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If Necrons Are Included, How Would They Work?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ChaplainRU55IO, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Well, did have an identity, an actual face, which was added after their codex had been printed. Most of their leaders were sentient, and still capable of rational thought. Look at the descriptions of the Lord leading their kind during the Medusa V campaign.

    You can call them pretty shallow but a lot of good authors were able to put them to good use, especially Anthony Reynolds and Sandy Mitchell. They managed to make them alien and interesting in very brief appearences, by introducing them in the right way at the right moment like something Lovecraft would create on his darkest days.
    The current ones though? The last books they were in had a Lord continually saying "I AM DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!" and sounding like Robby the Robot with a megaphone. The flayed ones also spoke continuous about needing tailors to replace their "robes" like some bad Monty Python sketch gone wrong, turning horror into bad comedy.

    ... Sorry, it's a bit of a sore point. Derail ended, moving on.

    They would serve as a good NPC class, but given their powers and abilities might prove to be somewhat overpowered if the developers stuck to the canon. Plus their Tombs make for perfect raiding dungeons given how many of their kind are usually dormant.
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  2. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    just one of the examples of Matt Ward's failures, the old Necrons were AWESOME, and never talked or communicated with other species, it made them all creepy and shit, but now like you said, they are just laughably stupid
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  3. Throne Throne Subordinate

    Yeah, I can definitely understand why some people might not like the new direction.
    I don't mind it nearly as much as a lot of people, and even I miss the sinister Terminator vibe (but there were also a lot of people who found the old 'crons dull and lacking spark & variety. Not everyone thinks it's a change for the worse).

    That said, Trazyn is my copilot.
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  4. Isyder Isyder Cipher

    As much as I love my Necron table top force, I also vote for them as PVE/ Npc Role for potential relic weapons to be discovered
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  5. Pauleh Pauleh Subordinate

    Necrons remind me so much of those elite mobs you get in MMOs where it takes a few people and allot of hits to down.
  6. Dolevar Active Member

    Necrons would be quite nice if they were like a rare pve event, like a monolith rises up and begins to raise necrons until its destroyed (after a shit load of firepower of course)
    They are a quite powerful force afterall, not all of them are free willed which means that you can't do a straight out conversion to playable like the other factions
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  7. Warborn Warborn Subordinate

    This. If they're going to make tyranids NPCs due to lore reasons, they're going to do the same to necrons. Can't say I blame them.
  8. Bruva Alfabusa Bruva-Alfabusa Arch Cardinal Superior

    High-end NPC mobs that walk slowly towards the group of players, shooting at them with their terrifyingly effective weaponry. Also, a Necron Tomb should be an instance, kinda like in Dark Crusade with the Necron Stronghold.
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  9. Throne Throne Subordinate

    You (and pretty much everyone else arguing for NPC only 'crons) are running off of an outdated codex.
    Everything from their Marine-equivalent unit up is autonomous, and balanced. They're not packing unbalanced levels of relience or firepower, and haven't for a few years. It's turning into a full-time job fighting the ignorance on this one. They're not more 'suitable only for NPCs' than Marines. o_O
  10. Primus Primus Subordinate

    Im sure the necrons, if included would be balanced so that they may closely represent the feats that they are capable of on the tabletop version, just like every other race according to behavior. If i were more motivated I would hunt down the interview that alludes to behavior wanting to balance based off of "points" just like the tabletop, and not balance the game in the traditional manner. Now how that would apply to necrons, im not sure, but i think giving gauss weapons random chance vs different armor types is not the way to solve that particular problem. It wouldnt be lore friendly. Now that I think about it, due to the Necrons overwhelming and undying power, they would probably end up fighting all the tyranids, with their overwhelming and unending numbers. Personally, i would love to see them added, im just not sure how they would fit in to Behaviour's current vision for the game.

    Sorry for wall of text but im currently sick and am lucky that i can attempt to convey any kind of coherent thoughts at all.

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