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In Development: Arkhona Timeline Reset, writing for EC, while preparing the future

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Nov 30, 2017.


So I can write about squads?

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  1. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member

    Sooo... about that new wiki...

    Is it already up, we have to wait for you to put it up or do we have to do it ourself?
  2. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    Hit up Graham McNeill and get him to make the story :OrkMoon:
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  3. Zael Zael Well-Known Member


    I had written an extensive rant, but I'll cut it down to bullet-points.
    * Nobody reads the timeline anyways. Nobody cares about the story because there is no connection between the story and the game. A new timeline is utterly pointless without a redo of the campaign-system. The only way players would care about the timeline is if the lobby-matches influence the story and the story influences the lobby-matches.
    * Redoing the campaigns in their current format is pointless. The campaigns are designed so that everybody wins. There are no losers. How are you supposed to write a background-story where there are no winners and no losers???????????
    * No player will come back just because EC has a new background-story now. Nobody cares about that. Nobody comes to EC for the story, just like nobody reads Playboy "for the articles".
    * The players are used to there not being a campaign. This is the least of your worries. You will not disappoint anybody if there's no campaign for half a year. EC without campaigns is... well... EC as everybody knows it.
    * Here's the worst possible mistake you could make in terms of storytelling when it comes to the Titan: Telling everybody how great and powerful the protagonist is, and then not showing the audience any proof for that.
    If you introduce a Titan as a protagonist, then you MUST in some way prove to the audience that there actually is a Titan. Be it artwork or a rendering or a promotional video or something in-game... but you MUST deliver more on the Titan than just written text.
    Chekov's gun: If a gun gets introduced, it must eventually go off. If a Titan gets introduced, it must eventually be shown off.

    Now, on the topic of the new background-story:

    * When is this even happening in the grand WH40k-storyline?
    - What other events are happening before, during and after Arkhona?
    - We could make it so Arkhona does not happen at a defined point in time. The novels in the "Architect of Fate"-anthology, the "Priests of Mars"-trilogy, that one Space Marine comic... All these contain time-travel and time-loops. Different points in time interconnected and interwoven. The War for Arkhona would essentially be timeless.

    * I see it as a major problem that each faction has a big-name character as a leader, but not what comes along with such a big-name character.
    - We have Belial. Where is the rest of the Dark Angels? And why would only parts of other Space Marine Chapters show up? Why at all?
    - We have Abaddon. Where is the Black Legion? Where do these other warbands come from? Why did they join him? And how?
    - We have Waaaghboss what's-his-name. Where is his Waaagh?
    - We have Jain Zar. Okay... no problem there. It's not the first time that the Eldar would refuse to send her troops. A small Eldar-army makes sense.

    * Why are they on Arkhona? Do they have the same reason? Do they have different reasons? Do they have rivalling reasons?

    * Why do they stay on Arkhona?

    Here's my suggestion:

    * A long time ago, there was a big Webway-portal in Arkhona. A Sorcerer of Chaos tried to corrupt it, but as the powers of the Warp surged in, there was a backlash. The seals of the Webway were too strong and the powers of the Warp were reflected back onto the celestial bodies of the Arkhona-system. In the Warp, the strands of fate of the Arkhona-system were damaged: They were no longer interwoven with th rest of the Galaxy. They now formed a circle. Arkhona was now existing outside of time. Anytime and never.

    * Most strands of fate are no longer connected to Arkhona. Only very, very few are left over. That's why only very few people can even reach Arkhona.

    * Why are the different factions on Arkhona? As Arkhona exists simultaneously at several points in time, the factions and their leaders come from different eras.

    - Belial is on his way to/from a mission when he hears rumors of a Fallen Angel. He orders a change of course. The ship gets thrown out of the Warp and arrives at the edge of the Arkhona-system. Belial sets out to investigate.
    - Imperial Fists board an Iron Warriors ship. During the boarding-action, the Iron Warriors make an emergency-jump into the Warp, but something goes wrong. The Iron Warriors ship arrives at the edge of the Arkhona-system and breaks in two, separating the enemies. Each faction leaves their part of the shipwreck and lands on Arkhona on their own.
    - The Blood Angels have sent a delegation to Fenris. The want to find out if the Curse of the Wulfen, the Red Thirst and the Black Rage are somehow interconnected. The Space Wolves agree to a meeting, but not on Fenris. They meet in interstellar no-mans-land. Something goes wrong. They end up at Arkhona.
    - Fighting Tyranids in Ultramar, an Ultramarines ship get grappled by a Tyranid-ship. The Tyranids unleash a powerful psychic scream that interacts with the warp-drive of the Ultramarines-ship. The Ultramarines land on Arkhona. Unbeknownst to them, a few Tyranids have survived. But with the time-disturbances around Arkhona, the Hivemind of the Tyranids does not reach Arkhona. There is no strand of fate connecting the Hivemind to Arkhona. The Tyranids don't know this and start multiplying and experimenting with all kinds of genetic strands in the hopes of creating a creature that can link to the Hivemind.
    - Abaddon's seers notice a weird disturbance in the structure of time. He sets out to investigate with a sizable force of the Black Legion, but upon arrival at the Arkhona-system, only his ship is actually capable of entering it.
    - A Night Lords warband was on a slave-raid to a populated Arkhona-system. They arrive at the depopulated planet and set out to investigate.
    - A Word Bearers warband has found information of this Sorcerer of old and tries to find out what exactly happened. Unbeknownst to them, a strike-force of the Alpha Legion is hiding in the empty decks of their ship, with plans of their own.
    - Waaaghboss what's-his-name's fleet is travelling through the Warp when suddenly all of his Brainboyz die from the psychic backlash that transformed Arkhona. He investigates, but it turns out that only his ship can enter the system and that he cannot leave it.
    - The time-disturbances of Arkhona are messing with the Eldar's abilities to read the future. Jain Zar sets out to neutralize this threat.

