me being knocked unconscious for the rest of day." She then paused momentarily. "Or missing important parts of my anatomy."

    "As for doing something about the gates, there is a similar time and Drain issue like conjuring food. Also it's still raining which ruins chalk and alchemical compounds alike, and I'll need flat ground for a ritual no matter what I do. To be blunt, they're nice ideas but there's not much of a chance for either of them to work." The Mage concluded.

    With that said, Ferifan then suggested "So, instead we take Asta's idea and go around them, and see if we get a better view of what we're going up against, and if the front is the only way we can take." She then sneaked off to take the circular route, hoping that the change of location might offer more clues as to how the group could take the makeshift fort.
  5. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Pale Isra was thankful for the rain as its drumming blocked out the clinkering of her mail hauberk, something she had never thought she would be thankful for. Crouched behind a tree, she carefully listened to the maga and the kensei exchange ideas, considering this a better, more worthwhile use of her attention than the anger at Ori's insolence.

    Truth be told, she was glad that the sorcerous ways were not a possibility this time. "No way to encircle?", she asked with a hint of disappointment. "Recon seems to be the best possibility then."
  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    <Forest> @Maleth
    When Ferifan moved to get a better view by the hill, Asta followed her. The peasantwoman seemed tense, her hand flexing on her sword hilt and her eyes darting about every slight movement.
    It was a hard climb, made tricky because of the wet ground and slippery rocks they used for support up the steep hill. Elisa's enhancing ritual was really putting in work, giving her strength to more easily climb up the hill. Asta was a formidable woman and stubborn but even she couldn't keep up with mystic body enhancing rituals.

    Eventually the two ladies reached the top, even more wet than before from climbing the rain soaked hill. From up high, carefully peeking down they saw tired men huddling under makeshift shelters from the rain. apparently there was a cave of some kind leading into the rock below them at ground level. Some fires had been lit under the more sheltering rock, at the mouth of the "cave".
    Most of the men were waiting for the venison to be properly prepared and served, eagerly working on butchering the animal.
    With a quick count, they counted a little over 20 armed men that were in sight from high above. Asta pat Ferifan on her shoulder and pointed at a set of boulders atop the hill.
    With enough force one could try and shove them either straight down on top of most of the men preparing the venison or try to roll the boulders towards the gate in hopes of smashing it open and perhaps taking enemies out as collateral.
    Her nose started itching again like crazy this time, it was starting to feel really uncomfortable and the skin felt sore.

    Urghak just grunted back at Ferdinand, with an amused grin on his face.
    "Well, no shit! There's goddamn spiders out to eat us in here! Who wouldn't be scared?!"
    One of the men responded a bit loudly, his words echoing in the grand space.
    "Look, if you want to go...deeper into the mines take that path down and just...follow the corpses if there are any left, the others should be near the water way through the mine. We really don't want go back! Besides, there isn't anything gained from attacking us, is there! Everyone in here is going to be dead, if not already."
    An expression of horror quickly displayed about the men as the memories reminded them of the Doomspider.
    A torch was pointed at the narrow path on their right that zig zagged along the wall straight down. Not so wide to let two advance side by side.
    Ulrich's scowl deepened at the sight, he closed his visor and glared at the obvious bandits, who were still very nervous at their situation as they were still clutching their weapons. Ulrich got ready into a battle stance.
    What the party did next would decide if it all ended in violence.

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  7. Cyntheria gave an angrily growl at the men before speaking in a tone of pure anger.
    "So you would rather leave alive then bother to help anyone left. You pathetic scavengers! Your own man falls to his death and you think of your hides. You spineless cowards. There are dead bodies yes but some still alive. If you want to just run past go ahead. You will be that creatures babies food. You had a chance to follow and make it out alive. You can be food but those alive will be saved!"
    She spat at the ground in front of the man with disgust before looking into his eyes showing her anger. She growled again before looking to the comrades.
    "We gave them a chance so let's go. These sick bastards can feed those baby spiders."
    She held her blades tightly and shoved past them to keep going before making a slight cut on her arm mumbling in her language as she walked. Her anger shown through her words and a slight bloodlust was showing in her voice an manners as she licked her own blood off her wound. Her mouth smirking for a second as she felt and tasted the blood.
  8. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Somewhat glad that she had taken the time to do the ritual (even if the nose was once again threatening her chances of doing anything) Elisa whispered to Asta "Well, I think we know how to open up the gate then." She rubbed her nose furiously, starting to wonder if the cat had deliberately acted to sabotage her ritual.
    Course, the fact it was still wet was making her sincerely hope that she'd have time to dry out after this little escapade.

    Aside from more muttered complaints about that cat, the Mage headed towards the boulders and gestured for Asta to help her push the bolder down to smash open the gates. Even if her nose started looking a little raw from how much she was rubbing it.
  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Remaining outside amid the trees, Noburo slowly crept towards the encampment, his hands on his weapons. He followed advance of two women from below, smiling as he understood what was about to happen.

    "When the hell breaks loose, shoot the sentry in the tower," he told Red, "And then we move in and slaughter anything that moves. We don't need prisoners this time around, we need vengeance."
  10. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    For want of better options, and without a proper idea of the camp, Isra for now stuck to Noburo and followed closely after him, even though she was not quite as elegant in creeping around. The Acralacan was about to sling her shield back over her shoulder with a bit of quiet grumbling, when she heard the kensei give out his orders.

    She nodded at the last part with a brief affirmative hum, and moved to rest her hand on her sabre instead.

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