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I find Apothecary harder to use than Aspiring Sorceror

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by acepost, May 31, 2017.

  1. acepost acepost Active Member

    Hi guys, just wondering how to better my apothecary usage. I got a rank 4 Chaos account and a Rank 5 Space Marines account. Maybe I have been playing too much Chaos but I seem to get more and more disappointed these days when I use the Apothecary mainly because I get fragged easier and I do not get as much XP compared to using a Foul Regeneration AS with Mark of Nurgle.

    I need a refresher course on using Apot but I still think Chaos AS is easier to use than Apot. Thanks for any help in advance.
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  2. CMDante CMDante Arkhona Vanguard

    That's because apothecaries are generally worse support characters but have firepower.

    The secret to apothecary-ing is artificer armor, bolter, cheap syringe, apothecarian beacon. Throw the beacon into groups of friendlies and shoot, use syringe on people that are close and/or downed. Try not to get shot because the squish is real.

    Also worth nothing that healers in general get a lot more mileage out of +health than +armor since it's cheaper and they can fix it themselves.
  3. acepost acepost Active Member

    Are you recommending to dump the healing grenade then shoot while friendlies are in it? I don't know but these days opponents are smart they just throw a frag grenade or plasma grenade and its over for my allies healing in the healing beacon...
  4. CMDante CMDante Arkhona Vanguard

    That is exactly what I recommend. It's the apothecary's one redeeming feature to be able to dakka and do their job at the same time. If someone grenades your beacon it's back to the syringe until the cool down is up, but such is the price we pay.
  5. CMDante CMDante Arkhona Vanguard

    It's also worth mentioning that while you have a gun(which is great) you aren't really a match for rifleman classes in a straight shootout, use your syringe on yourself, try to be in healing, shoot for the head or you lose every time.
  6. acepost acepost Active Member

    Do you feel AS is better or Apot is better to use seriously? I think AS gets more XP because they can range heal from a distance. Even Flesh Circle makes the AS a mobile heal grenade, its kind of really whacky compared to the static healing beacon lol.....
  7. CMDante CMDante Arkhona Vanguard

    I am convinced that AS are bluntly better at healing and supporting. However, apothecaries are(to me at least) way more fun to play.
    Sorcerers are absolute xp generators because they can heal beam or spam AOE healz all day from relative safety. Their AoE heal isn't as good as the apothecaries because they have to hold it, but it also doesn't have a cool down and can't be destroyed, so there's a trade off.
  8. acepost acepost Active Member

    I do not know if you have seen what I have seen, but smart Guild players establish kill zones so effective sometimes it makes syringing suicidal and the beacons just get negated by smart grenade throws. Maybe Apot needs some form of revision? Not too sure just asking for opinions.
  9. CMDante CMDante Arkhona Vanguard

    It's no secret that the apothecary base heal is the worst one(ties with orks) because of melee range and having to stand still to use. It's best to use that during a lull in combat if you have a choice.

    I haven't had too much issue with beacons getting grenaded, try to put them out of the open floor if possible.

    I think apothecaries on the whole are okay, they suffered from the same (stupid) support nerf as everyone else and are otherwise pretty potent.
  10. The 30% damage reduction vial is a hell of a drug. Just stab yourself and everyone else with it, even at full health, and you stand a better chance of winning the next immediate battle. The wizards are better at sustaining on the move and have no cooldown to worry about (sans warp charge but that's not so bad) but lack the ability to press F and then snap to a target 20-30m downrange and fill them with lead potentially saving your patient twice.
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