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In Her Name OOC/Interest thread. (Medieval Holy Crusade RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Wata, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member


    Gender: Male
    Age: 2
    Appearance: He, was~... A ferret. A plain ferret; the main body was mostly white with black streaks across the hair ends, with black splotches along the legs – both the front and back legs were coal-black coloured, with a black tail at the end.
    Its face had a black 'mask' over the eyes, whereas the rest of the fur was the same as the torso – white, with black streaks along the top. He also had slightly pronounced whiskers that came out about two inches, with black tips.

    Culture: Ferret.

    General gear / ability: It's a ferret; a talking, understanding ferret that certainly had an attitude to him. He also had a rather uncanny capability of pickpocketing, the tiny creature being light & nimble enough to grab things out of people's pockets without too much notice; and having a distraction was all the easier. Adding on top of that, Benjamin found himself with a surprisingly adept amount of problem-solving skills, such as lockpicking; of course, the only limit being his diminutive size.

    Background/Motivation: There really wasn't much to his life, being a simple pet for as long as he could remember; though with a tiny bit of hurt pride, there wasn't much reason for him to not try and prove his worth (however stupidly light he may be), and.. Join?
  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    I might like to point out @GrimFritz that the Oswil streets are not in so bad condition as you emoted. There are no tents or beggars that much and the amount of squalor isn't so shocking and it doesn't smell like shit. Maybe in the slums but it's a grand clean city mostly.
    Just for future reference, otherwise keep it up.
  3. Name: Cyntheria Yoshiki
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Appearance: 5'6 ft tall, 122lbs, light skinned, black hair, light blue eyes, (pictures will be here accept for hair and eyes)
    Culture: Quris
    General gear: Two Shortswords, Pieceeal Padded/Breastplate leather armor, Medical Supplies -Various-
    Ability:Ability: Light Footed (Foot steps are harder to hear), Slyness (Able to blend into a crowd or shadows easier)
    Background: She was taught in her homeland Quris, an proud of her teachings and the knowledge she has accuired for her medical profession. She has spent her years learning both plant based medicine to even using tools. She can come off as very kind and weak but to hide. She was taught by a old teacher of hers how to hide herself when needed. When she has her normal uniform on she is kind and gentle, shows respect and listens carefully. When she wears her armor she changes her voice and her manners into a quiet and deadly weapon. She owes her life to Noburo Mutakami, who kept her from death. She is very thankful and will not leave his side or disobey an order. She might state how she feels or thinks. But will always follow her order. A very dark past is hidden away but what makes her fight to be a doctor.
    Motivations: A dark past made her want to save lives. But also has made her want to hide and learn how to fight. But because her debt she follows Noburo and helps him in any way possible. Letting no one get in the way of repaying her debt.
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  4. Ancient ItsTime Preacher


    Name: Asher Wormwood, The Undying.

    Gender: Male

    *Age: 28

    *Appearance: Asher towers above most men at 6'4 with short black hair with a pair of green eyes and a shaved-clean face, his body is muscular and well maintained. He often speaks with a rough voice. Albeit often hidden, on the side of his throat is a strange mark that seems to have been expertly engraved onto his skin.

    Culture: Ostakyan.

    General gear/ability:

    Klappvisor bascinet.
    A sleeved mail hauberk reaching down to his waist.
    A mail coif covering his neck and head.
    Above his layers of mail he dons a thick leather.
    A pair of gloved vambraces.
    A single handed, well-made battle axe with a handle long enough to hold with both hands should a more secure grip be needed.
    A simple parrying dagger.
    Various other pieces of clothing.

    Being an experienced mercenary has granted Asher many traits and the knowledge of how to endure on the battlefield, enhancing his combat prowess tenfold the average warrior.

    Asher also has the knowledge of surviving the wilderness, life in his former mercenary company has lead him to many situations where waiting for the enemy to strave out was the safest option for victory, though while the enemies slept in their castles Asher and his company had to endure nature's climates and conditions.

    Passive ability-
    The Marked One: During Asher's most desperate of times he loses control of logic and sense and is seemingly overtaken by pure instinct much like a cornered wild animal. He very unnatrually shrugs off attacks and wounds as if they were minor cuts while his striking arm seems to never tire, he continously delivers blows until the foes are reduced to a pile of shredded meat and bone all while his strength is increased to beyond the human capabilities.

    Asher was yet another victim of war from an early age, his home village pillaged and destroyed by a rival lord's army. Asher fled the massacare and never dared to look back for it ment certain death, only to come across a camp of mercenaries. They couldn't do much but shelter the young Asher as he begged for them to save his village and his family but with time Asher came to realize that the only way to get revenge is by his own hands, Asher stuck to the company and assisted the many warriors day in and day out until he was of fighting age himself, given nought but a shabby spear and a gambeson to prove himself in the daring fields; which he did.

