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Imperial Guard Faction?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Servant_of_CTan, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. But how will you complete objectives without killing enemies?
    If the objective is to capture a place, I assume it would be hard to capture it (providing there are enemies) and even harder to hold it (an official Guardsman quote from DoW)

  2. Okay, perhaps my choice of words was less clear than I thought. Of course you will be required to kill things in the course of capturing or holding a location as an objective. The main point, however, is that points are earned in the pursuit of that objective which, even if it involves killing things, removes the directly correlation of kills = profit.

    Taking and holding territory will probably be common objectives, but they are not the end-all-be-all, either. Supposedly, there will be numerous other objectives such as infiltration, sabotage, and area denial. Note that the difference between holding a territory and area denial is that denial would stop or slow an enemy advance (by, for example, destroying a bridge that the enemy would need to cross in order to effect efficient lanes of travel or logistics) while defenses or counterattacks are being prepared.

    And, in actuality, I would imagine that the Guard would have an easier time of defending a location (given appropriate time to actually set up defenses). That's another aspect of Space Marine/Imperial Guard dichotomy: certainly the Guard is sometimes forced to capture things, but they really shine on terms of defense, where Space Marines are intended to focus largely on offensive pushes.
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  3. Hmm yes, you're right. They excel at defense, since it's what they are basically made for.
    Makes me question the guard quote...
  4. Which Guard quote are you referring to?
  5. Vaskyn Vaskyn Member

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  6. Wow, how could I have forgotten that. I am honestly ashamed of myself.

    That aside, I stand by my statement. I should think his assessment may have been based on the fact the nature of the way points were captured in that series, and the fact that there weren't really a whole lot of fortifications to set up a proper defense.
  7. Lol

    Well, I don't think it will be much different from the RTS. I think of it as more like DoW but being able to control units individually, not by giving orders.
    Besides, for the Force Commander and etc, it will basically be DoW but with better graphics and less obeying troops.

    And due to that, I think there will be just turrets to defend a base. Rest is for the IG units, thus the quote can still apply here, especially if it will be a closed off area that only allows infantry in.
  8. Love your avatar.

  9. Thanks :D
  10. Smegmatik Scholar Subordinate

    I think i have a few ideas that may make IG a more posing threat.
    The way i see it is that whoever it is that would decide to send in IG soldiers against space marines wouldn't expect them to go in with only a flashlight and bayonet. They would think to send some experienced, well armed men and they would use specialized tactics.

    One idea is that they can have camouflage like gillie suits or something and have long range weapons.
    Another thing is that if the IG are superior in using cover due to their need for it and their size, they could pose a significant threat if they jumped out at a space marine with a flamer from cover, although a space wolf would probably smell him before that happened.
    Also IG could also have demolition charges which would come in handy if a space marine gets full of himself and thinks he can charge without caution. They could also be armed with more grenades than the other races. Oh and i don't think a space marine could shrug off a grenade launcher round to the chest either.
    Another thing is to simply have the IG infantry unequal compared to the others, but have more powerful and or cheaper vehicles, or use Artillery/Mortars (May piss people off). Either way i will probably still play as IG (if their are enough players) even if one bolt round to the torso kills me.

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