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Imperial Militarium RP (IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TechCaptain, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    While discipline is clearly lax compared to the battlefront, Solace is not a world prone to large festivities and celebrations, either. The majority of life seems devoted either toward the rites and rituals of the Ecclesiarchy or the military. As a consequence, the amount of trouble they can stir up while on a training assignment is more limited than it might be on other worlds. Your sqaud of cadre are assigned to a hive to run Guard regiments through their final paces in a field exercise. For this purpose, your squad has been given an area of Hive ruins in an old industrial/mining area. This local has the usual features of an hive plus having some underground mine areas to use to challenge the new regimental recruits. As it stands, you fall under PDF Hive command. For the purposes of training everyone is equipped with Hesh-pattern “Staccato” light lascarbine (Basic; 40m; S/3/6; 1d10+1 E; Pen 0; Clip 25; Rld Full; Primitive [6], Reliable) and one photon flash grenade. Your other weapons will be locked up in a locker near where you set up a course to run the troops through. The PDF Hive Commander has given permission to set up the course however they like and has even sweetened the pot. That if the Cadre win as opposition force he will grant them some extra supplies.

    The recruits are under orders to try to complete the course in the shortest time possible, taking the fortified position from the PCs. Though they are hardly expected to succeed, any squads of recruits that fail to meet the minimum requirements are fated for the worst assignments for the remainder of their training, including extra rounds of physical training. In contrast, the most successful units are more likely to be incorporated into more valuable squads. This has left all of the groups of Solace natives highly motivated to complete the course quickly.

    OOC: This is the time to set up and look around for how you want to work together. Introduce yourselves whatever.

    Squad "Veteran" Sergeant: @Maleth
    Sergeant Saven - 19th Valerian Light Infantry Regiment/ 125th Therion Heavy Infantry Regiment

    • Therion 'Skimisher' Carapace Armour
      • Intergraded Grav-chute and Grappling Hook - Rebreather - Auspex.
    • Therion Mk-5 Pattern Bolter
      • Underslung Grenade Launcher
      • Scope
    • Verdan Prime Pattern Autopistol
    • Therion 'Serkis' Power Glaive
    • Hesh-pattern “Staccato” light lascarbine
    • 2x MK II Frag Grenades
    • 2x Krak Grenades
    • 1x Photon Flash Grenade
    Squad Corporal: @Commissar_Gaunt
    Lance Corporal Vassar - Rahlian Iron Guard

    • Munitorium Pattern Carapace Armour
      • Urban Coating - Rebreather attachment - Internal Microbead
    • Mezoa Pattern Meltgun
    • Merovech Pattern Assault Lasgun
    • M37 Pattern AutoPistol
    • Loi Pattern Power Axe
    • Hesh-pattern “Staccato” light lascarbine
    • 2 x Mk II Frag Grenade
    • 2 x Concussion Grenade
    • 1x Photon Flash Grenade
    • 1 x Satchel Charge
    • 1 x 211-V Lascutter
    Squad Medicae:
    Squad Vox-Operator:
    Rifle Team Alpha:
    Squad Member Primarius: @Verticus
    Specialist Ferenien 'Decimus' Votum - Tempestus Scion Detachment

    • Tempestus Pattern Carapace Armor
      • Omnishield Helmet/ Respmask Array
      • Grav-Chute x1
    • Ryza Pattern Hotshot Lasgun
    • Ryza Pattern Mk. XI Hellpistol
    • Hesh-pattern “Staccato” light lascarbine
    • Astra Militarum-Issue Combat Knife
    • Tempestus-Issue Sabre
    • Gunmetal Solid Mk III Frag Grenade x2
    • Krak Grenade x2
    • 1x Photon Flash Grenade
    Squad Member Secondus: @TuskatheDaemonKilla
    Veteran Gerborov Ilovaiski - 544th Vostroyan First Born

    • Vostroyan Carapace armor
      • Rebreather
    • Vostroyan pattern Long-Las
      • Scope
    • Vostroyan Pattern Shotgun
    • Las lock pistol
      • Axe Bayonet
    • Shashka sword
    • Hesh-pattern “Staccato” light lascarbine
    • 2x Mk II Frag Grenades
    • 2x Krak Grenades
    • 1x Photon Flash Grenade
    Squad Member Tertius:
    Rifle Team Bravo:
    Squad Member Primarius:
    Squad Member Secondus:
    Squad Member Tertius:

