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In Development: Arkhona Timeline Reset, writing for EC, while preparing the future

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Nov 30, 2017.


So I can write about squads?

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  1. Mekitoiss URIELFUKKENVENTRISS Well-Known Member

    Dark One
    who is?
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  2. As always, @Rheeva, your inspiration by my humble little pixel-men humbles me.

    The Community Campaign characters still exist, though they don't see activity all that often lately. Friend ECLSMCommunity, ECCSMCommunity, ECOrkCommunity, and ECEldarCommunity on Steam.

    The reason the Iconic Characters got created as opposed to me using named Players is that in a strictly voluntary game, making a person into a character 1) falsely inflates their importance to the story and 2) FORCES them to keep playing or else the narrative falls apart (ie what happens when an actor decides to leave a show.)

    All of this being from something I've witnessed working thanks to the old MMO The Matrix Online, where Devs or members of LESIG (Live Events Special Interest Group) would enter game as a Lore character (Like Kid, or Morpheus, or Seraph,) and round up anybody that was on at the time to go out and accomplish some goal. Players got to actually interact with names they knew from the movie franchise, and the investment in their characters grew. Not everybody dug it, but it was generally well received and truly one of the best things about a game I still am fanatical about despite it being shut down for more than 8 years.

    I have larger/more detailed thoughts on this - as you might expect - but they will get their own post.
  3. Valentine Iyan Firebrand

    I'd like to have a warboss called Dakka Dakka Dakka. He only says one thing and has four loota deffguns bolted onto him, he has looted scorpion mandiblasters (after Eldar get it of course) and when he screams Dakka they fire! I want him as a raid boss.

    I'd love to be a farseer who leads her kin to victory in deep caverns that hold ancient lost secrets. I want to fight for a reason, a passion, a hope. I want to feel each victory, feel it in those beside me, feel in those who watch me, and feel it again and again.

    I want to face a space marine commander who is conflicted. Not just a random perfect in every way, noble knight who feels nothing but conviction and holy zeal. I want him to find himself here, to realize the way he is meant to serve his emperor not as a blind zealot or one track minded crusader but as a visionary.

    I want to fear a chaos leader who is alpharius, who believes genuinely that he is doing the right thing, who has a backstory drenched in mystery, backstabbings, and sudden disappearances. I want him to have plans within plans, to leave warnings of blood and bone, to vanish seemingly into thin air, and most importantly, sass the heck out of the space marine commander at every chance.

  4. Oh I like where you're going with most of these. Not QUITE sure I like Dakka Dakka Dakka, but hey anything can happen after we give Skarblitz the boo..... Oh wait timeline's getting reset... He hasn't been an utter failure yet..

    And we had a LSM commander like that... His name is Captain Titus of the Ultramarines. Limit one per galaxy... Lol.
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  5. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Awesome to see this finally kicking off, perfect time to offset the upcoming hibernation of the community Q&A.

    I guess it has already been raised by others, but if a reset is indeed to take place then just running those campaigns again without big changes makes it pointless. Everyone can get the same RTC reward at the end if being fair is the problem holding up anything, but the storyline needs to have winners and losers (granted, a small nod of like 500-1000 RTC more for the winner would be a small incentive to work harder for your faction).

    I really dont mind re-introducing rewards from the old campaigns, i guess those who already won those in the campaigns past can get like 1000 RTC or something instead of getting a duplicate reward.

    Overall very curious how this thing develops, hopefully the story and campaigns becoming genuinely meaningful will bring back people into EC.
  6. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member



    P.S. do we still have to keep using that wolf fetishist who calls himself a warboss?
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  7. Dakka is da best boss.

    Pissin' off all dem 'Umies wot finks dey can get close wivout a stream ov hot lead comin' straight at 'em. Stoopid 'Umies.

    Our Dakka will blot out da sun!

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  8. Valentine Iyan Firebrand

    Absolutely perfect! =D
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  9. Just my usual short post... Apologies now.

    From the jump, let me start by saying I have NEVER seen a game utterly reboot and mulligan its timeline/story. I dislike the idea and I am consistent in my opposition to it. I will be consistently opposed to it until the day I die; even if I'm wrong and it works. THAT SAID, I'm willing to swallow the pill and look passed this if it gets us moving in the right direction.

    Also from the jump? This:


    - My aversion to it aside, I DO think the faction campaigns SHOULD be re-run every year... Back-to-back as the Anniversary Event. Put a push-pin in that idea for later....

    - By way of Clean Up, Jain Zar would talk to Autarchs, not Archons. Skarblitz and Tea?!? Fer an Evil Sun 'e's a lot like a Blood Axe wif 'is un-orky finkin'. Lets get @Corie or hell even @Thrakka to make Skarblitz a proppa Warboss! MOST IMPORTANTLY, clearer expectations on the results of player actions need to be spelled out. Chaos was PISSED that they 'got' the Skull Champion, but there was no representation of this fact. The other races felt the presence of the Gore Angel, but Chaos never saw sign-one of its presence. So reworking the campaign victory texts (in those two cases) to say that the Champion/Angel was recovered and with Abaddon aboard Planet Killer would be best.

    @Talron and a few other people started updating but they still need a lot of people willing to contribute bias-free information to the site. I know they'd appreciate the help.

    There is another wiki out there, but its best to focus our fire on one source and the wiki above is literally the first result on a google search for "eternal crusade wiki." Basic marketing/ad logic says we make our stand there.

    The current EC webpage is a hot mess and needs ta get krumped. I'll be glad to be rid of it.

    All of this Do want. Can haz? Can start work today. Lol.

    "the community Editors"? Please clarify?

    - See above for "sprucing" suggestions.
    - With all the documents in front of me I could have a working guidance document for long-term use of the writing community by Monday with no labor hours used by the team. I'm LITERALLY ALMOST DONE with this file I've been compiling!
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  10. If there are any working documents that allow collaborative effort, I would love to be an editor and help out with anything I can. There's so much we can do to give life to this game! :SMShield:

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