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Idea: introduce IG and Tyranids as "quest-only factions"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zael, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Kunitsa Kunitsa Well-Known Member

    More then enough ways to do them Justice...
    More then enough ways for imperial infighting...
    And if someone is going to bitch about lorebreaks.. consider this: it's a MMO Shooter right? Marines are gonna drop dead at high rates, even when we say 1 per minute.. all of the 5 Chapters would be annihilated in 3 and a Half Days...

    Game is flawed from the Core.. Standard is way to high up. Like using Clone Commandos as Front-Troopers in Star Wars. But who cares? "IG as a Faction/Playable?" is dead. Just stop trying.
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  2. Not to mention it most likely go over the Rating Nathan wants to hit since humans dying is bad mmmkay
  3. Dragun16 Dragun16 Subordinate

    It was back in the AngryJoe show
    , that Joe asked if we could play as Nids, and Nathan said that they would try out letting players take over the enemy bots, a "sure why not try it" kind of thing, that would be nice kind of like L4D or Dieing light/Watchdogs, as long as they cant abuse it.

    IE: A mission "kill the Brood lord" dosnt pop up were the player in control of the bug can just hide were the marines what have you cant get to him/her, that would be just plain rude.

    Same for having other Factions be in the game, but as part of a PvE engagement like people play as IG to stop Orks from over running the out post, but all or most of the IG is represented by AI, and the players could take control of Guardsman to make things "not work as intended".
  4. Theus Theus Member

    I think you've done a good job of identifying the problems that an implementation of the Imperial Guard would face, but I worry that your solution would feel like too much of "a game within the game."

    Cross-post from "Will The Imperial Guard Be A Seperate Faction?":

    My position on this in the last IG thread I participated in:
    I wonder if we are approaching this from the wrong angle and - instead of trying to put the guard on equal footing with Space Marines - we should just make dying the way they win.

    Could we make recieving Requisition for dying work? If a Guard-player recieves Req when they die to an enemy or a commisar, and almost instantly respawn, would that make up for being underpowered out in the field? Would it be fun to play?

    PS: I don't think the SM and other Imp factions should be at open war with one another, but I wouldn't be opposed to the occasional skirmish over resources and territory.
  5. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    Oh, I had totally forgotten this lottery-idea.

    Something @Mad-Magos had said got me thinking and I have a way better proposal now:
    - Guardsmen are individually weaker than SM/CSM/Ork/Eldar
    - Guardsmen can spawn all sorts of battlefield-support: barricades, minefields, autocannon-nests, cheap tanks, artillery-barrages, bonuses...
    - If you play alone as a Guardsman, you loose. But if your team combines the bonuses everybody contributes and if your team coordinates the use of those bonuses in a tactical manner, you can beat the enemy.

    For example:
    9 CSM + 1 Chaos-Predator
    8 Guardsmen + 1 Chimera + 1 Leman Russ (+ 3 barricades + 3 mine-fields + 2 static NPC autocannon-nests + bonus for faster respawn + barrage)
  6. Forces of Chaos
    Ciaphas Cain

  7. They still doesn't sound equal to the lore though.

    What makes these IG even able to fight against the CSM's? The IG should be pissing themselves and cowering in fear, unless there is a Commissar to execute them as the run away.

    They need massive numbers to even compete.

    8 IG + a couple of tanks and gimmiky items isn't gonna add up to 9 fucked up marines + a tank that has (normally ) an autocannon ( good anti-personnel). Hell the predator could just run the squidgie ig over
  8. Don't Forgot tho that the IG have some of the Best Tanks in Game and dominate when in a mass like they usually are. Their tanks are something to not mess with but the main point is this:

    No matter what army wins the Battle, Chaos Forces win in the end.

    If the Chaos wins they most likely got new slaves/cultist/ new tanks to play with.

    If the IG wins, they send Chaos back into the Warp, Then are Thusly Purged for knowing the Existence of Chaos, and are attacked by the Inquisition and the Grey Knights and they leave no survivors. Then Some Chaos smuck runs back steals some gear and runs back to the Warp.
  9. Thats only true when matt Ward writes the grey knights. And when they actually fight by the side of the grey knights. I just wanna point out that the reason the months of shame happened was becouse the grey knights and inquisisative forces where under the command of an inexperianced inquisitor who had only dealt with street level heresy before this.

    Also they dident kill everyone on cadia after any of the black crusades, and they dident kill everyone who fought on Medusa V... And countless more examples.
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  10. Theus Theus Member

    If we also include a reward system where playing a basic Guardsman gives you Req upon dying, and enemies get less Req than normal for killing them, then it could become a battle of attrition where the other side burn through their Req but can't keep up with he IG. As long as the IG players don't throw away their elites and vehicles (and gadgets) they can win, even if they're pushed back initially.

    My only problem with your proposal is that it could make IG too gimmicky. I also don't think they should be that much more reliant on teamwork than the other factions.

    The scores of Guardsmen come in the form of fast respawns; Technically there will be more guardsmen than CSM, even if there is an equal number of players.
    My idea for a Commissar is that he can execute a basic guardsman. This gives every IG player nearby an Armour bonus (or something else that gives the players the courage to stand their ground), and the player that was executed receives Req each time one of those players lose some of that bonus Armour to enemy fire.
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