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In Development: Arkhona Timeline Reset, writing for EC, while preparing the future

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Nov 30, 2017.


So I can write about squads?

  1. No.

  2. No, just no.

  3. You are one sick puppy. No.

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  1. I've actually been talking to Jordan and Nathan about ways we can modify the landscape/environment of the different maps to show change or that something has happened, even if it can't be grand sweeping things.

    Its still my personal goal to watch people crap themselves and start theoryhammering on what seeing Tyranid spawn pools put on various maps could mean...
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  2. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member

    Oh goodies, if this could be a thing, I'd love to see inside ork spawn points space wolves pieces of wargear, such a simple way to deliver ingame a sense of presence for the warlords.
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  3. As a simple example, imagine Chaos has been on a MAD upswing in terms of mission after mission with no attempts made to undermine their victories, yeah? Imagine convincing the Devs to just throw some chaos wheel/devotional icons onto the map in either hidden places or in open places like right on the side of a major road intersection on the map.

    Or WAAAGH! Banners...

    Or Devotional Aquillas...

    Or small, non-functional Wraithbone gates...
  4. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    sounds like a plan, my first reservation is

    • We may or may not, re-use the current unique rewards in the campaigns that had them. It is, after all, a limited period of time you can participate.
    Like that's totally fine if you reuse them but you need to understand that A) if you just reuse them less people are going to play than if there is something new. and B) if you give say LSM, CSM and Orkz a new item but Eldar get their shiny gold pistol again your gonna get a lot of blow back, so you can't drop the ball again on one factions items again, the Eldar campaign was a total disaster and continues to be, super delayed, shoulder scrapped for a quickly recolored pistol, less total rewards for Eldar players, and the Autarch is still missing.
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  5. NurgleBurger NurgleBurger Steam Early Access

    Maybe add a lore menu/button in-game where you could read up on past battles/campaigns? I think that would entice people more to read and contribute than to go out and read a wiki though a wiki would be good as well.
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  6. The wiki is more like a running, living chronicle than a must read. I also plan to periodically post stuff here once we get the revisions approved. THAT SAID, we plan to base our stories off the lore, but a knowledge of the Lore won't be required. I'd also like to go into the ui and change the 'boilerplates' we see for each continent, give them names and a bit of "flava" so its not just "we go to slay our hated foe" stuff.

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