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In Her Name OOC/Interest thread. (Medieval Holy Crusade RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Wata, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    I've decided to try my hand at running an RP.
    This is a low magic Holy Crusade RP with knights, barbarians, samurai, desert warriors, dragons, beasts and who knows what else. This is not 40k. Happens in a fictional universe, to avoid stumbling with facts and history. Combat is mostly narrative.

    I will try to sum it up. There are four major cultures, kingdom of Ostakya of the north west, Quris empire in the east, allied Acralacan desert tribes in the south and barbarian/vikings in between Ostyaka and Quris.


    Player characters start from Ostyaka and HAVE to be allied to their crusade in SOME manner. You can be a samurai of Quris, Ostakyan knight of Elusine or a barbarian prisoner of war, a surgeon, cook, village idiot (who might be along just to be kicked around for amusement) a pirate who works for the crown, there are plenty of possibilities. Provided they are somehow allied to the crusade in some logical manner.

    The world has been plagued with near constant conflicts between all the major powers. Winters are growing colder year by year, harvests provide less food, political situations are strained threatening war, again, between nations at best and more of the unnatural is beginning to surface. Beasts roam the wild places of the earth and savage barbarians kill any unprepared traveler who dare venture beyond civilization.
    In the golden days when things werent so grim, knowledge of magic was more abundant and arcane wonders were numerous. Nearly everything of such knowledge has been lost to time or forgotten, reduced to petty cantrips or long arduous rituals that take their toll on the body. World powers are divided into four major powers: In the North West reigns a legendary old king. The Kingdom of Ostakya is famed for its knights and grand heroes who shaped the country what it is today. Time of legends have passed but they are still a formidable world power. Ostakya's history holds one heroine that steps out as their figure of worship and idolisation, the saint lady Elusine. She lead the old Ostakyans to victory after victory and established their early knightly order. She ruled for centuries and perished in battle against the hated dragons and their beastly armies on foreign soil. Now Ostakya still clings to their pride and honor, despite many hardships the kingdom still stands strong against the decaying world.

    In the southern side of the world are several desert kingdoms, scattered into tribes and feuding lords. Alliances have lately been struck and the tribes have named themselves Acralaca. Reasons for the tribes unification are currently unknown. Sages and travelers hear rumors of something stirring beneath the sands, something that should stay buried.

    In the north east, barbarian warlords battle the easternmost Quris dynasty. The east is mostly consumed by near constant war, which has hardened its people to grim and capable warriors.

    Quris is famed for its vast knowledge, culture and universities. Many famed philosopher and the occasional rare mage salivate at the chance of gaining access to one famed library. War has caused Quris to shut their borders and any foreigner wishing passage will more likely be beheaded as a spy than be welcomed as a guest. With exotic swords and spears, they are disciplined soldiers and take honor seriously.

    I suggest you take a gander at discord for easier production of character sheets and conversing with fellow players.

    What can I play as?
    The PC's will start from Ostakya. You can be from any culture mentioned, a prisoner of war forced to fight or be a mongrel vagabond, however you must be of some use to the Holy Crusade. You can be out for yourself or have ulterior motives, but the character must be allied to Ostakya in SOME manner.

    Examples of choices:
    Knight of Elusine Order.
    Dressed in Her colours of black, blue and gold, Elusine knight will smite down any blasphemer and are the pride of their kingdom. Few can match their martial might and zealous wrath when these knights march to battle. All of the knights are ritualistically branded on their chest with the icon of their Saint which is a golden crown surrounded by four rays of light pointing upwards.

    Samurai of Quris
    Steely determination and impressive skill, these warriors fight fiercely and effectively. Dressed to resemble monsters in battle, they shout terrible war cries to frighten the enemy (which seems to be suprisingly effective). They follow a strict code of life and consider war to be the only way to express the fire they feel in their soul. Weakness is absolutely repulsive and they care for little else than prowess in battle.

    Acralacan desert ranger.
    These individuals are survival experts and extremely deadly ambushers, especially in desert environments. Not much are known of Acralacan culture or their people. Acralacan's have some more freedom to create than other cultures.

