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In Development: Arkhona Timeline Reset, writing for EC, while preparing the future

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Nov 30, 2017.


So I can write about squads?

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  1. Nathan Richardsson Oveur Senior Producer

    This is scheduled to happen. You can affect execution, details, and contribute.

    Picking up on the initiative from @Djemo-SRB, @Katzu_HSM and others in this thread, and executing it:

    You are more than welcome to participate. Resistance is futile as a famous rock star once said.

    Purpose: This is an expansion of the community writing initiative into a larger combined publicity, visibility, and promotional campaign - while also allowing the 500K accounts to come back and go through the year-old campaigns they missed.

    The reasoning and method are very common. You reset the world timeline. With the obvious lack of a proper meta-game and evolving history that's tracked in-game, you as an old player will only notice the difference because you've done the campaigns before.

    You are however a very small minority of the total accounts. As a new player, you don't even know anything happened at all.

    This is all about new accounts, as well as reactivating older accounts.

    These are the things we're discussing internally around this timeline reset, which also creates time for the writers initiative to be ready at the end of the re-run of the campaigns. The alternatively is, of course, no campaigns till the new ones are ready and go through the entire process of anything that ends up written in a game. In our position, I believe that doing a reset as opposed to having nothing, is the lesser of two evils.

    Points of discussion (not a complete list, suggest things and variations, within the confines of what's already possible)
    • We restart the timeline of Arkhone. Yes, like nothing happened. That means we start the campaign sequence again.
    • We will spruce up the campaigns as we can, since we have more systems at our disposal, text, retcon story, add me and my Titan as main protagonist (the real reason for all this)
    • We will look at doing more unique rewards in the old campaigns.
    • We may or may not, re-use the current unique rewards in the campaigns that had them. It is, after all, a limited period of time you can participate.
    • We don't intend on resetting again, as part of doing business like is common, but we might do it in the far future, if the metagame is so awesome, with its historical tracking in, that it's worth it.
    • We are looking at if Objectives tied to Campaign goals would work as intended, or if the linking even works properly at all. We can probably fake them, so they occur during the campaigns, but don't contribute to the current simple victory mechanic.
    • We have in-game messaging to convey short tidbits of the stories and updates to the wiki, which pop up. If this gets traction, we can add something like that to the map as well. A manually updated simple timeline.
    If you are here to straw salt on my customers that want to contribute and participate in kickstarting some kind of story around Arkhona, I will push the ban button. You are welcome to use other threads for your useless comments. Just not here. Stay out of our fun, if you are not capable of taking joy in it.

    I also want to, from suggestions:
    • Get us all into one Wiki, and add to it a lot of our background material, which today I believe is all fit for publication except the BIG SIKRITS
    • Deprecate parts of our current website, and simply link to the wiki instead. Basically, the old website would become account management.
    • Expand some parts of the current website, in the landing page system, as I can do those myself but the wiki being our combined focus of everything EC.
    Manual Timeline of History, and writing for EC

    As part of this, we'd decide where we'd be manually tracking the history timeline, allowing everyone to contribute stories.

    We'd have excerpts of those roleplayed stories on our site, and refer to and use the wiki so we can have fan fiction more officially tied to the timeline (just free form, have at it).

    On the wiki, we'd have a timeline that people can contribute to. This timeline, of course, is curated.

    This can spawn interesting emergent side stories which we could incorporate into future campaigns that we're working on while the reset.

    We'll use google docs for writing collaboratively, after being vetted by the community Editors, as a collaborator. Here is the current list of campaigns, their format and such.

    Yes, it's a reset. In the absence of a proper history recording system and metagame, we improvise, in this case, we do it together.

    Necessity is the mother of all invention. And I think we can trigger the reset in 1-2 weeks, it would be more depending on how much we decide to spruce up the first of the old campaigns.
  2. phantagor phantagor Eternal Battles Moderator

    Oh have me know i have written all the Lore for the Eternal Battle events....i can deliver man...i can deliver!
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  3. phantagor phantagor Eternal Battles Moderator

    I want to add a quote from the most famous O-ren Ishii "Now, if any of you Sons of Bitches, got anything else to say, now is the fucking time!"
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  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    First and foremost: If you do this, campaigns have to have a clear winner, every time. Everything else would make the story highly inconsistent and meaningless. What am I supposed to put in the timeline: Greater Demon did/did not rise to bring terror to Arkhona?

    Also, what I would propose is working together with the community in creating recurring characters. For the few weeks the community campaigns ran, their fate was what kept me interested. Hell, even use player-characters in the campaigns, everything that creates a sense of attatchment and involvement with the story would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Damn, this is going to push my creativity to actually write something from the Eldar PoV
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  6. Nathan Richardsson Oveur Senior Producer

    Love that one :)
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  7. What a good idea...
    Taking something that didn't work and use it again. And no, this isn't sarcasm.
    I guess we all agree that we didn't give a lot about the lore that went of currently, cause it was to incoherent. Big Demon was rising or not, couldn't be told.

    But on one hand, you can easily reuse things that most people didn't have, and on the other hand shape it back into something great.

    @Oveur Are you on a creative killing spree currently? :D
  8. Good lore won't work with the old campaigns and the old campaign mechanic. And as long as good lore won't work, I see no reason to reset the timeline (besides another chance to get unique equipment), because the new timeline wouldn't be better than the old one.

    BUT in general I really like the idea of resetting the timeline. Because it allows us to change the current system! I go even further and suggest to reset the timeline regularly. I'm imagining something like this:

    1. Like Rheeva said, Campaigns need losing and winning factions, only way to make lore consistent
    2. The outcome of one campaign needs to have an impact on the following campaign
    3. Each timeline has an ending. One out of a wide range of endings.

    In the end it's kinda like replaying a RPG singleplayer, where your choices effect the story. Just that the choices in this case are the campaigns won. Basically when the timeline is reset, there is a plethora of possible stories that might take effect for this timeline, and each timeline is consistent in it self. Over time choices/campaigns could be added and/or removed to improve replayability or put other factions in the spotlight. This way, the war for Arkhona can be fought over and over again - it's an Eternal Crusade.
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  9. !!! writing stuff...right...
  10. Dorfus Dorfus Steam Early Access




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