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Idea That Could Make Tanks More Interesting

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Data8671, Apr 29, 2018.


Want this to be a thing?

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  2. No...

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  1. pinky EternalPink First Blood!

    No don't think shooting in LSM/Chaos tank as driver be a good idea, what they need to switch is the armament of the LSM/Chaos pred to twin linked lascannon so it is better at AV or give it lascannon sponsons
  2. No! Don't give people more AV tools!
    They have enough AV to shut down an attack already.
    But I'm down for a further nerfed AV, and AV preds being a thing.
  3. Predators are the Main Battle Tank of both the Space Marine chapters and the Forces of Chaos and Main Battle Tanks are supposed to be well rounded machines, capable of fulfilling numerous tasks ranging from armored warfare to infantry support; whether by providing long range fire or making the bulk of the attacking force by being at the fore front and keeping infantry safe from other tanks and infantry. That being said the tanks of each faction in this game fail to fulfill said objectives because of various reasons. Most notably the seats of the driver and the gunner being seperated and the main guns of each Main Battle Tank dealing very little damage to other armored vehicles.

    The infantry killing power for all Main Battle Tanks are meh. No splash damage. You got to score dirrect hits to wound the targets and eventually kill them. Splash damage would make the Main Battle Tanks a viable choice to actually requisition in the first place.

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