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If The Emperor Had A Text-to-speech Device - Video Series

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by Bruva-Alfabusa, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Rakza Rakza Preacher

    It must be some kind of Slaneesh Magnus, look how he's "Horny"...


    You won't catch me for this one !

    I'm already far awayyyyyyyyyy !

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  2. Phalaris of Akragas Phalaris Nickname Change

    I can teleport... so feel lucky:cool:
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Phalaris of Akragas Phalaris Nickname Change


    "How about I let my magic work on you baby."
    "I'm the master of lightning shocking, I know."
    "They say Tyranids are beasts but I say that you are the true killer here, baby."
    "Shall I summon my "greater daemon"?
    "Belief me baby I have a third horn, it's even bigger than the other two."
    "You aren't a psyker baby but I still feel magic."
    "They say still waters run deep, wanna take a swim?"
    "People are like books and I really wanna open your cover."
    "I'm a man of knowledge, I know all the positions."
    "I saw in the futur and I have to say I like your "scream"."
    "I lost the "sleeve" for my "staff" do you know where I could find one?"
    "Other guys wanna lay the world to your feet I can make you a new one."
    "I don't like puppies but I certainly like me some pussy."
    "You see this staff? I have an even bigger one."
    "I'm a master of change but why change perfection."
    "I'm not only red but rad aswell."
    "It's true Russ broke my back but you baby broke my heart."
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Rakza Rakza Preacher

    Cause of the TTS, I now want my "Voice of the Emperor" to use the Emperor's Voice saying "Ratatatatatatatatata" instead of the Standard Heavy Bolter sounds...

  8. H.P. Karlcraft in its finest indeed. Properly inspired for madness, I will try and figure out the latest bit of lore from Calixis that I found. Magnus might need to be kept in the dark from this, apparently the only not-daemon teacher he could not surpass has went there. I am afraid of the sector's canonicity now more than ever.
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  9. Kang Kang First Blood!

    wondering why this has not been posted here yet.

    ah well now it is.
  10. When the bile leaks from your eyes, when your legs bloat like a mid-summers corpse, when the flies blot out the sun and their buzzing swallows the sound of artillery. Then you will know that Nurgle loves you.

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