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Hud Differences Between Factions And Gear

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Guirlos, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    Hi, I've been following this game since the start. And I must say that I'm very excited to see the final result, but also I'm excited with the general feel of community and your interest about what we expect from the game.

    Regarding this I have to ask about the HUD, a thing that has been explained to us in this last twich. My question is the next. There will be a difference in what we see in the HUD depending on the faction we are playing?

    I know that this game is not only a FPS but also a tactical game, so the information that we have about the battlefield, in the big picture, but also on the players view will help us to make decisions that hopefully will be in the best interest of our faction. But also we have to take into account that each faction have different technology at their disposal.

    So if I'm playing as a Space Marine what appears in my HUD will be the same information that appears if I play as an Ork? I'm asking this because the simpler solution, or maybe the second one can be a change on the skin of what the HUD shows (the same information with a different color or appearence).

    But taking into an account the difference in technology, the information that appears also can be different, even when this might mean a different approach on the information of the battlefield. For expample; imagine Space Marines (for example) having some wargear that allows them to see the shield bar of the oponent his facing, or maybe an improve version that allows him to see also the health bar and the Buff's and Debuff's. And Orks unable to reach this kind of information, or been restricted only to higher levels. Of course it is a disadvantage, but lore wise is logical.

    I know it is a big thread and maybe with a lot of mistakes (English is not my mother tongue). And also I know that implementing this kind of stuff, even when it appears attractive or logical can be very difficult to implement (sometimes we don't even see the tip of the iceberg of programming), but I will love to know what is your opinion about this.

    Thank you if you have read it up to here. Good day.
  2. Quite a few games leave it so people can make custom UI skins for the HUD. Is that possible with this kind of game or does it leave it open to exploitation?
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  3. *3rd person shooter

    Generally yes, all factions should have their HUD in the same areas (so it isn't annoying when you jump between factions) But the HUD will have a different appearance/style for each faction.

    As shown here.

    There will/should be wargear that you can attach to your character to be able to see extra HUD elements.
    Each faction will have the same standard of HUD though, so from what you see in the latest gameplay/pictures should be similar for each faction in terms of what's shown, although the style will be different.

    One thing we have talked about on the forms has been Aupex (or however they are spelled.) and how they could show extra enemy units on the map (In-game, you have to damage an enemy, or have clear sight of them to have them show on map) with the aupex, you won't have to see as many.
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  4. I'm just wondering, if you go without a helmet but use a Bionic/Augmetic implant or a monocle device, should you have the normal HUD or a reduced one?
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  5. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

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  6. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    Well I suppose that this is the most obvious, natural and cleaner way to do this. Don't get me wrong the HUD should give information and at the same time it must be almost imperceptible during gameplay. I don't have any problems with the appearence and position of the HUD. But the extra HUD elements should have a major difference, at least regarding the orks and the eldar. By doing this the 'tactical' advantage or disadvantage will surely kick in. Representing better the feel of each faction.

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