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Imperium Edition 50% Off!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager


    To celebrate new offices and upcoming patch, Jasper has demanded a 50% discount of the Imperium Edition! Get it on Steam, offer ends June 19th @ 1pm EST.

    Photo credit: @bigcracker
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  2. Utherix Utherix Firebrand

    It says you gain access to all classes. Except you don't anymore, since there are RTC only classes. Just saying.
  3. But you can earn RTC via Campaigns so you can access that content that way.
  4. Duy Nomyud Recruit

    Actually not a bad deal considering it's basically now 25K RTC and free Cosmetic stuff with this sale.
  5. Utherix Utherix Firebrand

    Oh yeah, It's a really good deal.
  6. MCBIGUMS MCBIGUMS Subordinate

    I like this forsure.
  7. Should probably be changed to "all *base* classes." Technically you don't gain access to the non-Elite Veteran Classes simply by buying the game, either.
  8. Those aren't classes, those are loadouts.

    @KatieFleming can you ask steam for at least single window announcement popup, I dunno. Cause I don't see it listed somewhere near where random buyer would look for a new experience, so if a guy hasn't wishlisted IE already, he will most certainly never know about this game or ongoing sale.
    Also, not in the steam news feed yet
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  9. Rawbeard Recruit

    haven't seen a campaign in two weeks now, so.... I need 4 more LSM campaigns.... just saying...
  10. Agreed. This needs more exposure. So far the only people who would know about this are people who already own the game...

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