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Ideally How Would You Like Your Orks (specifically) To Look?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Nazgrub, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. Boss BlakkFlagg WillBilly First Blood!

    A Bad moons meganob, with a resident gretchin mechanician and his own pintle-mount grotblasta, big backbanner, one big enclosed power-boot (called GitKicka), an eighties-style technovisor/gitfinda bolted directly to his half-burnt face, festooned with medals, ribbons, etc, some kind of grinder/power-klaw/choppy-fing on one arm and a big three-barreled combi-blaster on the other.

    Also, he paints his toenails red because the Sisters of Battle nearly crumped him once, and he figured they did that because it made 'em go fasta, so he copied them


    A giant 7 piston radial aircraft engine powering his suit.
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  2. A death skulls commando with stikkbomz, a knive and a shoota.
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  3. Bogrol Bogrol Steam Early Access

    Ork Deathskulls​
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  4. Crispy, but not burnt, with a side of squig, pumped full of bolter rounds.
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  5. I saw this thread and was about to say something similar... haha.
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  6. I like how the current alpha models look.
    Just a few touch ups here and there and all good.
  7. Frosty Frostinski Subordinate

    I hope I can get a cigar for when i've got a burna equipped!
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  8. Jus' put all da dakka we can find on da biggest set o' armor I can get in an' I'll be good.
  9. Wolffe Wolffe Subordinate

    I'm going for the full warboss look. Not so much mechanical or mek'd out, but more so just big, beefy & badder than a young girl at a highschool house party.
  10. Gruk'Lok Blakk Klaw Blakklaw Arkhona Vanguard

    As long as I can have a Power Klaw without having to use a Elite class, I'll be happy.
    Hoping to look somehow like perhaps a Skarboy with Power Klaw and maybe go for the badass look Grimskull had or something!
    If that's not possible, 'Ard Boy or Mega armored Nob!

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