    What I need to know:
    General gear/ability:

    This universe is low magic, so some minor strange abilities can be tied to your character or limited knowledge of magic. Magical characters would be limited to weak spells that are casted instantly, example would be a small ball of light, a hazy vision of what is to come, dazzling display of light to blind one, whispers of the underworld and so on. Powerful magic is mostly done through ritual which are long and taxing. Magical characters will gain more power as the story goes on and warriors will have enchanted weapons or a powerful blessing cast on them. Mages are very rare, so in this world conflict is mostly solved through sword to face.

    Those marked with * are optional. I would like to view any sheets before posting in a PM, preferably in Discord, or here in the forum.
    Any questions, please ask.
  2. SneakyFeet OgrynLord Steam Early Access

    Name: Ulghak
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Appearance: Tall, broad frame, thick moustache, skin well tanned from the hot sun. Has a facial tattoo of a skull.
    Culture: Barbarian, savage
    General gear/ability: A well covering loincloth, small leather pouch, sandals, a length of fallen tree branch with the end bound in cloth (blunt weapon), a small rucksack containing food and water.

    Ability: Hunting, brute strength

    Background/Motivation: Ulghak is a brute even for his people. He grew up in a harsh land with even harsher inhabitants, nothing given and only taken. The savages of that region had no means or desire to communicate so the best they managed were grunts and growls; Urghak however was caught by a civil folk and taught the human tongue from a cage as he awaited his destiny as a slave. This didnt agree with him however and he butchered his "owner" as soon as they were on the high way. While still keeping his savage beliefs and behaviour he is very socially aware and respects others choices in their lifestyle, not picking fights where it isn't needed. To him its a matter of survival. Urghak has joined ostakya in the conflict to help defend the freedom of its people.
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  3. GrimFritz Recruit

    Name: Ori Alafar the Sand Viper
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Ori Alafar stands at 5'10 ft with light brown complexion. He has a handsome face, a long and sharp chin shapes his jaw with thin lips, his nose is straight and long, his oval eyes are the color of pale amber, his cheeks are a bit concave. He sports a lean body, with long slender limbs.
    Culture: Acralacan, Kingdom of Hserfet, Kingdom of Snatarit Sand Viper
    General Gear: Ori wears a dawn orange studded doublet, with quilted layers of boiled and beaten leather on the ribs, and the armpit, a beaten bronze heart-protector is strapped to his torso, a chain coif protects his neck hidden by a thick scarf. He wears brown breeches with comfy leather boots. Ori carries with him a arsenal of weapons, a spear is used for his main weapon, and more exotic choices such as the Kalish (a short curved sword, like a smaller scimitar) and the Marefet (a small curved knife used to parry and stab, like a karambit) which are both strapped to his lower back, and a Marimeh a ornate short-bow strapped to his back.
    Ability: Poison (Ori has studied numerous kinds of poisons), Agility (Ori is extremely agile, adopting finesse in combat rather than strength), Swift (Ori is light on his feet, preferring to keep moving and keeping his distance), Shraki-Bo (A dueling stance of extreme finesse and agilty, combining with skill and speed)
    Background: Ori was the third son of the king of the Kingdom of Hserfet. Ori was taken hostage at the age of 7 when his father lost the war against the rivaling kingdom. Ori was fostered by the royal family, the queen especially cared about him. His foster-mother was a great poisoner, who taught young Ori all kinds of poisons, not just the lethal kind mind you. Ori was taught to fight with a spear in duels on the Viper Pits a massive underground arena used by the kingdom's slave fighters, he was taught Shraki-Bo, a martial art skill used in dueling relying on the fighter's agility and skill. He was also trained in double-handling, capable of using the Kalish and the Marefet with superb skill, and self-taught himself to use a bow while on horseback. Ori gained a reputation in the Desert Kingdoms when fighting duels, his skill and un-Orthodox way of fighting earned him the nickname Sun Spear in the Desert Kingdoms. He was a feared opponent even outside the Desert Kingdoms, in Otsakya, he was known as the Sand Viper. When his foster-kingdom, the kingdom of Snatarit was threatened by neighboring kingdoms, Ori was then sent to Ostakya as an emissary to help the kingdom on this Crusade and then gain the favor of the kingdom.
    Motivation: Sent as an emissary to gain favor from the kingdom.
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  4. Name: Ferdinand Albright
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Appearance:A tall man(6.4) clad in mostly mail armor and small amountsp of plate here and there covering parts of his limbs and his vital areas such as the great helm with distinguishing wings and a mail aventail or his steel greaves and gauntlets and the Steel Cuirass under his mail Hauberk. He has long almost shaggy black hair and a scruffy short black beard. He blue eyes seem tired and to be longing for home as he is very far from it. Upon his cloak lies the Tau cross the symbol of his order.
    Culture: Far Northern Mountain men, converted barbarian
    General gear/ability: (Armor) Mail Hauberk, light grey Jupon with the tau cross on the chest, a steel Cuirass, steel plate Greaves, steel plate gauntlets, Great Helm with wings and aventail, Mail Chausses, Steel spaulders, Mail coif, steel poleyn worn over the Chausses, light grey hooded cloak with the tau cross on it's back. (Weapons) Poleaxe, One handed Mace, Long dagger, Heater Shield with Tau Cross across it's face. (Abilities) Intimidating & Inspiring presence.
    Background/Motivation: Once a barbarian of a northern tribe that had no name Ferdinand received his new name when he was found half conscious and injured by the Warriors of the Nordlichine Order. They took him in like he was their own, taught him their ways, language, their god, and nursed him to health. By the time he could walk again he was ready to be inducted into the order. All this happened in his early teens, he doesn't remember his life before that as he has dedicated the next two decades of his life to the order. Fighting along side them and even becoming a warrior priest of the order instead of a simple converted warrior. He lowers a hand of mercy to the wounded on the battlefield offering salvation but when angered or in a time where mercy cannot be given he wields his weapon in pious rage. Like most of his order he still uses the axe instead of the sword do to his dishonorable but irrefutable heritage. The weapon and the style to be used with it simply feels more comfortable. He fights for his god, to regain the honor lost by being born among those barbarous fools beyond the mountains, and to serve his order, his true family until death.
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  5. GrimFritz Recruit

