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In Her Name (RP IC Thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Wata, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The Mighty Benjamin contentedly sat himself on top of Ulrich's helmet as they went through the caves, squinting through the darkness and sniffing away at what few odours there were that weren't unpleasant or stale; fortunately the Ferret was remarkably light (he was a ferret, after all), so it wouldn't really affect any head movements for the man.
    Seeing more of the cavern seemed to make Benjie quite happy, though his eyes were far more out for something in particular; that girl that he'd failed to help earlier. Even if it was just some shoe, or part of a torn shirt sleeve or something, Benjamin would scan the area to the best of his Ferret-y abilities to find at least something.
    Even as the Doomhatchlings scuttled towards them, the little evil multi-legged shits; even as they got unnervingly close and were stomped on by Ulrich, the squelching of their disgusting, Doom-y hatchling bodies under his boot, making him wiggle insanely as his head went back and forth.

    Once he saw (and heard) the other folks yelling, he looked over to them and... squinted; admittedly, he did know that some came here.... But he was sure they weren't the same ones from before he saw. Eh, screw it.

    "Tha frackin doomspiders are on this side too, ya dummy! A butt-ton of Doomhatchlings! You stay 'n help us stab an' burn 'em, we'll help you not become shredded food for 'em!" The ferret yelled right back; for something so small, it was... Surprisingly loud. Or, capable of it.
    They most probably wouldn't have known that it was him anyway; just a tiny, barely- noticable thing on top of a man's helmet!
  2. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    <Before> @Casavay @Vulpas

    "Not only one, but two of his children," Noburo replied to Isra, "The man is angry. Rightfully so. He wants to make a difference in a world not caring for his own feelings, yet alone his wishes. Come, there is nothing we can do for him now, he must fight the grief on his own. The only thing we can do is find whoever was responsible for this and make him answer for his crimes."

    "Greetings to you too Red," the Kensei spoke next, "Yes, I know that girl. She only looks like that, when in fact she is quite in control of herself, even though she sometimes thinks differently. You'll witness that yourself if you spend more time with us."


    The rain made little to unsettle Noburo, the cold and the hard terrain things he trained his whole life to overcome. Physical plights were hard on the body, but ultimately they were nothing compared to metal effort. The stress, the despair, the fear, those are the things that a man should be on a look out for and that is where the real battle was fought. Inside one's mind.

    The focus was of course on Kensei's side. He had a clear goal to achieve and means to do it. These people around him seemed to trust him and he was ready to return that favor. However then they stumbled upon the corpse of quite a strange creature. The mutated spider made Noburo curse, if such things lived out here then their advance would be twice as hard, not to mention the mounting argument which just started to unravel.

    "Silence. Both of you. Remember why we are here. We must not let our differences divide us. Instead, we must..." and then he grew silent as he saw the same thing Asta saw. Dropping down, he gestured everyone to remain silent and whispered, "This is our opportunity. We should follow these poachers to their camp, it would be much easier to try and reach it that way than simply waddling through the rain-soaked forest in the middle of a night." Of course, he couldn't see what ailed Elisa, but perhaps she'd be able to combat that problem on her own.
  3. Cyntheria used her double blades to help slice the baby doomspiders in half while staring at the men trying to cross the bridge. She looked at them with a small hint of annoyance and spoke.
    "You men are going to run this way with the offspring of this creature attacking. If you would show us to the mother we can kill it and then you would have a safe way out with us. But if you rather feed these things and help them grow it would be your choice. I suggest you choose wisely though. Spider food or we kill all the spiders and help you all live."
    She was not about to play games with the men nor bother to just let them run in as baby food without warning. But she hoped that her talk was enough for them to consider leading them to the spiders mother. She gave a small smile to the men to be polite but then gave a look warning that the babies behind them would be death. She looked to Ulrich before speaking.
    "Hmm I am willing to bet these babies would be done fast with how many there are. What is your guess on there life expectancy?"
    She gave a look of play along so they would help them find it quick before turning back to the men still hitting spiders away. She had a cold look as if saying decide now or die. She was hoping they would be change there minds otherwise she would grab one of them to show them the way. She was set on saving the people and not in the mood to play games with some men that were to afraid to bother thinking.
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  4. Ferdinand smashed a spider underfoot and cringed, a dark cave full of filthy arachnids he would have preferred the winter campaigns to this. At least then he wouldn't be stuck in such a confining area with the ceiling so close, Aldenvater forgive him but he hated this. Annoyance at the situation covered his anxiousness at the surroundings as he swiped his axe into hordes of the disgusting spawn of the creature they were there to kill. There seemed to be others here too that weren't part of their group but he was too busy ensuring he brought up the rear of their group killing every single spider that was getting close to them.
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  5. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    As her ritual activated and the magic affected her, Elisa smiled as she felt the power come into her and enhance her... But that smile was soon gone with the outbreak of sneezing. After looking covetously at the cat for being seemingly unaffected by the ritual and noting the effect the cat had on her in her book of magic, she set off with all haste and hoping that the interaction of the cat didn't affect her too much....