    * What do they want on Arkhona?

    - They want to leave. In order to leave they need to repair the strands of fate in the Warp. In order to do this, they need to kickstart the damaged Webway-portal. And the only way to kickstart it is to put a HUGE amount of power into it. Like... so much power, only a spaceship- or Titan-reactor can deliver it.

    * What is happening on Arkhona?

    - The factions are fighting each other for technological relics that can be found in the derelict cities, fortresses and outposts of Arkhona. They try to conquer the Titan, to repair its reactor, or to build their own reactor.
    - And as nobody knows exactly what would happen if you kickstart the Webway-portal and mess with the strands of fate in the Warp, freedom for one faction could mean eternal imprisonment on Arkhona for the rest.

    * How does the story end?

    The story ends with a grand finale, because the Tyranids are growing more and more in number. The Tyranids succeed in eventually calling in a Hive Fleet to Arkhona.
    - If the Tyranids invade Arkhona, it gets harder and harder for the factions to repair/build a reactor.
    - The storyline ends with a final battle:
    -- If the Tyranids win, everybody dies.
    -- If the Tyranids lose, some faction activates the Webway-portal, except this is what caused the time-loop to begin with. The storyline restarts, with slight changes from the previous iteration.

    The nice thing about using a time-loop is that after the storyline of EC has concluded, EC is free to recycle the storyline or break the time-loop and start something new.
  4. Drakkoth Krypto Arkhona Vanguard

    So first faction to complete its goals is winner the others just achieve "minor" victories? (Ie they still get rtc victory bonus but the story says they prevented a worse fate from befalling them. Like they prevented a champion of khorne's war party from uniting WITH the chaos deamon?)
  5. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    1 year war, war over boyz small resistant 50 -75 players everyday

    orcs are dead(almost)

    eldars are hiding

    lsm and csm are still fighting

    write that story

    keep calling for reinforcement(new players) no one answering
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  6. @Oveur I have to admit I would be more interested if this was set in the current wh40k timeframe.

    Yes, this means Rouboute Guilliman and Primaris marines as well as the entire tits-up adventure that's going on across the Universe.

    The tabletop lore has moved on, and it'd be foolish to not move along with it whilst so much potential for story is on offer.

    It would explain the importance of holding the world, as well as the sheer unification of so many armies.
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  7. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    Let's put aside for a moment that bE would have to buy licences for Roboute Guilliman and for Primaris Marines when they are currently cash-starved.

    Let's put aside for the moment that nothing in the Wh40k-lore has ever mentioned Arkhona and therefore Arkhona has no connection to the post-13th-black-crusade lore.

    It would explain precisely nothing. The Galaxy is burning and 4 of the most powerful individuals of the galaxy are sitting on a planet in the middle of nowhere while using only the tiniest fraction of military might that they theoretically have?????
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  8. Necromancer Rivindesh Subordinate

    Oh I wish I had more time to spend on this (finals are coming up in the coming weeks).

    If Arkhona is going to be OUR history we should have notable players in our history Thrakka, Valrak, Kharn, to name a few. A lot of the attraction for us lore geeks is role playing our character, inserting ourselves into the world of 40k and allowing us to live the conflict of the characters.

    Campaigns should also include bragging rights for the most exceptional players by being inserted into the stories that our writers come up with. If we really want to crank it to eleven perhaps even named weapons/gear for these individuals so that others can say "Oh shit! That's him!"

    Perhaps we could have people sending in a campaign run by their character. Lets say for example that I wish to conduct a ritual to siphon the psychic energy that is being released onto that battlefield in order to open more rifts onto Arkhona. The factions will get a flavored response to the campaign i'm putting out. Depending upon who is successful we can see the story from their point of view as they thwarted, or succeeded in the challenge given.
  9. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    Not gonna happen. Because bE can only publish WH40k-stuff for which they have a license.

    "And from the hatch of the Rhino emerged the legendary Space Wolf Rune-Priest bunnykiller96."

    Seriously. Not gonna happen. Because EC-lore counts as official WH40k-lore and they're not gonna write any bullshit in that.

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