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If Necrons Are Included, How Would They Work?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ChaplainRU55IO, Oct 20, 2013.

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    I'm not following your points? It seems as if you dodge around every statement I make that you think would be difficult to answer, and you seem to enjoy putting words in my mouth.
    Now, read carefully, so you don't screw up again:
    The old Necrons had the right template for horror. They had many of the themes. I completely agree with you there. But the old codex COMPLETELY failed to EXPAND upon those themes. So, let me repeat it for (at least) the fourth time: the themes were there, and they had the potential to be a quality horror based army, but not even the OLD fluff realized that potential. They were based on horror, but did not expand upon it particularly well.

    Now that we have that settled (I hope), lets move on. I bought the old Necrons, for various reason. I found them cool, I liked their themes, although their themes weren't used to full potential. And I found the new codex an improvement in almost every way. The people at the GW store I go to think the same thing. Honestly, untill I came to this forum I had no idea some people hated it so vehemently. But that's not the point. I know multiple Necron players, some of whom have been playing since Necrons were just a battle scenario in the White Dwarf, like their new codex more than the old. So before you start assuming everyone thinks the same way as you, they don't. You might like over analyzing the background story of you soldiers, but other people just want to play with said toy soldiers. And the new codex does not stop them from playing, or from thinking of the army in the same way. Like I said earlier, you could have a tomb world that is completely identical to the old fluff. It's just you can also have ones that aren't.
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    When its down to the Necrons you are old or new.

    I think the newcrons are just stupid and more or less striped away there soul as a whole to become bland and stupid.

    The Oldcrons had the whole soulless zombie robot style with a god in the background using them to gather souls for dinner and it worked well.
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    The atmosphere of the 4th Codex tells us that the Imperium of Man nothing known about the Necrons. It's in THEIR eyes they looked as fearless killing machines. Who knows, maybe that 5th Codex - no more than a hoax of Deceiver who wants to deflect attention from something very important and pharaoh just a pawn in his hands? Who knows...
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    Touchy, let's keep this civil please.
    If you are prepared to resort to sophistry you should also be prepared to be called out for doing so.

    So you argue that despite the horror theme having inherent menace and the potential for this horror theme to be more fully developed, it's lack of 'substance' resulted in an absence of menace and horror?

    Unfortunately the menace I was referring to is obviously that which was inherent in the horror Theme that the old Necrons drew from. How well this was conveyed was irrelevant to my choice of words in saying that MW in making the NewCrons were guilty of "throwing away all their menace and horror" , something you chose to disagree with making the absurd claim that "There was no menace or horror to the army."

    You may recall this summary of the theme that the Necrons have in common with horror?
    Creatures rise up from the dead in a half life, seemingly intent on eradicating the living. They are implacable and unrelenting, driven to destroy without compunction and without hope of mercy or quarter.. The best that can be done is to drive them away...
    Menace - a person or thing that is likely to cause harm; a threat or danger

    Your personal opinion on how well the menace implied by this theme was conveyed is utterly irrelevant since it is only your opinion, and opinions are worthless without evidential support - which I once again note that you fail to supply - preferring to fall back on claim and counter claim, i.e. you are diverting an argument into rhetoric and therefore relying on sophistry to win points.

    Remember when I said that:
    "If you want to do more than simply invite a bland "Yes it is" "No it isn't" argument you should really make some effort to explain why you feel that is the case"
    Which incidentally is why I confined my argument to clearly demonstrating the thematic shift, something that could be readily demonstrated without the need for claim and counter-claim.

    Even were this basic sense of menace poorly conveyed in the prior codex (which I would strongly argue was not the case - but again see my stance on opinions) this would be no excuse to abandon this theme, but instead it would represent a challenge to bring it out more fully in a future codex!

    Meaning that your quibbling about the old codex not developing this theme is totally irrelevant to my basic point which was that it is the fact that the horror theme was abandoned that is the main problem.

    So who is evading whose points again?

    Are we even talking about the same game?
    I played a game in which fluff is about 90 plus percent of it's draw factor!
    When even a casual scrutiny reveals this as logically and thematically incoherent it offends my critical faculties.
    Now while I'm a grown up and such minor things as the incoherence and bad writing in one corner of a miniatures wargame story background is little more than an annoyance to me, I do hate it when some people try to argue that "No it is all good, it's great!" but can't back up their arguments in any way.

    So far I've shown that the thematic element has been changed.
    That this change was essentially unnecessary since the former theme was perfectly in keeping with the 40k universe,
    I've even provided a link to a far more in-depth analysis of the logical inconsistencies, plot holes and sheer DUH! moments in the codex.
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    Tremble at the awesome majesty of lolcron!
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    Oh gawd >,<

    You are my hero
  8. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    By Tzeentch, this is a reason why chaos have a distaste towards these evil creatures.

    TURN IT OFF!!! this would be pure torture for my part if i was in a chair in warhammer 40k universe being tortured.
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    If they ever add Necrons npc or not they MUST do this dance! :p

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