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Imperium Edition 50% Off!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Utherix Utherix Firebrand

    Does anyone know if the silver weapons are MC versions or regular?

    EDIT: they are regular
  2. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Access to all classes:

    Tactical / Traitor / Dire Avenger (Eldar also get Fire Dragons, for specialized close range AV) / Shoota Boy

    Heavy Ranged:
    Devastator / Havoc / Reaper / Heavy loota

    Airborne Melee:
    JPA / Raptor / Swooping Hawk*Ranged specialized* / Stormboy

    Ground Based Melee:
    Ground Assault / Traitor Assault / Banshee & Striking Scorpion / Slugga Boy

    Healer support:
    Apothecary & Wolf Priest / Aspiring Sorcerer / Warlock / Painboy

    Kommando: Is not a specif class, it is a loadout of the base Slugga Boy Ground Based Melee class
    Possessed: Is not a specific class, it is a loadout of the base Traitor Assault Ground Based Melee class
    Legion of the Damned: Is not a specific class, it is a loadout of the base Tactical Ranged class

    So on paper we're all good!
  3. Popoolo ruititadiogo Steam Early Access

    How can a buyer be sure to keep playing the game wen or if ths servers goes down? We need single player content to ensure i can play it after all ends. This will sell allot better i believe.
  4. If anyone asks themselves if they should buy this:

    I got over 1k hours in the game, and been with it from day 1 since it was playable.

    Not even for half the price.
    Force them to make something worth your money by voting with your wallet
  5. Except if the team is facing budget limitations ALREADY, then refusing to support the game will only make bE think this game is a stone around their necks rather than a product to keep throwing money and manpower at. Then the game closes. SM2 is a pipedream, so voting with your wallet kills the game and any hope for a 40k shooter for at least another 5-10 years.

    Its a self-defeating arguement.
  6. So... we spend good money on bad things?
    So they think they can get away with skins the price of a fallout 4 addon?
    If you support their current course, why should they rethink their decision and not just go ahead?

    They need to make a turn. A harsh one. I am afraid it's allready to late for that until something awesome happens, but what we get now is not to be supportet
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  7. Last point first: 3) Behavior and our Developers *DO* need to make a shift; a hard one. I also think that after THEIR "come to Jesus meeting," they need to have a "come to Jesus meeting" with US. Engage US and leverage the power of the community. Tell us what they are up against, WHO they are up against, and how we as a community can support them. Its not just about selling and units sometimes, and we have a lot of people willing to kick tires and light fires if we knew our effort could clear a roadblock that opens a floodgate of new content or creates a bridge to an asset that is needed for X system to work right.

    I don't think this is beyond hope. Every raging, frothing EC hater right now is understandably angry, but I don't think its about weapons, classes, game modes, or maps. I think its about the perceived loss of the transparency and free flow of communication we had in the beginning. I see Nathan and Noah on the Discord often, and they speak off the cuff and explain A LOT of the 'brass tacks' of keeping this beast moving, and its no easy process. A few weeks ago Nathan told us there how they are DROWNING in art assets and cosmetics and stuff, but (per the Twitch) until yesterday they had their engineers working on the Systems pipeline and nobody really working on the Integration pipeline. With a staff of MAYBE 10-12, they have to focus fire and can't react as quickly to issues as we'd like. After the explanation I'm better about that hold up, but many people didn't get that conversation because it was either not reposted to here/Steam or it was buried under miles of toxic salt from the directionless flailing of fanatics not given an outlet for their pent-up energies.

    The other things, which can mostly be ignored

    1) Prices can be adjusted: that was Noah's first job on our Dev team. I think they are out of whack myself (particularly the Eldar skins,) but to just not spend the money without telling them WHY? Doesn't help anything and only send the message that you don't WANT to spend money on this game. I don't know why they priced those out like they did, but I think a price normalization would be a good first step in the right direction on player trust. There should be no internal cost/benefit debate between Abaddon's Grace versus painting a Banshee black. Lol.

    2) If by now you haven't figured it out, I have NO problems talking and sharing my ENTIRE opinion. But I'm going to tell them WHY instead of just boycotting whole-cloth.

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