    Evidently, the Mage was wrong about the effect of the cat on her ritual. Even her enhanced body seemed to not be enough to fend off the cold, with all the traveling they did. Still, the reveal of dead dear and the spider corpse was more than enough to make cold and the argument the least of her concerns.

    With the blood trails leading upwards and the sneezing starting to play up again, Ferifan said quietly as she rubbed her nose again, for what seemed the be the hundredth time today "A sound plan, but I feel that there's more like that spider-creature that killed the dear above our heads." She then grumbled to herself "Bloody cat...."

    Suffice to say, her mind had lapsed enough that the Islander then sneezed, nose clearly suffering from the cat interacting with the ritual. Even if that interaction did open the idea in her mind of being able to use animals in rituals as a potential way to gain an enhancement, even if it would take some research to figure out a way of isolating the good traits of an animal, and then affecting a human with the animal traits.
  6. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    She simply nodded at Noburo's words. He confirmed her suspicion, and she agreed with his stated course of action. There was no further need for words in that matter - but educated to never recieve a name without giving her own, even though it was not asked for, she introduced herself to Red as he did to the Kensei. "Pale Isra, of a clan that is scattered to the sands."
    @Colapse @Vulpas

    The weather was still beyond unpleasant to Isra, who found the traditional "mothers' advice" of thinking of warm things failing her once more. On top of that, she was back in this blasted rainfall, which added to the terrible chill of the outside, combined with the exhaustion from the inside; while a woman of great endurance, the usual terrain she had dealt with in Acralaca had been desert and steppe, not thick undergrowth. With these conditions at the forefront of her mind, the fighter was not entirely sure whether the horribleness that was this gruesome scene within the forest was not a welcome distraction. "This is perverse", she quietly muttered after first seeing the ravaged deer. The spider only made her repeat herself, this time in her mother's tongue and, at least to Ori, betraying that she wasn't much more eloquent in it.

    With her own jaw already contracting as if it wished to remain shut, she was glad to follow Noburo's nonverbal order, but still moved closer to the desert ranger, and spoke to him, subduedly, and still in her mother's tongue: "You're rude, and it's pretty obvious you don't want to be here. Why are you?" Even though she attempted to look casual, her inflection communicated that she was quite fed up with him already.

    Unrelated, and clearly communicating that she was expecting something nasty to happen, she loosened her shield from its shoulder strap and took it into her left hand.
  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Red was silent as they trudged through the forest through the rain, himself getting wet and the inside of his armor was getting cold along with himself, Ignoring the displeasure he continued on with his bow out until encountering the corpses of the odd insect and deer. "seems the infestation has even reached here in the forest." Red commented before becoming silent as another group was spotted his bow and arrow was ready in his hands as the samurai instead said they would begin following possibly to there camp. Keeping his bow and arrow close by he kept them in hand and readied to follow as quite as he could be.
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  8. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    Shaila had stayed at Ulrich's side to aid him in holding the spiders back. It didn't seem like the bridge would hold much more weight anyway as she found out a few moments later. She shook her head at the sight of the group. "You want through? Be my guest! There's spiders on this side of the bridge too!" She called out as she continued slashing away at the spiders with her blade.
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  9. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    <The Forest>
    "Oh, look at the master of diplomacy. Honourable Samurai of the East. Here to lick boots and maim himself for a pat on the back!"
    Ori answered to Noburo in a mocking sing song voice. The weather and losing most of his retinue in this filthy, muddy peasant country made his mood foul. There weren't many redeeming factors if at all to him. He quickly shut up and got low once the armed men were spotted. @Colapse

    "Don't know about you, but I have a duty."
    Ori whispered back with a bit of venom in his voice to Isra, trying to remain unseen by the armed hunters. He looked her in the eye, bringing himself close enough for their noses nearly to touch. "Do you know what that means?" Ori pulled back away from Isra, now trying to ignore her. Asta scoffed, obviously annoyed by the ranger. @Casavay

    "Quiet! They are looking our way." Victor ordered. They were too far away to properly make out what they were saying, plus the rain was masking their voices somewhat. Apparently they had heard Ferifan's sneeze. They spent a few moments debating on something, one squinted their eyes at the party's location. One of the armed men got angry at the rest and what he yelled was clear enough to hear.
    "I'm wet, cold and fucking hungry! Now shut it and let's go already!" So they continued on their way, giving a few paranoid glances back.

