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In Development: Arkhona Timeline Reset, writing for EC, while preparing the future

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Nov 30, 2017.


So I can write about squads?

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  1. Please don't have faction leaders talking to individual players again, they're supposed to be leaders of armies. Abbaddon shouldn't be telling some random cultist in power armor he's the chosen one and the campaign rests on his shoulders.
  2. Okay so here's what I'd suggest (and have suggested):
    • Keep us in 999.m41. DO NOT advance us to the Fall of Cadia/Indomitus Crusade/Dark Imperium! Last check the Kharon System's on the bad side of the Cicatrix Maladictum (The Great Rift) and we don't have Guilliman coming to save us.
    • Change the focus of the text of each campaign so that every mission in that campaign does not have the same binary resolution. In every MMO ever, every faction isn't worried about the same event at the same time - we all have different agendas to advance - and as EC's campaigns are actually progress bars to fill rather than control bars that respond to tug-of-war, our campaigns should be thought of more as "how close are we to completing the objective?" and not "are we beating the other guys?"
    • Re-structure our current campaign meta to favor more long-form storytelling.
      • Warzones, Campaigns, Missions
        • Primarily, we need to establish that Campaigns are not the WHOLE story of the war, but rather moments that can nudge or shift the overall war effort.
        • Establish each batch of campaigns around the idea of 'seasons,' which to make this a more streamlined presentation I will call WARZONES. Set the expectation that actions/resolutions of a Warzone will affect future Warzones, but may not be immediately evident in the currently one.
        • Each Warzone will consist of 6-8 CAMPAIGNS.
        • In each campaign, all four factions will have MISSIONS to complete that advance their faction's agenda within the larger war effort. Some Missions directly advance the story and will be written by the Developers or Volunteers. I'll call those NARRATIVE MISSIONS. Others will be one-off or side stories written not to advance the main story of Arkhona but just to tell other stories. I'll call those WAR JOURNALS. We can award different values for either type.
        • Sometimes Narrative Missions will overlap, but by-and-large each faction has its own objectives while also out fighting the larger war. Tech needs recovered, facilities need secured against intrusion. The mysteries surrounding Arkhona need unpacked and explored.
        • As a Warzone winds down, the writers get to work on crafting the story of the next Warzone, including all the Narrative Missions for that Warzone, with an established bedrock of lore maintained on the Curated Timeline.
      • Get a team of nerds 'fluent' in their faction's lore (Like @Valrak, @Corie, and @Asheru) to help review and edit their faction's missions for consistency and to make sure each faction's 'voice' is distinct.
      • Get guys/gals/heretics/xenos like @phantagor to write 'bookend' fiction at the beginning and end of each Warzone describing in broad strokes what we're looking at in terms of the fights to come. Think of this like the prologue/epilogue of a book, or like Star Wars' opening crawl that sets the stage.
      • Faction Liaisons
        • GET RID OF THE LORE NPCS! Unless they DIRECTLY contribute to the Narrative, have them hand the Mission giving duties off to NPCs we own and don't have to kiss ass to GW to have them wipe their noses. YES, we can still say that in EC Lore, Abaddon/Belial/Jain Zar/Skarblitz are still here. But let Abaddon pass control to... Leftesticles the Ruiner... or somebody, who becomes our Faction LIAISON.
        • Missions come to us from the Liaison on the authority of the Faction Lead. This way, if ever a Mission DOES come directly from a Faction Lead, it will carry the appropriate gravitas. Maybe have a set of Liaisons for each faction to create the appearance of a larger war effort.
          • Create these Liasons in game using existing assets, updating them as we go to make them look bad-ass.
        • Even taking the 'characters' in our "Concept Art" section (here), cropping them and putting them in the frames would give us a plethora of possible characters to chose from, and these are art pieces EC already owns. It would also let our 'box art' Blood Angel be a real person. All of our Liaisons could then get the Gabriel Angelos treatment with GW cross-promotions as time went on, even.
    So I guess this is 'part two' of my 'short post.' Do with this what you will....
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  4. Disturbin' lak ov Dakka too.
  5. In Evver case... 'Es downright Un-Orky!
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  6. BnCodex BnCodex Active Member

    Interesting, I really didn't even notice that there was a story going on so this could be a breath of fresh air. I do think it would be VERY interesting to bring in the Dark Imperium storyline into this. I'm not entire sure where the timeline take place so I could be wrong and this took place waaaay before Dark Imperium but if it is unclear. We could make reference to Primaris marine and the news of the return of Guilliman.
  7. EC takes place - CURRENTLY - during the events of the 13th Black Crusade in 999.m41; About 100 or so years before the Fall of Cadia/Gathering Storm/Indomitus Crusade/Dark Imperium time period.

    And if they can't add terminators or more than a single shoulderpad at a time, they DEFINITELY can't add Primaris and all the wargear that goes with them.
  8. BnCodex BnCodex Active Member

    true, but they DO have primaris helmet in the game, only for the Ultramarines ;D
  9. So a reset then? Does that include resetting the powerfist nerfs? That's thew 1 thing I am salty about in this game, Which is impressive considering...
  10. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    a damn son, reset then add power claw and 2 handed weapons

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