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In Development: Scream While Dying (TM) - Updated

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Nov 30, 2017.


But Angron can be nice?

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  1. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    Yes it does because calling someone else biased when everyone is biased and backing his arguments off that is very stupid.
  2. Delgear Steam Early Access

    Everyone is biased, but not everyone is deeply biased ..... I don't seem to have as much of a problem separating whats good for the game and what i would prefer ... you do.

    which make sense you are a gamer only not into dev.

    it wasn't an insult i was pointing out continuing to discuss it is pointless as your last two posts have proven. there is no proof or statistics that could possibly sway you you are not logical its best to just leave you alone in your corner and not bother you its a waste of forum space.
  3. Delgear Steam Early Access

    to clarify, your opinion isnt invalid, at its core .... it does lack a certain detachment and observation aspect that i try to keep in mine.

    you generally just spout "but im really good at shooting so i know how to make a game fun."

    and those two things are not related. you might have some shooter experience that helps you in the arena of shooting games being fun and all ... but ultimately you are only concerning yourself with what would be fun specifically for you.

    many of the things i have suggested i wouldn't not play at all .... but i know large quantities of gamers would be interested in them.

    i also believe it or not even considered what pro gamers generally want in a pro or top tier shooter and tried to minimize the damage their with my projection.

    we are both humans and ultimately flawed .... im sure some things i suggested will not work, there are things you also selected that will not work.

    at this point i think its silly since i still see nothing done on this after being laid up for over a month ..... its starting to look more and more like a publicity stunt ... as editing a weapon file (a class object)'s data fields only shouldnt take very long ... its just a version of C/C++. a few programmers and a weekend could have easily tried this build .... just to see what would happen.

    Ive put more than enough effort forward that the devs didn't use or try ... i'm putting all my effort to my own game .... its drastically more productive.
  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    I will just give you my own interpretation of what I have been told about this thread last time I asked:

    "The suggestions in this thread have been read, taken into consideration and may have inspired some of the smaller changes over the last, few months.
    However, there has not been a concept detailed or good enough to just translate to UAT.

    What they were hoping for would have been just the original sheet with a ton of values adjusted for a full overhaul."

    Also, as a response to your comment: you are increasingly smug.
    I actually believe that you are relatively unbiased, except when it comes to the superiority of your own opinion, and you have put more effort and thought into this than most of us, but that doesn't change the fact that most of your ideas have been...really bad.
  5. Delgear Steam Early Access

    i don't have a superior opinion, and to put it bluntly nothing i suggested was tried so thos eideas are kind unproven as good or bad.

    i even accented that his opinion isn't invalid ... a pro players take on the game matters, its valid and its good to bring in players like him .... but they are a micro minority, they are not as good a target right now as any larger group to pull in.

    im not sure how i came across as smug when i put no emotion into any of the previous text in that reply ......
    it wasnt my intent to be smug it was my intent to point out that smorcest has made his position known, and that he will never no matter what change it because of his own overconfidence in its perfection.

    after the last statement maybe you suffer the same ....

    i admit ANY of my number or concepts could be flawed .... they could but i don't see the harm in trying them to see if they pull players in.

    smorcest tends to be of the opinion that no one who is arguing with him can possibly be correct or have a valid point. which isn't an argument its an echo chamber.
  6. Delgear Steam Early Access

    to add to that the videos i provided were there to assure my message got across even if my scope of the scale of the numbers was off ....

    that was an assumption that i "probably got numbers wrong" so i could explain what i wanted the numbers to do.

    If im assuming i probably made mistakes that doesn't really sound like someone unapproachable to change, i would just prefer to see the in game effect of said numbers ... if i had control of the numbers myself i could sample one at a time and spam change it and observe the effect and that way i could make a better judgement.

    but i dont have that level of control, and since i have a normal 9-5er i cant make any of the tests run either .... not that they have taken any serious changes of direction like i suggested they just mildly tweaked the weapons which will not really work .....

    taking the bolt gun as an example ... it has a 25% SD cone of fire nerfing that 3% and adding 3% recoil does jack all nothing its still a spread run gun ... spread is still the major mitigating factor ...

    my proposition was to flip its mitigating factor to managing recoil and NOT have spread be a serious issue ....

    to properly test that you would need to drop the spread to like a 5 SD cone and up recoil till a two shot burst was hard to follow up .. or took leading time or compensatory first spotting. to which my numbers where just a "educated guess" and could have been off by plenty .. without an in game and testing understanding of their scope and scale.