    The years went on and Asher climbed through the ranks as his hatred for the men he faced only grew, the same war that brought Asher's life down was still ravaging the lands as the lords feasted in their holds. Asher eventually reached the rank of captain with a wealthy share of the company to his name, becoming a titan compared to his former, shriveled self. Asher fought in campaings, wars and battles many a times and proved his worth again and again. Spilling blood and ending lives for one cause, to end the man who started this all and this slowly gnawed at his mind much like maggots do through a corpse, turning Asher to a cold and ruthless man during his time as a captain.

    Though as time went on Asher's company faced hardships during a certain battle which in the end caused the utter destruction of the company with only a few exceptions and Asher's own undeath. He proceeded to escape the field of battle hours after it ended and was eventually swayed by one of his former Lieutenants, Lieutenant Simra, to join the forming crusade on the other side of the kingdom. Asher, with no where else to turn or run to he joined it.
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  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Name:Red, Tarsinis of The Fallen house Blazing suns


    *Age: 36

    *Appearance: Scars over most of his body, A look of Jaded warrior along with the wisdom that time has brought him in the years hes been on this earth, Semi thin due to the famines and food becoming harder to obtain, brown eyes and dirty dark brown/red hair and sharply cut beard, A old branding scar on his chest of a crown with four shining rays that have become warn and damaged over time.

    Culture: Off spring of a destroyed knight house of Elusline order

    General gear/ability: A mismatch combination of of plate and scale armor and a Bucket helmet with two horns on his helmet,a Cloak with l sheep skin lining near the top to aid in keeping one warm in the night. Several leather pouches and a ruck sack used to carry supplies and some bandages and medical supplies and food, while carrying other important things such as maps or other equipment, Weapon wise he carries a one handed war hammer holding his Houses former seal, and Acralacan bow gifted to him by a Arcalacan ranger he became close with, A dagger at his belt with old runes of a Elusline order covering it, and A large kite shield he carry into combat bearing the shield of the mercenary group he traveled with the Blazing Dragoons, Parts of his armor are painted a dark red and black,

    Background/Motivation: Born to the last members of the house of the Blazing suns, Red was trained until the age of 14 to be a knight with his brother, Crimson Tarsninis to both be knights, Until there house was destroyed during a siege of Northenern Barbarians and most of the houses family members scattered or killed one of the few survivors red took care of his twin as they survived growing in skills and knowledge Red becoming much like a warrior and his brother crimson becoming a charismatic individual learning of tales of old similar to a bard but always keeping the blade he was trained for his hand.

    when the brothers were twenty they both pulled there fortunes together and became a fairly successful mercenary group of misfits growing to a semi small size and aiding the kingdom of Ostkya, Crimsons began dreaming of one day rebuilding theirs family house as Red continued planning and training for missions to be sent on and even becoming close with a female ranger of Arcalacan for a time, Though as the good times came they also came to a abrupt tragic end, During a recent crusade Red and Crimson where ambushed by a unknown force of Arcalacan's and Northern barbarians, His twin was wounded by several upper bodies and was Carried off by the Arcalacan member of the Blazing Dragoons before he and the rest of the dragoons were overrun, Fighting to the edge of gorge Red was kicked down into a gorge and fell onto a ledge below with several broken bones surviving but coming out injured and scarred, For several days he crawled out before being found by a Group of knights and brought in to local hold to recover and rest for several months, and a whole year for his bones to recover right, for much of the times the knights had to bring several men to watch him and make sure he didn't try to force himself out to try to find the rest of his group or for any survivors, after he recovered they let him go on his way,

    For 5 years Red continued to search for survivors of the Blazing dragoons all the time coming up with only sightings and and rumors, and only thoughts and visions in his dreams of his brother and few friends that survived the massacre off somewhere still adventuring, as time went on it began to grind down his will and spirit until the day a messenger had given him a message of a crusade and the the sightings from scouts on this crusade of a group of warriors in the lands there heading to wearing the same markings of the blazing dragoons, Interested in seeing if this report, or any of this crusade would turn out for him, Red offered his services to the word to one of the members of the crusade and joined along to see if he could find any sign of his brother, or the Remnants of the Blazing Dragoons, Determined to do whatever it takes to see find his old allies Red has begun using more looked down upon tactics since his recovery from the massacre not being the same person he was half a decade ago he has begun using more and more underhanded tactics to make sure he wins in a fight to survive another day.
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    You still with us, @GrimFritz ?
    No hard feelings if you decide to leave this RP. :)

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