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I did a thing and it worked better than anticipated

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rheeva, Sep 24, 2017.


    I'm not implying anything, I'm blatantly stating it. Go lay down for a few minutes and clear your head, because this topic has been beaten to death for a year with no noticeable change. Either nobody's listening, or the game was blatantly designed to fuck you in the worst possible way.

    Also yes the problem was fixed, thank you.
  2. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Beign the tankyest class in the game is not enough for you? Stick a sorcerer to a nurlge traitor assault 's back and have fun gunning him down , he will reach cqc and DISRUPT (because it's ttk,annimation ect.. dont allow him to be a killer ) Right now besides JPA for killing heavyes there's no need to take a melee character
  3. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Thats odd. I am using not a normal Gdrive link but the document published in the form of a 'website'.
    What error exactly?
    And the derailing is not an issue, its better they do it here than somewhere where it would disrupt a constructive dialogue.

    On that note: I perfectly understand @Njord-Halfhand being an advocate of an underpowered class myself.
    If there is an archetype you love you are not just going to accept them to be weak, even if it makes sense from a balancing perspective.
    Shieldbros are almost fine now, Traitor Assaults are...playable, but there is technically no reason to play either when you could have a Jetpack.
  4. I find GAs a lot more reliable for raiding buildings; partially the extra HP but also stamina seems to be more reliable in its regeneration, even without augmentation. This may be in my mind but the jump packs take far longer to start recharging even as an MOS Raptor. They still have a place in raiding buildings (fucking off upstairs and removing the heavies) but I do not like duelling in closed spaces.
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  5. Iskarioth Recruit

    So, Hawk OP? What a news flash... well, at least now we have "proof"

    Edit: btw the new speed is way more fun, screw the eldar, there arent any anyways :p
  6. Krayt Krayt Preacher

  7. Iskarioth Recruit

    The "" is there for a reason and I obviously meant the .doc from the OT.
  8. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Not 'proof' at all.
  9. Iskarioth Recruit

    Hence the " ". Troll or dense? Wow the Eldar players get triggered so damn easily, it's always fun to watch. Makes you think, "they know Im right, that's why they react within seconds frothing at the mouth with furious denial"
  10. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    No, I simply created this thread and this 'ranking', but I never claimed it to be an accurate representation for the game, I even listed the factors contributing to its inaccuracy.
    The 'tiers' are about right, thats all, somewhere around page 3 Krayt posted an alternative version that is based on more than one players opinion and on facts rather than an imaginary point system that serves only for visualization and simplification.

    Despite that, I do believe Hawks might be the strongest class, assuming they are able to chose their battlefield and not forced into fighting in a confined space like many of the capture points.
    They are also, without a doubt and regardless of their strenght, the hardest class in the game and require several times as long to master as any other asset.
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