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Imperial Guard And Space Marines

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by qbc1234, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. qbc1234 qbc1234 Subordinate

    I was thinking, if the Imperial Guard get added how would they deal with the fact that they would have to be on the same side as the Space Marines. How could they balance something like that? The only way I could think would be that all the races have an allied weaker faction, Chaos could have Chaos Imperial Guards, the Orks could have a faction gretchin and squigs and for the Eldar I don't really know, Wraithguard, I know they are way more powerful than the others so maby...these cat things! Eldar with cat.png (Needs meow dakka)
  2. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    or make a imperial guard faction that can be loyalist or traitor. the war council leaders decide.
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  3. "Weaker" subfactions/races as F2P?
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  4. likes...if its implemented correctly and cautiously
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  5. I like the idea. Although i'd prefer the IG to be a playable race!
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  6. no...then they would have to be on par with marines in a 1v1--it should NOT be that way at all, even if your a karskrin or something. also, they arent doing full factions that are allies with eachother as far as im aware.

  7. Hmm you are right. It wouldn't be in Canon with the Universe either now that I think about it. You make a good point, the IG are supposed to be weaker than the SM. I redact my comment!
  8. Hence Free 2 play, it would be very nice to let people get to know the game true a weaker role. (Cultist,Guardian,Guardsmen,Orkboy.) As there will always be more willing to play without paying. And if they like the universe, which im certain they will, they will surely put down some cash to play as a Noble Astartes, a Ferocious Ork Nob, a Dreaded Traitor Marine or even a Fancy Aspectwarrior.
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  9. Ten points for mentioning Gyrinx. But Wraithguard are NOT comparable to the Imperial Guard, the Lost and the Damned - much less the gretchin!

    And would I like this? I am unsure. Perhaps - if implemented just right, with proper care - then yes, I would support this idea.
  10. qbc1234 qbc1234 Subordinate

    Yeah I know that why I said I don't know just before and I also jokingly offered the Gyrinx (presumably that's the proper name of the cat like creature). I have now edited it to be more clear.
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