    I'll add more to my sheet.
  6. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Name: Gunther Krüger~The Guardian~
    Gender: Male
    Age: 31
    Appearance: 2.3 meters/ 7'5 feet tall, 139 kg/301lb
    Culture: Viking
    General gear/ability: Piecemeal Iron Field Plate, 2-Handed Battle Axe, 2 Short Swords, Enchanced Toughness, Strength & Size
    Background: When he was young he was raised as a normal tribesmen but when he hit puberty he grew larger stronger and tougher he was selected by the Guardians of Josephine protectors of their wild lands. He was then named the Guardian by his Tribe. He was taught how to be a great fighter upon training he grew close to his master getting into a personal relationship and becoming lovers which was forbidden in their order, but when his training was almost complete, A Black Dragon attacked their keep it's devastated all of the Guardians of Josephine leaving only a few remaining but they held their ground and all of the remaining troops of the Guardians along with Gunther and his lover fought the dragon head and almost defeated the beast but Gunthers master and lover fell to the dragon but not without making it retreat stabbing her Enchanted mighty axe into the dragons left eye the dragon flew away most of the Guardians of Josephine had fallen that day he seeked revenge against the Dragon and named it, Ralarth the Eater Of All and he vowed to destroy that dragon and recover his lovers axe.
    Motivation: To slay Ralarth and recover his lovers Enchanted Axe
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  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Your sheet looks good. Because the crusade will take place in Acralacan soil, I will consider the kingdoms you've mentioned as neutral toward the Ostyakan crusade. I like the diplomatic part of this character, you are not the only PC who has similar motivation in the story.
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  8. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Name: Noburo Murakami
    Gender: Male
    *Age: 39
    *Appearance: Tall and muscular, Noburo is the living incarnation of Bushidō, the samurai way of the warrior, or as close as one can get. Master of multiple martial arts, he was trained from infancy to fight and die for his Shogun or his fellow samurai without asking why. He wears heavy armor and fight with the nodachi, a longer version of the katana that cleaves enemies in a few elegant and powerful strikes. Noburo spent his life fighting and training as he strives to attain a level of perfection few other warriors can ever hope to achieve.
    Culture: Quirs General gear/ability: full samurai heavy armor, nodachi, wakizashi, tanto knife, helmet with daemonic visage
    Background/Motivation: Arriving in Ostakya from the distant east, Noburo swore to serve the ruler of the country in his name and the name of his clan. However besides his intimidating looks, nobody actually knows much about him as he never removes his armor in public nor does he talk about his past. While his motivation remains somewhat unknown, his formidable skill with sword earned him a place in the crusade, and only time will tell just what type of an easterner this samurai is.
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  9. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Name: Elisa Ferifan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Elisa is relatively youthful, considering her occupation of being an adventure come scholar, with red hair, green eyes and raven black hair that comes down to her shoulders, complimenting her figure she gained from her line of work. Stands at 6ft 1 inch tall.
    Culture: Islander

