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"I'm so flash I can hardly stand me'self" =D

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by Schwifty, May 3, 2018.

  1. I'm so happy! just got myself a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro, it's only i5 13.3 inch so not top of the line and it gets a bit sluggish if I try to do too much epic rendering at once but all good. Got it hooked up to my keyboard, mouse and monitor so its starting to look like a real art studio here.

    I don't have anything to share just yet but will when I get a chance, some of which I wont be able to post as I've been asked to 'ghost write' as an artist for an undisclosed company (so exciting!)

    Anyways my reason for the thread really is to get in contact with others who have and use these stylus sketch pads, maybe garner a few tips and tricks or even see your work.

    See you round.
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  2. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    I used to use a tablet ( that's what those stylo's are actually called) for things like photoshop. sony vegas etc back in the day.
    there isn't really any tricks to them other than keybinds and setting up your user interface to streamline your workflow but you'll figure that out yourself simply by using it.

    GL with your creative endeavours!
  3. Zarbustibal Zarbustibal First Blood!

    I have a 22" Cintiq at home and I use it for painting characters and doing some concepting stuff ^^ If you want to see some of my creations and/ or need some help just drop me a pm. Iam definitely not the best there is but I know some stuff :OrkMoon:.

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  4. Hey thanks, I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and I picked up a 5 port usb3/c converter and now I have my mouse and keyboard plugged into it and it is SO much easier just using the pen for pen stuff lol
  5. Yeah it really is something you just have to do to learn, or at least I'm that kind of person. Learn't a few tricks and what not to do with those tricks. Trial and error I guess though any advice would be fantastic.

    At the moment I'm still stuck using my trusty 0.7mm click top pencil and clip board to get my ideas down then I just. . .ugh. . . trace -hate that word- around my own work after I've scanned it in.
  6. Zarbustibal Zarbustibal First Blood!

    Nothing wrong with that :OrkMoon: takes a while to get used to the styluses ^^ Iam still way faster and more comfortable with a real pencil :D.
    Anyway ... do you have one of those Painting Gloves? If not get one cause they are awesome as they prevent your hand from sticking to the Tablet. Makes everything much smoother.
    Another thing I always do is getting rid of the white standard Background. You can push it to a slight grey or light blue or whatever you want. But the standard white hurts my eyes.
    For scribbling I always use a blocky Brush and then just start wherever on the canvas ^^ I also only use 2 colors on that. When I get something decent I start tracing and put in some details :D.
    Another cool trick is to flip the Painting often(I put the hotkey for that to F). This way you can get a different view on your stuff and spot mistakes or sth.
    Also use a lot of reference ^^

    Hope that does make some sense :D I guess I do a lot of other things that I can only think of when iam actually drawing :D

  7. Zarbustibal Zarbustibal First Blood!

    Also if you need some cool software you could use Autodesk Sketchbook as it just went free a week or so ago. Or Paintstorm Studio for 19€ if iam not mistaken. Both are comparable to Photoshop (if not better)
  8. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    hey man .. I've heard even the pro's still trace their own pencil work.
    Do you watch speedpaints on the you tubles ?
    I watched tons of those even tho they are speed up you can still learn some cool tricks or see different techniques at work.
  9. Yeah this guy Jazza is just fantastic, just picking this one thing at random if I even had half his genius I'd be happy lol

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