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Ideas for Eternal crusade 2 (coming 2030 or later)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nudu, May 11, 2017.

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  1. Avlaen Avlaen Arkhona Vanguard

    only reasons EC is still around is because its 40k, if it wasnt im 100% sure it would be dead by now.

    Each and every twitch is a mix of "errrr i dont know" "No thats not coming" "We have no plans do that" "We cant do that simple thing you want because its too much work" and " we are too cheap and incompetent to do any new animations so you will never see new weapons"
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  2. It's a shooter game so they need to get the newest engine that provides the shiniest possible graphics because evidently in shooters graphics > absolutely everything else.

    But like you suggest there, the "upgrades" didn't really work.
    And shiny graphics don't really matter when the best you have to show is Mona Emperor..
  3. Nudu Nudu First Blood!

  4. Does.. does mine look like the face of a loyalist? :eek:
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  6. Don't make me woof you.

    And just to spite your eyes.. :p
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  8. RuntKikka RuntKikka Well-Known Member

    My point is if you're coming on here just to piss and moan wishing for a better sequel than maybe it's time to look for greener pastures.
  9. Nudu Nudu First Blood!

    This is about what you call unconstructive criticism and it serves a purpose. take it or leave it :D
  10. 1. Open World
    -Control "nodes" that are basically our current maps. These nodes(Olipsis, Torias) are laid out over the entire planet. Each node serves a purpose. Industrial, military, Mechanicus, Adeptus Astartes, transportation(space ports). Each node has output and requires resources. Some make metals, ceremite, ammunition while others produce war machines, aircraft, etc.
    -Supply and logistic nodes in between each City or Outpost nodes keep the cities and outposts manned and supplied. These supply and logistic nodes can be destroyed or sabotaged.

    2. Global chess with chess pieces.
    -Each chess piece is 1000-5000 lives(spawns/tickets).
    -The War Council and AI move the chess pieces around the globe.
    -Each chess piece is either on the continent or in orbit.
    -Chess pieces take real world time to move to the various bases on the global map
    -Pawns are 1000 man AI Companies. Players can take over AI units. Free to play players can be a guardsman in an AI unit but not take over command.
    -Each small unit is composed of 4 man to 20 man AI squads that paid players can command. Paid Players can be the squad leader or any "bot" in the squad. Players can invite friends to their bot squad and man the entire squad.
    -The AI units are used to balanced zones via "Underdog" status. If Loyalist Space Marines have 200 players in zone and Orks only have 50, the Orks are underdogs and get a 300-1000 man Horde of Boyz along with tanks, artillery, Warlords, nobz, diggas and close air support assets. All those assets are controlled by Ork players and work on a points system.
    -Tank platoon(3 tanks) 330 LP. Tank Squad(6 tanks) 666 LP. Tank Company 999 LP. That's what one player can field,. up to 1000 points of Bots.
    -Players can control 1 to 3 squads depending on the player rank and underdog status. Squads can be deployed and left in place. They can be assigned to attack, guard, patrol, scout, escort, etc.
    -Each pawn has their own Warlord, Captains and Lieutenants as well as various types of Imperial Guard, Cultist or Boyz squads. Engineers, Pioneers, Heavy Weapons, Riflemen, Artillery, Spotters(close air support, arty)
    -Rooks, knights, etc are Astartes companies and detachments, each individual piece represents a specific Chapter.
    -The War Council will be composed of players from around the World. As one "pawn" becomes depleted of tickets or wiped out other pieces must be moved to cover their area of responsibility. The War Council must move troops and equipment around to globe in order to facilitate offensive and defensive operations.
    -When there is no Warcouncil players online the AI will take over the chess board. Keep in mind AI chess can beat human chess grand masters.

    3. Orbital assets and the war in space.

    -Each faction has a flagship and escorts.
    -The war in the void is fought like Eve Online with factions fighting and withdrawing to various areas of the system.
    -Orbital strikes, drop pods, and air assets are available if friendly vessels control the space above that section of the planet.
    -Ship to ship warfare is fought like Eve but each ship has interior spaces, various layouts to choose from, AI servitors, Engineering, electronics, med bay, Astartes contingents, mechanicus troops, imperial guard, everything you'd expect. Boarding actions are possible and would be common.

    4. Eventually we fight for several planets and moons within the system and the game expands to multiple systems and multiple factions.

    5. Industrial complexes and cities are ran by players like Sims or Civilization games. A player can play every day and never shoot or kill anything. They just build and produce, trade, buy, sell or mine materials on a planet or in space. Of course you can be a crime boss and be corrupted and try to corrupt your planet, or you can play as Adeptus Arbites and police your city with your AI squads.

    6. Mechanicus and Dark Mechanicus are playable factions within the Imperium and Forces of Chaos respectively. You can work aboard a ship as a tech priest or fight as a Skitaari.

    7. An extremely deep and unforgiving progression system where we have to train and qualify for weeks or months on end in order to be able to progress to bigger and better squads, vehicles, vessels, ships, etc. If you want to fly you start out as a co-pilot and must go through basic flight school and pass. You can fail and will fail often. You then fly as co pilot for 6 to 8 weeks either co piloting a light fighter, light escort, light hauler, light miner, ect. If you do something dumb or unnecessarily lose a vessel because you're fucking off you can lose your flight status.

    8. A strict system of AI based and peer based grading system. If you jump in an AI squad and take over a bot that's lead by another player and go where you're ordered and do what you're supposed to do you get an "A" grade. If you fuck off and start TKING you get automatically kicked by the AI and given an F rating. Everyone can always see your player average rating, read peer reports and can accept or deny your request to join AI squads. So if you're a jerk enjoy playing solo mostly.

    9. Deep character progression and deep character identity. You choose your background and your background determines starting stats. Hive World, Death World, Spacer, Military school, orphan, gang member, religious zealot. Basically like the old 40K pen and paper games you create your character from various types of backgrounds and your backstory determines your starting abilities and starting stats.

    10. Entering any organization requires staring at the lowest possible position. To even be accepted you have to pass trials and will fail often. Whether it's Mechanicus, Imperial Guard, being a miner, crafter, train engineer, space engineer, Rogue Trader, Navigator, Tech Priest, Inquisitor, Sister of Battle, or an Astartes aspirant you start at the lowest position, a peon and work your way up through the ranks. Just because you choose a profession doesn't mean you'll pass all trails and progress. You can be an Inquisition flunkee and if you're not turned into a Servitor you might choose to become a guardsman or space miner.

    So basically it's Warhammer 40,000 everything playable in an MMO setting combing such games s Eve Online, Battlefleet Gothic, Civilization WH40K, Sims 40K, IL-2 Sturmavik, ARMA3 with smart bots, Command and Conquer, Dawn of War, Eternal Crusade, Battlefield 4. So yeah, make it happen.
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