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In Development: Scream While Dying (TM) - Updated

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Nov 30, 2017.


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  1. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    i thinked about that multiple time.

    and the idea of EC ad a “hero” shooter is not bad.

    i don’t mean litterally hero, but prebuild loadout, remove the customize part.

    this will reduce the “moving part” and focus on certain profile for balance.

    instead of a tactical marine you put in game certain preset:

    bolter tactical
    plasmagun tactical
    melta tactical
    stormbolter tactical

    each one with different health/armor, damage, consumable, all fixed in the loadout.

    there is many posive and negative aspects.

    negative: lot of work and lot of stuff simply removed from the game.
    -trashing loadout
    -trahing mods
    -trashing sidegrades
    -trashing progression


    -more balance
    -more intuitive for new players (this loadout conter that loadout, this loadout will die in 5 hesdshot with this weapon etc etc)
    - full cosmetic customization
    -determined role: flanker, tank, support etc etc
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  2. @Oveur
    ok, im goint to write it down once again, but for the last time
    please use UAT to create special testing enviroment:

    -no mods
    -make all weapons 1-3 shot to kill (dmg to heath)
    -stamina = armor
    -test it!

    only forcing players to stay in cover more and be more tactical will do some good
  3. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    o_O wtf?
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  4. Delgear Steam Early Access

    Another thing to keep in mind is the bolter is the least expensive weapon it should have the lowest DPS // target diversity.
    Scaling up in LP should either increase DPS or increase target diversity and at maximum LP values should probably increase both.

    What i mean is ::
    Plasma rifle should cost more than a bolter and up target diversity(tanks/buildings/heavy infantry) so should remain somewhat same dps.
    Storm bolter Since it does not increase target diversity should increase DPS.
    Melta increases DPS and target diversity (at the cost of range).
    Grav increases target diversity.

    So all these weapons should be "better" than the bolter and cost more LP.
    All the other races kinda neatly fall in line in that concept.
    All the "twin linked weapons" can be treated the same way static upgrades to the base weapon as they are intended to be by lore and would fit a TPS as you are giving up the option to be more heavily armored or more mobile for that dps .... and with a guaranteed > 1 second survival time those other stats will certainly get a chance to come into play in how much actual dps gets delivered.

    Now the trick is, with our weird damage soak formula when we get to the armor balance ... its going to be really hard to get it to react ideally evenly and fair across the board, but you would want the same amount of LP that causes a damage increase to essentially decrease incoming damage by the same.
    So if jumping up from the bolter to the storm bolter is say a 20% damage increase spending that much LP on defense should provide that amount of survive ability as well .... that way if a storm bolter wielder meets a heavy infantry with the same LP spent on defense it should feel like hitting someone with the bolter to a degree. that way in this case despite the plasma gun having a lower dps than a storm bolter the plasma would be the go to choice for this matchup instead. you dont want any weapon "Good at damaging everything" until you get up to 500+ LP without some kind of really bad drawback.

    HW will be hard to handle, and they already are ponderous to get around ... so its ok if thier dps somewhat scales past the 1 second down as long as our "Artificial TTK" keeps them fair by allowing them to put down strong alpha damage but have a hard time maintaining consistent dps on a single target. Making the rapid fire HW more of a "Crowd control" tool meant to be paired with a more traditional dps or in a team fo 2 or three with overlapping cones of fire.

    I disagree with the idea of taking equipment choices and loadouts from the player and instead making them static choices. Again give the players agency, and make the choices meaningful, our target audience isnt a bunch of pacifier suckling babies. they are 18-30+ years old.
  5. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Only thing i keep from this is
  6. Delgear Steam Early Access

    @Rheeva @Oveur
    Second balance pass On Chaos is up.
    I added DPS , and recoil trackers to the right of the spread ... the same design logic will be applied to LSM and Orks where the guns are similar.

    Its in the file ending in REV2
  7. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    What about this? I am working on a rather detailed, first concept of a full overhaul.
    Basically, my first step is to split most classes in two, by allowing them to choose between a set of items that make a great impact on everything else to come.

    Simple example: If a Ground Assault equips a shield, they do not only gain a shield, but also a lot of armour but in exchange for a sidearm and movement speed, pidgeonholing them much more into a classical 'tank'-role by boosting their defensive stats but decreasing the offensive-ones.
    In turn, equipping various pistols would also have effects dependant on which one they use.

    So far, its all very theoretical. But this choice should make a severe impact on every classes identity and playstyle, whereas the other gear-options only serve or minor customization and maximization.
    This, hopefully, would give us greatly increased build-diversity with much more distinctively functioning loadouts.
    All of this on the premise that we, indeed, want to turn EC into a class-based, MMO-inspired shooter. 2017-12-04 22_41_24-Powercreep of WeaponStatsWHEC40k.xlsx - Google Sheets.png
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  8. GA's(all builds) need help.

    This archetype/concept has always felt 1/2 done since BHVR threw out 6 months of Beta testing by totally abandoning the original MON/Chaos GA concept. The fact that this is the only archetype in game that brings no special mechanic or unique special abilities to the fight, it's no wonder they're a lackluster experience that feels so incomplete.
  9. Arteek Arteek First Blood!

    That's a false choice, more damage is always the better option unless it's completely disproportionate. Good players will always pick more damage because more damage kill people faster and dead people can't damage you.

    That's also why the whole loadout design sucks ass by the way, there's no reason to pick anything else but the highest dps, most functional weapon.

    And increasing TTK is the absolute worst idea anyone can ever have. It just encourages zerging and discourage any skilled player to play the game ever. That makes winning 1v2 fights and flanking impossible/meaningless. The TTK is already very long and there are plenty of way to not die. I mean, there's a freaking radar, everybody can carry medpacks and every single map is littered with covers.

    Plus I'm fairly sure the very high TTK is what put off most non wh40k fan around release...

    If you really want to tweak stats tweak the time it takes to trigger the dashing melee attack while you sprint, that shit's been unusable by 99% of the players since it exists or tweak the absolutely disgusting input delay on almost any slow firing gun like the stalker bolter.

    This game doesn't need stats tweaking, it needed good game designers 2-3 years ago.

    I wonder how much money you wasted on grav guns

    You literally want to turn every weapon into an autocannon? Do you even know how absurdly powerful the autocannon is in this game? You better be a really good player otherwise you're just going to get farmed by 1 or 2 guys in every game.

    That's a false choice, more damage is always the better option unless it's completely disproportionate. Good players will always pick more damage because more damage kill people faster and dead people can't damage you.

    That's also why the whole loadout design sucks ass by the way, there's no reason to pick anything else but the highest dps, most functional weapon.
  10. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    I don’t think this is true.

    from a pure mass market prospective the market direction is the long TTK, some form of anti bullet shield, riot shield, energy barrier or frying pan.

    tank and support/healer are common, while instead the arena shooter style are pretty much disappeared.

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