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In Development: Scream While Dying (TM) - Updated

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Nov 30, 2017.


But Angron can be nice?

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  1. Gravord Gravord Active Member

    Out of curiosity, is that lying scum Nathan still pretending to look for investors or finally changed narrative? Since he didnt set foot in studio and sitting comfy with his family on Iceland around 9 months now, does he still get payed by Behaviour for not working?

    Well, logged my JPA today after few months break, 1-2 shotted by most weapons so safe to assume "drastically increasing survivability" didnt happen :)
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  2. That's the way it's always been, the life of a flyer isn't for everyone. Some people can hack it some people cant, those who cant /Muh Bolter.
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  3. Gravord Gravord Active Member

    Its not like i have problems making kills and taking skulls ;)

    Its just completelly imbalanced gameplay if you play as melee in game where you can be endlessly parried, dodged and on top of that 2 shotted by most things. Doesnt feel like proper Wh40k and lets be honest here, 40k feel is the only thing keeping this game alive. If this horribly designed shooter was in any other setting it would be even bigger fail at launch and long dead by now.
  4. Yeah I wasn't commenting on your abilities at all, it was more of a comment on how fucked up the bolter hand-holding has gotten over the years with airborn classes taking the brunt of the hate from the devs patch after patch, with melee in general a close second.

    Basically if you want wings? be prepared for hard mode. And these ranged shitters cant even contest that or else they'd be on that band-wagon themselves.

    No one ever complains that airborn classes are 'pay to win' even though their a class that cant be played by f2p because they just plain and simple aren't. It takes years of hard earn't knowledge to even remotely get your and tricks and traps down vs the rather simplistic point and hold lmb.

    No I foresee many more years of more biased patches against the down trodden winged crusade, takes a special breed of tenacity to stick it out through the toxic bolt storm of cheese but the class can actually be quite fun and rewarding despite it all.
    But much boltskillex!
  6. *The bolter has been replaced with the wet noodle gun. You heal your enemies and instantly TK your allies with this new gun.*
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  7. Deathwish Deathwish Well-Known Member

    Yes. The Bolter pornstars of today where the loudest voice crying about the JPApocalypse we had in the past during the early days. If jump classes where to be restored to their former versions, JPA's would more than likely be the go-to melee class over the Shieldless GA's for LSM. At least with CSM and Orks, there is still an incentive for taking ground melee. (Capture key). Maybe they should buff just Raptors and Stormboys?
  8. 6 second delay on hawk fuel 9 is a tad much.
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  9. Deathwish Deathwish Well-Known Member

    Fuel regen speed is irrelevant for the one class that gets to fly across maps and has a long range gun. Once you have reached your perch, you get to be out of reach of anyone while your fuel recharges. What they should have done was increase the rate of decent for Hawks while gliding.
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  10. Hawks aren't jump packs they don't actively head for melee disruption like JPA, Raptors or Stormboyz do. The issue is its too easy to use two fuel in 1 go. Hawks are punished by 15% dmg reduction on all weapons. They are the only jump class that truly gets knocked out of the sky. And now they wait 9 seconds on fuel for a class that can be 2 shot. Can you imagine a delay like that on the other races jump classes.

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