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Imperial Guard And Space Marines

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by qbc1234, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Kaazid GarySharp Well-Known Member

    This thread makes me think back to the 2nd edition rule set and Ghazghkull's banner bearer Makari, standard gretchin, no ranged weapon, hand weapon with a 2 strength to hit and no save modifier, but he came with an unmodified 2+ luck save.

    I've had the little dude survive everything thrown at him including vortex grenades and take down terminator marines with his knife.

    I was a real shame what Games Workshop did to the little guy.
  2. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    Dude, the Imperial Guard and the Adeptus Astartes have duked out several times before. Other branches of the Imperium's forces have fought against each other. It's entirely possible and not breaking the lore at all. Hell, it's easy to make an Imperial Guard regiment(s) trade blows against Astartes. If they're added, it won't be a problem at all.
  3. Kaazid GarySharp Well-Known Member

    Exactly that, there are plenty of times that a Commissar or Duke has come under investigation by the Inquisition and had SMs sent to purge a planet within 40k lore.

    IG are not the loyal soldiers of the Imperium, they are are the militia recruits and soldiers under the command of individual royals and commissars, they're the front line fighters before the SMs show up.
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  4. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member


    Also, it's not a case either of the Guardsmen going against the Astartes. While their leaders can at times want personal glory and see Astartes as obstacles- it's just as possible for the Astartes to butcher the Guardsmen for seeing classified information.
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  5. Kalvix Member

    They don't have to be on the SM side, theres cases in the past where they have fought as there orders clash and neither will disobey so they end up fighting each other to remain loyal as even if they refuse to fight each other which you'd think is good they would be dubbed traitors
  6. Kaazid GarySharp Well-Known Member

    There are even cases of IG fighting IG during interplanetary warfare.
  7. theddd theddd Member

    Making weaker sub factions would make stronger factions like the space marines far more appealing.
  8. Perfidious Perfidious Subordinate

    It`s been clearly stated that this won`t be the case. The F2P boyz are going to be weaker than the average SM, yes, but not enough so that they aren`t competitive, and they`re certainly capable of beating a SM if they have a numbers advantage. That`s no where near to the power disparity shown in the literature.

    And, as has already been suggested, Guardsmen (which are exactly the group expected to be unable to stand up to SMs) could likely be made to be a weaker, F2P class.
  9. Kaazid GarySharp Well-Known Member

    It come down to resource cost as well, I'm just pulling numbers out of the air as an example.

    What if, due to the inherent toughness of a Space Marine he has to pay 50 resources for a bolt gun, 100 for a heavy weapon, 100 for a power weapon and 250 for terminator armour?

    While an Imperial Guardsman pays 10 for a meltagun, 25 for a heavy weapon, 25 for a power weapon and 25 for carapace armour and 100 points for a strength reduction force-field.

    The IG would still be biting the dust very quickly but they would punch just as hard as the marines for a lot less points due to their lower survivability. something like that would be fairly balanced.
  10. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    I agree with your idea, but the Boltgun should always be free.

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