    Support Weapons Team Alpha:
    Squad Member Primarius: @Vulpas
    Specialist Barren "Blastowiz" - Catachan 20th Jungle Fighters

    • Munitorium Pattern Flak Armour
      • Urban Coating - Cameoline Cloak
    • Mars Pattern Flamer
    • Cadian Pattern Grenade Launcher
    • Catachan Fang
    • Orthlack Mk IV Thollos Auto Pistol
    • Hesh-pattern “Staccato” light lascarbine
    • 1 x Remote explosive
    • 4 x Krak Grenades
    • 4 x Mk II Frag Grenades
    • 2x Inferno Thermal Grenade
    • 2x Anti-Plant Grenade
    • 1x Photon Flash Grenade
    Squad Member Secondus: @Mechiaus
    Specialist 783975-845923-Klaust - 378th Siege Regiment - Death Korps of Krieg
    • Lasgun Mk. XIV (Heavy) "Hellgun"
    • Trench Knife
    • Shock Maul
    • Hesh-pattern “Staccato” light lascarbine
    • Lucius Pattern Mk II Laspistol
    • Krieg Mass Pattern Mk II Grenade Launcher
    • 6x Mk II Frag Grenades
    • 6x Krak grenades
    • 12x Launcher Grenades (5x Mk II Frag, 5x Krak, 2xSmoke)
    • 1x Photon Flash Grenade
    Assault Team Alpha:
    Squad Member Primarius:
    Squad Member Secondus:
    Squad Member Tertius:

    Assault Team Bravo:
    Squad Member Primarius:
    Squad Member Secondus:
    Squad Member Tertius:

    • Unassigned
    • Assigned and Accepted
    • Submitted - awaiting approval
    • HERESY!!!!
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  2. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    "Alright then.... Anyone got any ideas for how we're going the course a challenge for the greenhorns?" Saven said, looking to Vassar (@CommissarGaunt ), Fereneien,(@Verticus ) Barren (@Vulpas ) and Gerborov (@TuskatheDaemonKilla ) for some ideas, which hopefully would help break the ice that came about when a new squad was formed. Being assigned to lead this little bunch was.... An interesting change for her, seeing as she had made her career in the Guard by being an NCO's insubordinate, daredevil nightmare. Now she was the poor sod that had to deal with those sort of antics. The irony was not lost on her.

    Given that they were all in an old industrial/mining area, the Sergeant had a few ideas herself on how make a course to put the various recruits through their paces... But if everyone chipped in with suggestions and made them all work, the little squad would stand a better chance of doing well enough to separate those with a hope of actually surviving a proper battlefield from those that were better suited to clerical work.
  3. Gerborov would stand and walk over to where he can see the proposed area for the course. He put his hand to his bearded chin and speak in a deep vostroyan accent. "Mud pits and barbed wire fences that need to be scaled as well as small ditches to be able to take cover in, it will show them conditions in an assault during trench warfare. We will be in a trench in the center of these fortifications and be easily able to spot and fire upon them. Many could be injured but not badly and besides they should know that few battles are fair." Gerborov's left hand would go down to his belt expecting to grab onto pommel of his sword by habit but it was locked away for now.
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  4. The Scion would analyze the area, trying to maintain his obelisk-like stoicism. After a thorough inspection from an idle position, he would come up with a modest plan, speaking beneath his protective helmet; "Many industrial buildings. We can suppress and hold the outdoors with razor tape fences and general fire. Thus taking them indoors, forcing them to use close quarters, where we can utilize and test their urban tactical senses as well as our flash grenades." Ferenien would nod, once again, analyzing his surroundings in cycle of his head movements, where he would then move to analyze those who are with him.
  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    A man of large and fit build chimed in next, A Red bandanna on his arm and the large knife that was carried on his belt gave away signs of where he was from. The catachan spoke with confidence and experience in his voice carried with a smell of tobacco on his breath.

