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Imperial Fists

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by KonrakRhaindars, Apr 18, 2017.

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    "Discipline. Duty. Unyielding Will. These are the measures by which every warrior is judged. Unarmed, a warrior with these qualities will still find victory, no matter how long or arduous the path. When girded with the sacred armaments of the Adeptus Astartes, such a warrior becomes truly indomitable."

    — Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists

    Brothers, Sons of Dorn, Defenders of Terra, Masters of Defense!

    For five years have our glorious Chapter, the Imperial Fists, brought the light of the Imperium into the venerable FPS Space Marine, and it is now our duty to do the same in Eternal Crusade.

    As of now, the Chapter consists of fifty active battle brothers, organized in Task Forces in accordance with the Codex Astartes. As many fighters visit us at games as our auxiliary and friends. Everyone, without exception, is united by impeccable discipline and friendly atmosphere. A clear hierarchy and rules enshrined in the Charter help to maintain the foundations and the relationship of the Chapter at a high level.
    Despite the many years of experience and battle hardness that our warriors possess, we are always glad to see fresh new battle brothers eager to join our ranks and to contribute to the game and the Chapter as a whole, to prove to be an excellent warrior and a loyal friend, a true Space Marine of the Imperium of Man.

    What do we want from you?
    Observance of the Charter, fair play, respecting your battle brothers and comrades-in-arms.

    What do you get?
    A large and amicable team, taking part in many games, as well as organizing chapter’s and multi-chapter / factional events. There will always be mentors nearby who are ready to guide you, help you, and assist you. Always, shoulder to shoulder, will be your brothers ready to support you, share the joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat. Everyone can go from a scout at the beginning to an honorary veteran crowned with glory. Constant trainings, events and battling the rivals of our Chapter will help you with this.

    At this time, the Chapter is based in the game Eternal Crusade, but you will always find brothers who fight the battle of Mankind in other games as well. (and not just in the Warhammer universes).

    If you are interested write me.

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  4. nice thread bud
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    Thank you! It is always good to see nearby our fellow Battle brothers, togehter fighting against enemies of the Mankind!

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  10. Dauntless Tyrium Steam Early Access

    Not sure if I want to join because I already have an Ultramarine who is all decked out, BUT I thought I'd get in on the art show.


    Probably my favorite bit of LSM art so far.
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