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I Know why we are all angry/state of the game (Official reply EOT)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aidwell, Dec 25, 2017.


Angron never betrayed


  2. we just borrow our must be returned

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  1. Nathan Richardsson Oveur Senior Producer

    The fact that you didn't understand why I don't answer a post that includes such gems as "fat liar", and this post as a follow-up, is the reason I won't answer posts like this.

    Try common courtesy.

    You'll see my replies on discord, steam, steam reviews, reddit, forums, twitter, facebook, Q&As ... and you will notice they don't insult me, sometimes in every sentence.

    You may think this is something specific to me, to not answer people on the street that start by insulting or harassing me, but hey, if this is normal in your town, you live in a really strange place.

    If the answer is, "I paid you $X", "freedom of speech*", and this is an internet forum, try out that theory in your town on the street. I'm eager to hear the result.

    This thread has been locked. I'm working, and part of that is a state of the crusade. Some good questions from people here that I'll include in that state of the crusade. I'm now totally going to go drink tea, in my free time as it's only 6AM in Montreal, rather than respond to you again. My reasons have been explained in detail.

    If this resonates for others in this thread and they are perplexed at why I don't answer them directly, you might find the reason here.


    * Freedom of speech, as anyone vaguely familiar with this human right, does not apply to individuals or corporations. It is the human right to speak against the government, and protect them from tyranny and oppression as a result. Sometimes death. It's insulting to the people that are dead, and does not have this basic human right.
Thread Status:
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