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I miss orks

Discussion in 'Orks' started by BnCodex, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. BnCodex BnCodex Active Member

    what the title says. I dunno why everyone left ork and disspear but I wanna either fight em or play em
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  2. Game content - lacking.
  3. Brikksmasha DoomedOne Drill Abbott

    Like yesterday evening there were tones of orks for a jolly git stompin'.
  4. Madork Gunna DarkGraven Arkhona Vanguard

    Yep heard it was lack of game content for Orks and Space Marine Cheese was starting to stink.
  5. After a while playing Tau gets quite booring.
    What? That's orks? But why do they have such wonky melee... oh... okay, get it.
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  6. Here's my thought process from yesterday at 10:41pm Central US:

    * Log into EC and WCA Discord
    * The ONLY match running is LSM/Eldar, it is 14/19 players with 1 LSM queued. WCA is solo-queueing on both sides of the fight because a War Party would never see a fight.
    * I had no interest in playing Eldar last night, so I log into my Space Wolf, spend 8 minutes in queue even though LSM was down 5 (first point had been taken on the HtL they were in,) got bored staring at the stupid Legionnaire.
    * Logged off and loaded Skyrim.
  7. Necromancer Rivindesh Subordinate


    I await the return of the fun loving orks.
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    cauz hittin fings iz hard when all youz got is wifflechoppaz...
  9. Brikksmasha DoomedOne Drill Abbott

    That is why I think the first "Heavy class" should be Mega Armored Nobz! It would be like:
    "Ghazkull Thraka heard about Waaagh Skarblitz, of the involvment of great numbers of Space Marine Chapters, Chaos Legions and Eldar Craftworlds and the poor work Skarblitz is doing leading da 4 Klans of Orkz. So he send his most elite boyz to set things roight and propa and let that Skarblitz git know who iz da boss 'ere!"

    Than new class introduce, new ork cosmetics, some fixes - just a mayor ork patch. And viola - more boyz are returing to stomp gitz making Waaagh Skarblitz great again :)
  10. Dakiaris Dakiaris Curator

    There's multiple reasons why the old guard left the orks. Mainly because they started to feel dejected due to the lack of general attention or care the devs showed them.

    I personally stopped due to the anger I felt about having money stolen from me by the developer... I never got any pioneer pack items I paid for or my relic ork shoota... The 2 weapon types that the orks had planned and could buy pre launch were scrapped and never refunded... Generally I just felt like the devs stole from the ork community and didn't care about them as much as the rest of the community.

    Anyway I still stop by and read up on the game but I know it's in it's death throes and I just kinda sit back and watch.

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