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I was bored..

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by Catnium, Nov 25, 2017.

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  3. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    I dono...just to test out some rendering tools and fractal calc wadda-majigs... ( math stuff eew) , building up the picture out of lines that run from one side of the screen to the other side, using some kinda picture recognition nonsense and cloud putting.

    I'm actually trying to render it without the green out smudges.. but to avoid that I need to render thinner lines. which run into other problems like white-out thanks to the white background ( black was not an option here).
    But I'm afraid that if I increase the pre stimulation value which is the number of steps it basically thinks ahead inside a line layer before starting a new layer as it were. ( its build up of layers that are build up of layers of lines that inevitably build up the pixels ... anyways i'm afraid upping the pre render blah blah blah might blow out my ram... since its rendered in 3 pickel thick lines, 75000 lines to be exact. about 80 or so layers with a pre check value of 1000 which already eats almost 70% of my Ram atm...

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