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I find Apothecary harder to use than Aspiring Sorceror

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by acepost, May 31, 2017.

  1. CMDante CMDante Arkhona Vanguard

    It is. But cramming an extra 50lp onto a support can be challenging, so I keep mine cheap.
  2. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    I find Warlock easier to use than an Apothecary. Partly due to the ranged heal, partly due to the smarter teammates who often queue to be healed, whereas LSM keep running around.

    That said, a well played Apothecary can be a great asset. Survival vial before assaulting a point, coupled with a beacon, makes an LSM force hard to stop without insta-kill weapons. Adrenaline vial with a Chainblade of Fury gives you 260 damage on a SA, which will down a lot of people of you can land it. Bolter is great for laying down supporting fire.

    The Apothecary is the epitome of 'Combat Medic'.

    He can provide comfy fire support and when needed, provide a little slice of heaven where all of your grievous Bolter wounds will magically close right up and heal nigh-instantly. It's a little easier for group healing than the Sorc or Warlock, though you'll need to make sure you have the right loadout for the situation. The proper vials and knowing when to switch between Beacon and Apoc Grenade is just as important as knowing to FUCKING PRESS "F" WHEN YOUR ALLIES ARE DOWN, NOT "E".

    That said, the Sorc and Warlock have just as effective range heals that can keep them out of harms way while you're bleeding your treacherous life away. Though they have to trade ranged firepower for a bitchin' sword and need a specific spell to focus on healing more than one person at a time. I'd definitely take the heal beam over the needle of jabbing yourself in the arm, though.

    Painboys are basically Apocs without the firepower and a big fuckoff heal beacon that'll break if so much as an errant wind hits it.
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  4. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Get surv vial and the enhanced beacon because it actually outheals incoming damage onlike the low lvl beacon.
    put surv vial on people to get buff exp when they make kills
    put shots into enemies to get either kill or assist exp when he dies
    Put the beacon down in places where its semi save from nades.
    Q spot everything that moves this not only provides mapinfo for your allies but also grants you exp when the target gets killed when you spotted it .

    and you should be golden.

    also i forgot about this , offensively the healing Beacon isn't meant to be used as a station . its more meant to be used a resurrection grenade. especially the cheaper beacon since it already makes a poor healing station and has a shorter cooldown so you can throw it around more ,
    Defensively with the bigger beacon you don't suffer from this cd because you can just place it and restock a new one at a ammo crate instantly.
    so you can replace it when destroyed or toss it into a pile of bleeding friendly's when needed.
    and than just restock every time you can to keep une up and always one available.

    you get the drift.
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  5. Mileena Mileena Subordinate

    apothecary probably the strongest support in game.
    only support that can carry a full battle rifle.

    a bolter from an apothecary is as deadly as a bolter from a tactical.

    healing beacon allows you to shoot while healing.
    if an ally is down and fight is still on going he can crawl his way to a beacon and revive himself aka zombie grenade.

    golden in 1n1 combat throw a healing beacon and fight on top of it. while using AD-strafe spam.

    someone throws a grenade press space bar for iframes and continue fighting.
    always use your iframes. space marines have the best iframes. not to short like the eldar that give almost no iframe, not to long like the ork which almost staggers you.
    warlock & sorc heal is slow. and while they are healing they are not fighting.
    apothecary heal is instant. iframe in iframe out.
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  6. I'm sorry... all I can muster is a PFFFFFFTTTTTTTTT.

    Really though, yeah Apoths are Combat Support. Despite nerfing the damage of other support factions because they wanted the support classes to focus on supporting, Apoths have all the damage of a regular Tac. Juice yourself, stand in your own beacon and when the fighting has died down you can help up who ever you can.
  7. Kageshira Kageshira Active Member

    Just yesterday Valrak released an Apothecary Loadout vid in youtube:
    Unmodded bolter, Relic Armor, no Wargear, no Trinkets, Healing Grenade, 30% damage reduction vial.
    The build is to storm rooms together with your squad, you buff everybody before entering, throw a grenade and then storm the place.

    Didn't try it yet, mine is very basic because I'm mostly Tactic and sometimes Shieldbro to defend tactics, it's been ages since I was Apo (back at the begining for xp and requisition farming).
  8. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    Can't see whats hard about apoc.Chuck heal beacon down,press F on downed or low health people sometimes and play like a tactical.
    If you're feeling really supporty take survival vial and jab random players with it.
  9. You're definitely playing it wrong if you aren't earning the same XP as an apothecary. With the lash and warp regen changes I think there's almost parity between apo/sorc, but before that apo was far, FAR better. Actually I do tend to earn less xp as apothecary because I actually win games much more quickly as an apothecary.

    Throw the healing grenade on the side of a wall behind a doorway or right behind cover. A lot of people will be popping in and out of cover anyway, and this way it won't get blown up by grenades, generally. Pre-heal everybody to get the survival vial going, use your bolter to kill people, and always stay with at least one other guy. You have the same weapon as a tac, you have no reason not to be close to a tac's number of kills.

    In reality though the reason people tend to earn more EXP as a sorc even though they may not be as useful on the whole is you just spend more time healing because it's slower and you can't participate in the killing while doing it. You waste a ton of time, but you get a ton of xp too. Like one thing that sticks out in my mind is that I remember getting something crazy like 350 xp for healing a guy who was downed and crawling to the wall, and he just ended up dying anyway. On the apothecary I'd get 150 but the guy wouldn't be dead and the guy shooting him would be. Just a quirk of the exp system, don't use that to judge how well you were playing or the impact you had.
  10. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    While Apothecary has the most dakka, as a support I find that only the poor Painboy does worse.

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