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Imperial Guard Idea?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jolojose, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. BloodXIII Jolojose First Blood!

    That gives me terrible terrible flashbacks to Planetside 2.....:confused:
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  2. The problem with how you did your troops is they aren't powerful enough.
    Basic IG Lasguns do virtually nothing to SM armour. (Though there are stories of even Terminator squads being taken out by IG troopers.)

    You would need either a Lasgun with a Hotshot ability or an actual Hotshot Lasgun/Hellgun.
    The former is reserved for Veterans and Veteran Regiments, the latter for Storm Troopers.

    They would work for Free-To-Play, but for those who pay, something like this would better.

    Tactical Equivalent: Veteran Trooper / Storm Trooper.

    Assault Equivalent: Commando (armed with grenades and breaching charges), maybe option for Sniper rifle.

    Devastator Equivalent: Special Weapons Trooper (armed with Flamer upgrade to Plasma Gun, Melta Gun, Missile Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Heavy Stubber. Then onto Heavy Weapons like HB, Autocannon, & Lascannon mounted on wheeled unit.)

    Healer/Apothecary: Medic.

    Engineer/Techmarine: Enginseer or Vehicle crew

    Elite units: Ratlings, Ogryns, possibly Commissars, and Psykers

    Heroes: Captains, Regimental Commissars, Psyker Primaris, Techpriests Majoris, Assassins, Inquisistors.

    Characterful Sub-Factions should alter these basic classes dropping certain sub-types (eg. Storm Trooper) whilst increasing or adding others (Heavy armour trooper and/or Rough Rider Bike Riders).
  3. Kaazid GarySharp Well-Known Member

    I'm basing my ideas of the IG being modelled off of the Ork faction, let's assume that the normal guardsman is the equivalent to the Ork boy that the F2W players get, so IG get released in an expansion, like Orkz are as the F2P faction of the expansion.

    It's been confirmed on the German forums that all paid players on the Ork faction will be Nobz, ro bring them on par with the Space Marines and all free players will be boyz. They expect a ratio of 1 Nob to 9 boyz in play.

    So covert that to the IG 1 veteran/stormtrooper to 9 regular guardsmen and you have a reasonable ratio with the stormtroopers being the paid players and the guardsmen being the free players.

    Standard lasguns are effective enough against Ork boyz in flak armour and it's not lore or TT breaking for guardsmen to upgrade their lasguns to grenade launchers (I'm sure krak grenades go through power armour), meltaguns, flamers and even plasma rifles.

    As for close combat weapons like powerswords don't rely on the unit's personal strength but on a powered weapon.
  4. Actually I did try to say the basic Guardsman would work for Free-To-Play, but paid would need Veterans/Storm Troopers for the Hot-Shot capability to go up against SM.
  5. Rasczak Rasczak Subordinate

    The Imperial Guard is also one reason I'm really hoping the game has a solid, meaningful logistics system/economy. Because that would provide a powerful tool to balance IG as a faction in a way that preserves more of their flavor than balance would otherwise demand: IG may suck at K/D ratios, but they are completely OP at logistics.

    They could respawn fast, have an easier time pulling vehicles, have more resource-intensive weapons like grenades, melta, and plasma guns, and even if they have a hard time pushing into CQC-oriented bases their vehicles will keep the other team camped inside while their fast respawns let them throw more bodies at it.

    Though this means their medic would need a fast revive, otherwise nobody will wait for them.

    The result would be that fighting IG in a 50/50 fight *feels* like fighting a zerg, because they probably have more tanks than you and their infantry keep coming back as fast as you can kill them.

    Though in order for this to work, we would need an abundantly clear understanding in the community that K/D is absolutely meaningless in this game.
  6. Kaazid GarySharp Well-Known Member

    That makes perfect sense to me Rasczak, inherent weakness can also be balanced by have a larger amount of loadout point to equip with.
  7. Rasako Rasako Well-Known Member

    the bot idea is just a tremendous waste of time due to the fact that the amount of strain it would put on servers would make the game completely unplayable and would only multiply per player online as an imperial guard "squad". Just have the cadians, the catachans, and the new blue dudes come and just have your character be more of a hardened Kasrkin or Stormtrooper which would put them slightly above something like tau fire warriors and orks in terms of power level. They could be written in as elite task forces that have been sent to the planet to justify their power level as groups of elite forces while not having to worry about player population as much because they wouldn't be weak paperplated nooblords.

    I like the idea of letting the IG use more vehicles but we still don't want to have the whole lolplanetside tankfest either. I could definitely see things like basilisks and manticores being incredibly unique and powerful artillery tools.

    It reminds me of the role that IG play in the tabletop in the sense that they're always "holding the line". They excel at fortifying positions and destroying their enemies with steady, continuous fire and manpower. I've also been a proponent of making IG a second F2P faction but I fear that the orks will suffer tremendously due to the overwhelming popularity of humans in fantasy games (which makes absolutely zero sense).
  8. Encon4.7 Emcon47 Subordinate

    guardsmen f2p vs ork boy f2p
    Guardsmen:+ ranged damage and acuracy, buff received when near with comissars or other commander type.
    -weak melee, low health, low armor, easy supressed.
    Ork boy:+melee damage, high health, waaagh! shout to boost speed and melee for a short time.
    -weak acuracy with ranged weapon, low armor, less agile to dodge.

    just an idea
  9. Joel V theonlysane1 New Member

    I know it's a long shot to EVER see IG but thought I'd give my two thrones:

    Since having bot IG to assist player IG is a bad idea (for the server load and other reasons), I have a suggestion: IG respawn immediately, and give fewer "points" (or whatever you get for a kill) for each kill. This way the guardsmen will seem to be far more numerous (dead players get back into the game right away) but they are still weaker than other classes so they will still die a lot.
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  10. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    Instead of IG bots or cheap kills and instant respawns how about we forget about the standard guardsman and just use the elites in the IG (Karskins,Ogryns etc etc).
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