    General gear:
    Grappling Hook (Attached to a wrist-crossbow), pair of swords, light armour (Leather, but with a few pieces of plate added on for extra protection).
    Containers for artefacts that she can move, travelling gear for survival out in the wilderness. Alchemy gear, to perform Alchemy.
    Magitek light: A small, fist sized device with a large light emitting alchemical prism in the centre.
    Emits a bright light that can last for hours.
    Tome that contains Spells and Rituals, that she had complied herself from her adventures.

    Uses Magic. Possesses a surprisingly strong ability in it, or at least able to use stronger spells than one would expect someone of with her level of experience to use without suffering a blown heart in the process.

    1:Enhance (Reflexes + Speed of Thought)
    2:Enhance: (Strength + Agility)

    1: Arcane Blast (Elisa can mildy shape the blast into a cone-shape instead of it covering 360 degrees around her. The blast itself is rather short ranged.)
    2: Electric Touch
    3: Ball of Light
    4: Double Jump

    Background/Motivation: Elisa Ferifan always had been interested in both history and magic, a passion that sprang from the stories of her youth that she had deeply loved, but sadly the island she grew upon was not exactly the place someone found those things, and so by the age of 16 she had left her rain-swept home and left for the wider world to gain what she sought.

    Naturally, that desire made an adventurer by trade, as she dived into ruins in the hunt of magic and knowledge, and aided those she could along the way. Even if she finally started to develop her skills of magic, from the scant fragments of knowledge she found within dusty old tombs and ruins from deserts to frozen wastelands, dealing with beasts and bandits, both those which had a brain and those of a more bestial nature. And she'd admit, she was surprised by the level of skill she had with the gift of magic, in the time-frame she had acquired the gift.

    That ended up with her gaining an invitation for the Crusade started by the Kingdom of Ostakya, an honor she had gained by dealing with the issue of a Noble being beset by what were rumored to be the walking dead. Sadly, Elisa found that yes... The Undead was rather real and were indeed attempting to attack the Noble. At least she had been able to defeat them and so earn a rather large reward for her services rendered.

    And when Kingdom of Ostakya called for members to join their Crusade, Ferifan found herself with an invitation from the King himself, who seemed to have deduced the nature of her natural skill and saw fit to have her join the Crusade, an opportunity she gladly accepted given that she would be able to visit places that she'd otherwise never likely see (at least, not unless she had a death wish).
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  10. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    Name: Shaila
    Gender: Female
    Age: 29
    Appearance: Shaila is slightly taller than the average height at 5’9”. (175 cms.) Shaila is fair skinned with bright blue eyes. Her hair is short, falling just to her shoulders and is of a deep dark magenta color. (Nearly black.)

    General gear/ability:
    Full plate armor.
    Bastard sword.
    Kite shield.
    Pendant of Elusine.

    Shaila has the ability to wield magic. Within the clergy she found few remnants and mentions of such power. She decided to explore such things further herself and found she possessed a natural talent at wielding it.

    Lay on hands: Through a great amount of practice Shaila has learned to harness magical energy in order to be able to heal wounds.

    Background/Motivation: Shaila was raised and lived most of her life within the clergy where she spent much of her time studying and learning whatever she could. It was within the clergy that she learned of Elusine and developed a thirst for knowledge. While she spent much of her time seeking knowledge of the world as it was, and once was, she spent the rest of her time learning more martial ways of life. Words alone wouldn’t always be enough. She has since left the clergy and joined the order of the Kind Wayfarers, a group of benevolent warriors who spend much of their time as guides and protectors, earning them a deal of respect from commoners, but being a smaller order, not all will know of them. She has now lent her skills to the crusade in hopes to reclaim Elusine as well as to make the world a bit brighter in the process.
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