    "We could add traps to those buildings as well, As well make some of the environment unstable and possibly add a few flash grenades and trip wire traps and possibly a few ruined down areas the recruits have to navigate through with full gear, Setting up also a few ambush points while in some debris to surprise them, Should give them some training on expecting the unexpected." Barren said a wicked smile crept along his face with ideas of training the new bloods.
  6. Looking towards the Sergeant as she spoke, Lance Corporal Vassar knew that the advantage was well in their field. Not only was the territory they were to hold leadened with bottle necks and choke holds through the ruins, the urban setting was ideal for booby traps. Seeing that they were supplied with flash grenades, Vassar reasoned that they could set up bouquets of the grenades with trip wires at key choke points on the approaches where two squad members would lie in wait until they were triggered to ambush the recruits.

    Alternatively, scrap metal was ample within the fields outside that they could create long range stick grenades to quadruple their throwing range and punish the advancing ranks to pin them down once the second wave advanced. While their opponents were recruits or poorly trained PDF, their commanding officer should have the common sense to keep a reserve formation in case the first assault failed and when they would become pinned down, a rearguard action could deploy to trap the enemy in a pincer.

    It was a text book operation to first immobilize and disorient the enemy before assaulting from the front and the back. As the trap would be activated, the first squad would target the officers or leaders of the group in addition to the recruits leading the formation while their fellow squad targeted the rear trapping both flanks between the "dead" recruits and their way out. Fear, inexperience, and adrenaline would do the rest as they would turn on each other with little additional work being needed.

    However, for the plan to be truly effective, they would need to tap into the existing electrical system to activate floodlights and hope for a night time or dusk assault. Most recruits would not be used to limited conditions which would work to their advantage, and even more to Corporal Vassar who was eagerly fiddling with her mock knife, a paint stick with red paint with which would mark dozens of recruits no doubt. The thought of being up close and personal to taste their fear made her eyes dazzle with flecks of ruby and crimson which was almost unnoticed to those who were not looking directly into her eyes.

    Yet not all of her suggestions were easily discernible as she communicated through guard hand signals and gestures to the diagrams provided to them and the equipment they had. She hoped that her comrades would pick up on her motions for she had little desire to "dumb" down to using speech.

    Looking around at the debris scattered across the sprawling landscape of the decayed urban structures, it would not be hard to move most of the debris into pathways to force the recruits into advancing through a limited number of entrances. Though the best course of action would be to hide within the walls once the recruits entered the building and once the grenades or floodlights were triggered, explode outwards during the confusion amongst the enemy to wreck havoc....yes...this plan suited her abilities well even as she was reminded of how the daemons had ripped out of the vessels hull to shred her comrades much the same would be good to use that tactic to better prepare the recruits.

    Suggestion to create blockade at all but two entrances into the structure with hedgehog scrap formations (three legged X steel barricades which are hard to move out or destroy) to funnel infantry into kill rooms. Let forward squads advance into the second or third kill room before activating the trap with either debris collapsing behind the entrance and covering the exit while the kill squad moves in and eliminates the recruits.

    Alternatively, keep the electrical system on with overly bright settings and then kill the power once the enemy has advanced into position with the kill squads being blind folded or away from direct light sources to keep night vision. Once trap is sprung, the enemy will be confused, blind, and unable to regroup while the kill squad will have perfect night vision to eliminate at will.

  7. Mechaius Mechiaus Prefectus

    Grenadier 923 surveyed the grounds they had been provided for training. His deaths-head emblazoned re-breather mask panned back and forth, taking in the terrain through dark lenses. He was not impressed.

    He had faced far more difficult terrain as a boy on Krieg. The rad-wastes and kilometers of non mans lands that covered the entire surface of Krieg was a true challenge to test the worthiness of trainees, not these pitiful ruins. It would be a simple matter to route the PDF troops, even with their numerical advantage.

    He looked to the "training weapon" he had been provided. Another disappointment. How could one train to realistic standards with these pitiful toys? No, real weapons in live fire conditions were essential. The enemy would not be gentle, so why should they?

    Furthermore, the trainees should be pitted against one another, not this . . . assemblage of veterans. They should be assessing their performance in combat conditions, not playing a mock war. It was absurd.

    Though he had not spoken a single word since arriving planetside, he felt an urge to speak his mind on this matter.

