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Important! Do not apply Steam giftable edition on yourself!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Apr 21, 2017.

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    [Repost from Steam]

    Important! Do not apply Steam giftable edition on yourself! Bad things happen!!!
    21 April - Oveur_BHVR
    Depending on how you purchased Eternal Crusade over the last 3 years, very bad things can happen if you apply the giftable edition.

    Steam tells our systems us you're no longer Premium - or any version of that. If this happened to you, contact us below.

    As a paying player you get this on top of your paid edition:

    - 20,000 RTC ($20) given to you when you log in the first time after the 1.3 Content Update.

    - A Steam giftable and tradable ($20) package of the full version of the game. You can give it to a friend or sell it on the Steam Marketplace.

    - The Venerable Items will no longer be available for purchase, unique to you before the transition.

    So again:

    Do not apply your Steam giftable version on yourself!

    It's a giftable version and not intended to be applied to an account that already has the Premium game. It might have worked for some of you, and you may or may not have gotten the 20K RTC.

    If you have encountered this, please send us in the BILLING category here:

    1. What exact version of the game you had

    2. Did you uninstall, remove permanently or do anything else to the initial copy

    3. Did you ever try pressing the Free to Play button during that time after you bought the initial copy?

    4. Have you bought any other of the packages since then?

    5. Did you end up with multiple copies in your library?

    Support will hook you up real good.

    BILLING category here:

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