    so while they may have "considered it" they missed the point despite me putting it in a video and visually and narratively showing the desired end result.

    and on just said bolt gun there was more than just mechanics involved in that choice ... a heavier recoil ... makes the gun feel subconsciously "weightier." and stronger .... even at the same dps many would likely just "accept" its a stronger weapon just by physicality and tells .... and that was just ONE WEAPON i looked at.

    so to say my ideas are bad, when they have neither been tested or screened with the community .... is a bit unfair yourself .... i think "concept wise" im on the money for drawing fans back .... im pretty sure i made mistakes in the numbers i had no way to visually test them and see thier impact ... i had to make an educated guess based on how other weapons with slightly different numbers acted ... when many weapon groups had more than one related factor change between them.

    Thats why in general i paired the ROF down, it made the math and estimation and speed of correcting an issue quicker by removing the multiplicative asset, while dually making the server resolve less weapons fire simultaniously thus helping the hitreg problems ... much the same way mech warrior online fixed its hitreg problems.

    many of the ideas i posted are not 100% my ideas they are observations of how other successful companies solved similar problems that we face.
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  7. Grotduffa Timburwolfe Active Member

    I think at the end of the day, the single biggest reason people feel like they don't get a fighting chance is because the netcode only ticks four times per second. Depending on your latency, you can be taken down to half health or lower before your client even registers the fact that you are taking damage, with eldar being both inflictors and recipients of this effect. The most heinous example is the grenade trick. Because of the way the netcode works, you might see a marine toss a grenade and it will spontaneously explode next to you, without you ever seeing them actually shoot the damn thing. Depending on your ping, the person performing it may have already shot the grenade by the time you see it thrown on your screen or hear the beep as it is armed.
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  8. Hello brothers , its been a long time since i visited the forums.
    I know a way to add content and loadout varaiety , increase dramaticly the TTK and make the general gameplay renewed. And all that can become true by changing a single variable. The veteran lives form 1 to 10-15.
    And you all say: what??!?? how is that going to fix anything?. Well, this is how thing are right now:

    You need increased TTK, content and make the game better
    You cant create large chunks of content or optimizethe game since you are so few devs
    You can however change some variables .

    When 2 veterans fight( something trully rare), both have: Tons of health/armor so large TTK, the best weapons utillised properly(exp how can you use manslayer if your health is tiny and range wepons kill you constantly?), range and melee balanced since melee can close the gap and use his amazing weapon to fight and the range can actually survive for long enought due to the large health/armor pool, making the fight long enought for both to have a chance to fight. Regarding the actuall melee vs melee or range vs range , both have enought TTK to react and fight these epic battles.
    So not only have you fixed the problem with your TTK, but added a big layer of depth to loadout system , brought a big "cut" content to the game , gave the insentive for non lv 5 player to reach lv 5, as they will be rly cool and will be able to make their ideal character and last but not least , rewarded the lv 5 players. To be honest there was no reason to grind adv points since you werent going to use the vet anyway....
    Now i can already see ppl saying "what about the new players?, how are they going to fight a both great player knowing the game mechanics AND close the gap of vet-non vet?". To put it simply: they wont. They cant expect to be as good as a lv 5 player who sunk in this game 1000 hours of his life. EC is the only game that has so many big conserns about new ppl. I know we need new life into the game, i have been around for more thant 1.5 years now but we need to keep the playerbase that plays NOW active and once new content or update comes out, many ppl jump bakc right in and test it out. If you are concern about new ppl, try it on test server first...
    Taking everything into consideraction, i know that the vet system need and overhaul, but you can overhaul it later. Now you can change one variable and make the game way more enjoyable. Pls TEST it and see for your selves. There is no need to change the current numbers for that reason. You can change it for others like making the weps feel better of balancing. It will only take you so much time , and you will have a much better game. I have spent tons of hours into the game and i believe that this will most defently help the game.

    English is not my native language , sry for mistakes i ηαωε made , i try to be as reasonable, objective and clear as possible.
    Thank you
  9. This .....thread seems useless.

    We have been talking about vet lives for ages, but they are worried about screams. This is pathetic they still can't listen.
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  10. MORTARION PlagueMORTARION Well-Known Member

    by the way - some news from Nathan? usually he appears once a month ... a month has passed

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