    "Sargent" he stated, the transistor on the side of his mask rendering his voice with a slight muffled echo. "The troops should be divided in half, properly armed, and set loose on one another. That will allow us to properly assess their training, providing they have been properly trained thus far. Anything less would be pointless."

    "If trained in such a way, as the battle progresses, the weak will be culled by the worthy, and only those fit to serve the Emperor will remain" he stated, without even a hint of remorse. "The fear of death will be the finest teacher these troopers will ever have. Those that succumb to fear are of no use to us. Death is the only mercy they deserve"

    "Those that survive will be stronger for it. For to survive, they will have to purge themselves of their fear. Without fear, their is no doubt. Without doubt, they do not question. If they do not question, then they can accept the truth of their existence: that they are already dead."

    "For you see, dead men cannot be killed, because they are dead already. They cannot be broken, because they have no spirit to break. They cannot be frightened, because they are fear incarnate. Without fear, the enemy has no power over them and no hope of defeating them. So long as their willingness to die is greater then that of their enemy, the battle is already won"

    "It is only a matter of time and attrition after that"
  8. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    With suggestions ranging from the brilliant, such as Vassar's somewhat hard to follow suggestion of a kill-room and what she though was something to do with mucking around with the electrical lighting, to the reckless such as the Kreiger's suggestion of changing it to a live-fire exercise between the recruits. But, between them all the Sergeant thought that it was possible to come up with something the recruits were going to loath and teach them a thing or two about the cruelty of actual warfare.

    So Saven took a quick look at the various diagrams of the area to see how it'd all work out, before she said "We'll do it this way: Firstly, we take one of the structures and block off all the entrances but two of them and force the recruits through the building as a close quarter and trap filled environment with Ferenien and Barren harassing the recruits, with a kill-room at the exit where we kill the lights, throw in some flash grenades and let Vassar along with the Scion and Catchan tear the squad apart. If they make it past that stage and that means the three ambushers will pull back if they recruits put up a good enough fight, those poor sods will find themselves having a little trench environment to deal with, and our Grenadier and Gerborov fighting them in a position of strength, again pulling back if they're still presenting a good offensive. But once that's over, any of the greenhorns that are still not 'dead' as per the exercise's non-lethal rules, 923, they'll have to fight whatever's left of us in an environment that we make to favour all of our combat styles. And if they manage to make it through all that, then the recruits have what it takes to be Guardsmen. "

    Finishing up her little overview of how it might go, Firlaeth then said "So, any further suggestions or shall we cracking with our job?" Clearly, she was itching to start doing things rather than wait around and talk more.... But it's always better to look first before jumping into the thick of it, something that she still had to remind herself about actually doing.

    (@Mechiaus , @CommissarGaunt , @TuskatheDaemonKilla , @Verticus , @Vulpas )
  9. Gerborov put his hand down from his face and turn to the sergeant. "This is a good plan I feel we should start preparing imidiatly." He fixed his large fur hat for a moment and then turned to the kriegsman. "Well come on we have trenches to dig and traps to set."he motioned for the man to follow him and so he went down to where the sergeant had told him to dig the trench with a shovel over his shoulder and devilish smile these recruits will know how unfair war will be after this.
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  10. Mechaius Mechiaus Prefectus

    Grenadier 923 disapproved of the Sargent's decision to not allow lethal force. It would prove to be to the detriment of the troopers. No matter, at least he was placed in the trench area of the course. He would be able to provide adequate training from there. Even if he had to fight alongside the Vostroyan .

    "Yes, Sargent" was his only reply, saluting sharply before departing to follow in Gerborov's wake. He stopped a moment at the lockers full of training equipment and snatched up a Shock Maul.

    No replacement for a proper trench knife, but if he could not kill the weak and stupid ones, then he would at least ensure they remembered their lessons.

    "Do not worry, First Born, I know how to build a trench" He stately without emotion, only fact. "Hopefully you still remember how"

    He shouldered the inferior training weapon and followed behind, his mind already going through the procedures in his head. The tools that he would need. Would the soil be soft or hard? Was their ample flakboard available?

    He would show this drunkard how to build a trench! One that those trainees would never capture. Though, with all the gleaming brass ornamentation that bedecked the Vostroyan's gear, 923 wondered how the man had ever survived a war-zone in the first place. @TuskatheDaemonKilla

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