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I Know why we are all angry/state of the game (Official reply EOT)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aidwell, Dec 25, 2017.


Angron never betrayed


  2. we just borrow our must be returned

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  1. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    After I watched this video My last shard of hope got shattered into pieces.
    I do not really want to work on workshop (my stormshield) anymore. Well I pause it anyway until I hear workshop news
    but its been 3 months and well you know
    At this point I am tired of this damning silence. I guess I'll just step away from this game for while.
    well still can't really play with average 100 players.
    I miss old days when we had 4000 players when f2p released
    though f2p sucks
    I'll consider my 50 dollars went to charity :/
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  2. Ivik McDinkleStein Jimmy_Neutron Steam Early Access

    once again the Angry Joe Show has ruined my faith in people.
  3. He Duximus! Don’t make me get Nathan posting in this thread again man. He’ll make you put up 400 dollars an hour for the privelage of his time and the aura of his golden spandex presence while simultaneously making and breaking promises to you... DO NOT waste his valuable time, but please feel free to waste your own worthless time playing his game and making mods for it. In the not so distant future there is only war, and you are 1 of 75 out of 700000 social media users playing EC. Soon(tm) with player scripted campaign, player made gear, and player Tested Screaming while dying (tm) brought to you by the 20 or so users on this forum that still give a crap... and also the not at all condescending dev team of one (two?) fresh from holiday.
  4. I get that Nathan gets blamed for alot of the planetside 40k dreams from miguel era but to be fair these are some pretty fair fetched claims of what he'd deliver and we got a fraction of that.
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  5. Out of curiosity, what time zone are you in and when do you usually play? UTC+/-? Please no snark; I'm honestly wanting to know and not trying to start shit or invalidate any argument. I'm curious because a number of guilds have been getting together in the last few days and coordinating play times to help ease the queue and I'm curious if our current efforts will help you much or if there's something else that can be looked into.

    If you don't care anymore that's fine: I understand the frustration and I won't tell you its misplaced even if I don't share it.
  6. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    Eastern Time Zone Ontario
    I usualyl play 6 pmto 9 pm after work
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  7. Yeah you overlap us by like an hour, cuz WCA is usually putting together our shenanigans at like 8pm-midnight ET and our queue times are MUCH less than 15 minutes (we usually have ourselves set to run both servers, no Forts and we'll generally pop in ~2 minutes, less if we decided to run out our Xenos). I know it SHOULD BE all the time you can find good fights, but right now its a matter of hitting the targets we can.

    Still, I really hope you can find the joy in muckin' about with us in the future. I know you're expecting me to mount some impassioned defense of the game, but all I'm gonna say is that video that you decided was the last straw? Its nearly two years old. Just don't want you walking off without the facts.

    Published on Jun 24, 2015"
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  8. yeah it was
  9. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    I wish I could join the match but how funny that i cannot play this game when I can. In fact now it forces me to play at specific timeline.
    How sad. and pathetic.
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  10. By that time EC also had a real team of developers. There was still time to experiment with different concepts, and we might actually have more of the things Nathan talked about if the team didn't shrink to almost non existant.

    The game doesn't force you, the players do.
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