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I thread becouse is till belive it is a nice and game with future more FUn please

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by ruititadiogo, May 11, 2017.

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  1. I thread becouse is till belive it is a nice and game with future more FUn please

    PLEASE change the game too many abusers and hackers it's no fun to play please end this abuses. IM leaving for today ans most of the players don't play no more just read what players say normal players not the abuser or the professionals with super mouse and auto aim. well im trying to play and play but my im losing the will to play it is low fun it is no fun to play: Just make is easy for players to play vs abuser make abusing not important vs normal players make it fun my opinion i saw this appening before in a very good game Section 8 was nice and fun and till they stopped listening to players and allowed hackers to rule then is dead. now ..but try it is for free and you can see how a good game died cause it was no fun for normal random players only pro hacker played there till it was dead and no one played. Days 998.9 -124.3 -11.07% 2,065 April 2017 1,123.3 -174.3 -13.44% 2,456 March 2017 1,297.6 +744.5 +134.59% 5,104 YoU can say bla bla bla game howner and GM and administrators bu all is bla bla till the game is fun for normal people. that want to have fun playing. just make it fun all players want is fun not what you designers of the game think just listen make it FUN. Im waiting for more pvs so i have fun but even there you did the pve no fun just is stupid no fun at all how can eny one do that and still have a job??? HOw?? Did you play it 100 times that PVE and said hoo i still want more would be nice and that is fun dudes listen.
  2. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    What does this have to do with PvE and killing Tyranids?
  3. Other try. Again no fun eldar abuser i did 1 game and disconected they fire and dont apear in the radar all people saw that so not normal. but ok i still belive ill try other day.
  4. ambersand91 Recruit

    We have this thing called the webway.
  5. Habe you seen a alien pls?

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