    Asta was the first to start following, stressing others to keep low and quiet. Victor was the last one to move, keeping the rear in check. Elusine's also kept their armor shining and clean by principle to mimic the splendor of Saint heroine Elusine, he was the easiest to spot.
    Crusaders followed the heavily armed hunters to palisade walls deep in the woods. They had a small makeshift fort in an area that was surrounded by steep rock formations and thick trees. Well hidden and decently made. There was one short tower with a lookout just behind and next to the gate. The surrounding environment made it a perfect killzone for archers to loose if anyone was to charge the gate head on. It also seemed to be the only way of real entry into their camp, the steep rock surrounding the camp giving them a sort of natural fortress.

    The lookout signaled the gate to be opened and the hunters stepped in. Catching a brief glimpse of what was inside the walls, was at least twenty or so worn, tired looking men which was a rough estimate. After the gate was closed orders were shouted and cheering could be heard. Food was a welcome sight to these men apparently.

    The crusaders were out of sight for now, peering from behind trees and crawling amidst the undergrowth kept them hidden. Victor had to quickly dart behind a tree when he noticed the lookout staring at his position for a moment, slightly raising a bow as well. The lookout shouted something to someone below him and resumed watch.

    Asta halfway climbed a tree and cautiously peeked from behind it. She then turned toward the party, careful not to show herself to the enemy.
    "Looks like there's a way up to those rocks if we circle around, its a steep hill to climb but at least its not completely vertical like inside that camp it is. Going to break our legs if we jump down from there, though." She whisper yelled.
    "Think we could rush the gate before they can react if we manage to take out the lookout." Victor said, eyes fixed forward. Something about the knights voice seemed to not fully like the idea of full frontal assault. Ori said nothing, just cussed the rain and grabbed his bow and arrow.

    @Maleth @Colapse @Vulpas @Casavay

    <The Mines>
    "What!? We are not going back or staying, let us across!" The leading one shouted back to Cyntheria and Benjamin. The realization that he was a ferret who was shouting at them went by their heads in the frantic moment.
    The men by the bridge looked at each other in increasing panic. When one in the back looked behind him he started to shove the others
    "They are right on us GO, GO! You heard HER!"
    He shouted, somewhat encouraged after hearing what Shaila said.

    It was all they needed to start running over the bridge full speed toward the crusaders. The first one was just a few meters to reach the other side until one of the smaller doomspiders dropped down from the ceiling on his head. With frantic and fearful screaming he stopped and tried to pry it off his head. His comrades who really wanted to cross pushed him over the side, making the man and the spider fall to their deaths.
    From the other side more of the brood swarmed forth. When the last of the men were over the bridge, they started to hack at the bridge and quickly enough cut the ropes that were holding it.
    The bridge fell taking a lot of the spiders with it.

    The crusaders were stalwart in their defense and held the line with combined effort, effectively thinning the horde. Under boot, axe, club and blade were they culled and soon the swarm dispersed, finding this prey too hard to overwhelm. They suffered scratches and bite marks and the whole tunnel started to reek of dead spiders. Something in their blood or bodily juices were utterly rancid. It'd take a while to wash the stench off their attire.
    Looking down, they didn't hear the other men fighting anymore or the light. They could have either retreated or got eaten.

    Those who had crossed, four were left. They were catching their heavy breaths and tried to calm themselves best they could. They still had two torches lit in their hands as well, providing more light than just Ulrich's charm on his sword and Shaila's lightly shining pendant.
    "O-okay, look. Let's not start fighting each other here, we need to leave this cave and now. There's a fucking man-eating beast in here, a lot bigger than the others. Is the way out clear, we can't stay here!?" One of them said, hands spread with open palms to show non-violent intentions.
    Ulrich opened his helmet's visor, grabbed Benjamin from his head and put him on Shaila's shoulder and pointed a greatsword at the men who crossed.
    "Would you be with the criminals who attacked and ransacked the town?" Ulrich said with a demanding angry tone.
    "W-what? N-no? No! We are just travelers looking for a shortcut through the mines, yes that's it!" The armed man put his hands in front of him as if to cover himself from a sword blow.
    "I don't believe you." Ulrich responded and poked him with a greatsword.
    "I swear! It's the truth! Just let us go!"
    Sudden screaming and squealing was heard somewhere from below them that quickly stopped. All the men flinched and their hands darted to their weapons. Urghak literally growled at them and raised his club to his shoulder, ready to swing full force.

    @Shadhunter @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Valonox @ItsTime @Vlayden @BloodySoulStealer
  10. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    "... You, uh. Y ou wouldn' have seen a kid while you came by in here, wudja?" The ferret asked the 'travellers' - he knew that they weren't, but hell, he'll leave that for after they get out of this. Benjie knew they would; they were damned Adventurers, and this was just a speedbump.
    They had to get out; that's how these stories go.
    "Lil thing, a girl? Prolly eight or somethin'?" he went on; it was fairly easy to hear he was a bit concerned-- And then, the screaming.

    "....What wuzzat?"
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