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If Necrons Are Included, How Would They Work?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ChaplainRU55IO, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. I posted something about this on a thread, and so now I wonder how would Necrons be balanced if they are added because their Gauss Weapons are effective at flesh and armor. So would it be best gameplay wise to follow along DoW's way of that certain weapons are better at one thing then another?
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  2. Matobar Matobar Moderator / Keeper of the Light

    Slow moving.



    Scary as fuck.
  3. Mr.Dakka Mr-Dakka Subordinate

    Get warriors, flayed ones, immortals, and crypteks as the four classes.
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  4. Awie Member

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  5. DizzyKD Member

    Necrons and Tyranids just scream "NPC filler" to me.
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  6. Throne Throne Subordinate

    Maybe give gauss a random chance for a boost against vehicles?
    Maybe give tesla a random chance for a damage increase?
    Both events similar to what would be a crit in other RPGs (I don't think there's going to be a general 'crit' mechanic in a mostly skill-based game, but could work as racial bonuses, since they don't really have anything similar to the Chapter special rules of the various marine flavours).
    -Don't forget, the basic gauss and tesla weapons aren't great, special rules aside. Str 4 AP 5, or Str 5 AP nothing? They're not horribly beastly (not that they're terrible, against infantry the gauss flayer is basically a boltgun).

    Reanimation protocols? Maybe a chance to ignore a hit/regen some health when within range of squadmates (and take away the range requirement if we get HQ equivalent PCs).

    But slow as molasses.

    Personal dislike/different favourite race you want them to work on instead, or outdated view of the lore?
  7. Krage Krage Prefectus

    Most likely this ^, which will be great because then they can be made truly terrifying instead of semi-balanced with the other player faction classes.
  8. Seeing them as NPC's does seem like a great idea now that I think about it. Also to get the sense of "Get the F*ck away!"
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  9. Horus SonOfHorus Subordinate

    they can be a different enemy to Tyranids, more shooty.. ;]
  10. they should be hard to kill =)

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